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Hostel MasterChef | TVF Qtiyapa

September 1, 2019

Mess food enthusiasts all over the world I, warden Ramsay I Teddy Bear Grylls And I Mess malini Welcome you all In Foodpanda presents, Hostel Masterchef’s Super Great grandfather Final Finale If along with a reality show’s drama, you want to see good food being made Then go for an arranged marriage Because in this show, To present their talent, We have From all over the country thousands of Mess workers And in these diamonds We are looking for that piece of coal Who will be making The most pathetic Disgusting Food And yes remember Only he will win Hostel Masterchef Who’s curd is sour In search of the most terrible mess food Hostel Masterchef’s team In north from IIT Hisar To IIM Trichi in south Went to thousands of hostels Freedom from Good food Hostel Masterchef! Hostel Masterchef! In all of India From Kashmir to Jammu Everyone was ecstatic about Hostel Masterchef And from them Only a selected few tastemakers Were able to make it To Hostel Masterchef’s mess My dish is called “Baal Makhani” This roti is so burnt It still needs to pay its dowry This tastes exactly like my piss I love it! Only he shall win Whose Naans will be unbreakable Sir, I have made kadhai paneer Where some contestants had Impressed the judges with their talent My dish is chicken chilly Finger lickin’ good! Some contestants gave the judges stress Every dish should have potatoes Why doesn’t banana milkshake have potatoes? This is tasting surprisingly good Did you order it from Foodpanda? Are you cheating now? No, no madam, not cheating Brand integration ma’am Fucker, if you want to make good food then go to the canteen and make it In hostel masterchef Even your food’s photo should be repulsive Sir I can’t make sandwiches for you Because I am a feminist Get out! Get out of here! I am sorry to say Your Hostel Masterchef Mess contract end here And today we will get to know That who will be India’s first Hostel Masterchef Our first finalist From engineering college’s mess Isabgoool Matol Isabgol, Isabgol , Isabgol Isabgol, Isabgol , Isabgol I was the CEO of Microminimax Which was an unsuccessful startup But like every engineer My passion was something else Making disgusting food with my own hands So I fired myself Uploaded my menu on LinkedIn And got placed in IIT mess It is the love of my students That has gotten me so far I am here to create my own mess This year’s Hostel Masterchef title I will win Our second Finalist From MBA college’s mess Chotaaaa Chetan Bhagat We love you
We love you Marry me, marry me Chotu! I love you As a cook I have always believed in innovation Pesticides in softdrinks Worms in chocolates And Guinea in chicken These all were my recipes People write cookbooks I have written cook novels Only I will be Hostel Masterchef And from Arts college’s mess Our third finalist Leonardo Da Messiiiiiiiiii I am a compassionate food artiste In every reality show There is an underdog And I, am that underdog lover Students can still order on discount from foodpanda But what about those innocent stray dogs? Come Come That’s why I think Le Hostel Masterchef So It all comes down to this Hostel Masterchef’s This is the end semester And the last chance for you three Because the mess gets closed during the holidays Do remember Only he shall win Hostel Masterchef’s title Whose food will cause Diarrhea in the whole batch And your time starts Now Our first task was Selecting the right Ingredients from the pantry For a nutritious meal for the students Protein is really important So what could be better than homegrown protein? Oh fuck! Cocaine Flour man My first dish was maggi My ancestors had told me that It was impossible to fuck up maggi But for the finale, I had to take the risk But the instructions to make it were really complicated I just couldn’t understand What I had to do with that tobacco I decided to make puri bhaaji for the judges My biggest fear was That my food shouldn’t lack oil There was only one way to know this Go, go, go Now, I knew it was ready Because where there is oil There is democracy To be the best mess chef Consistency is really important That is why the gravy for all my dishes is same But when, I was writing my novel Constipation twenty twenty I invented a new dish The combination of Veg Kolhapuri And veg Hyderabadi Veg Telangana It only takes two minutes to make maggi But to spoil it A lot more time The clock was ticking And like mess’ milk My ass was all over the place Then I decided to stick With traditional mess cuisine Now it is not like the college kids have a bath In fact, the last time They had a bath when During the protest water canons
were shot at them So what were we to do with so much water left Obviously we will put it in the Dal! Hmmm…you see These dishes belong in the list of the ten dishes that will blow your intestines Huh This food reminds me of my grandmother Not only was her heart big But also her liver was damn tasty Isabgol, Isabgol, Isabgol Leonardo, Leonardo, Leonardo Chotu, Chotu, Chotu A B C D E…F Let’s see who will be Hostel Masterchef And to cook you food You still have Just one minute Oh my G! Isabgol has got tremendous speed in the last minute He is a true engineer Not just Isabgol But all the three contestants have got
tremendous speed in the last minute Is this some sort of magic Or a simple editing technique Tick tick five Tick tick four Tick tick three Two one hands up Come on hands up! Motherfucker
get your hands out of the pocket Your mess time Has ended Isabgol Please present your dish I was really nervous I was just worried if the judges ended up Finding lentils in my lentil soup This lacks water Sir look, a girl! Girl in boy’s hostel? How many times have I told you,
bathe at night No sir we are ragging the kids Oh, sorry my bad Please carry on Oh wow! With time, water and salt in this dal Both have shot up Mmm…this is not just a revolutionary dish It is an evolutionary dish Now for main course I made chicken Biriyani But in this chicken… Is silent Oh Nice Just like in reality shows Reality is silent Hmmm surprise element? I love it! Thank you and the specialty of this
chicken biriyani is That you can have it on Tuesdays as well Great job, great job Isabgol So Chota Chetan Bhagat Your dish please Judges, In this whole season My food’s presentation was awful So today, being an MBA, I have made for you This PPT And Using the coloured print out of this PPT I have made this paper dosa SWOT analysis? Or taste analysis And for desserts I have made Gulab Jamun This is kind of tasty Get an extra one Sorry sir I can’t give you an extra one What do you mean you
can’t give an extra one? I am the judge, go run and get an extra one Sir either you write it down in the register Or get your mess card I should get me mess card? Do you know who I am I am the warden Go run and get it or I’ll eliminate you right now I am not afraid of elimination Sire But I am scared of the mess secretary It was a pressure test! Inspite of being under pressure You didn’t give an extra Gulab Jamun You are the perfect mess cook Gotcha gotcha Senor Messi Presenta Chef Today, I have made such a dish Which every student must have made atleast once in their lives Nonexistent Pulao Oops I am so sorry A little fell off Five seconds rule You can have it Bon appetit senor, bon appetit Today, the second dish that I have made is Puri Bhaji This Puri is so ugly That I wouldlike to call it Om Puri Hashtag throwup thursdays, hashtag golfball This bhaji is so old That it reminded me of the
crocodiles in Mohenjodaro So Today one of you will become India’s first Hostel Masterchef And two of you will be facing defeat The losing first pathetic loser is Senor Da Messi But sir I have a tumor in my heart And a hole in my brain Get some medical help then Sir my mother is an alcoholic My wife a shopaholic And priest, catholic In this show only Talent can take you ahead Sir even my daughter is talented She is the district champion
of hide and seek Papa, found you! Hey kid, careful Wild card entry Woohoo First time in the history
of Hostel Masterchef Wild card entry Excuse me, excuse me Hello? Yes boss Ok boss Sir I got an offer from Big Boss My sympathy votes are more valuable there So, I’ll leave Okay? No hard feelings Senor? Hey Senor? Wait son of a bitch! Dude even we spoil careers La Messi la puta Screw you guys I am going to Big Boss Anyway Today One of you will be winning The title of Hostel Masterchef And that contestant is Isabgol Or is it Chota Chetan Bhagat? Okay, okay, okay I will give you guys a hint That contestant has two… Ears! Okay That contestant has.. Two fathers The name of that contestant is Both of you! Both of us? This means First time in the geography
of Hostel Masterchef We will be having sudden death round Woohoo. Lights Hey, Mr India? Oh, fuck! Sonam’s dad? See? Didn’t I tell you I don’t steal
food from the mess? I am on a diet, goddamnit Uh, anyways Coming back to the sudden death round In this round we will be seeing That can having your food Cause sudden death or not Yes it can Isabgol Matol You are from an engineering college And Chota Chetan Bhagat You are from an MBA college That’s why we need somebody who is neutral That is why we have called Medical college’s oldest resident Anand Bhai! Anand Bhai, please The guy doesn’t just like vegetables He is himself a vegetable World’s best Statue statue player Please welcome, Anand Bhai Whooo! Statue! Ho ho ho What a player Anand Bhai, wow Anand bhai, the thing is Having hostel food throughout the day Our tastebuds have died So to revive them We are ordering from FoodPanda And their fate lies in your hands now So I will feed you both their dishes And the one that disgusts you more, Signal me for that one Cool? One second, my leg got stuck Our first dish is Chota Chetan Bhagat’s Paper Dosa Chew, chew, chew it Come on, chew it His heart rate has dropped a bit It seems the food is quite surprising Isabgol, the bar has certainly been raised Rightly said Now, our next dish is Isabgol’s dal Yuck! Assholes! What fucking shit is this? Fuck off! Sudden death, sudden death, sudden death Whoo sudden death And today’s winner is Isabgol Matol from engineering college Isabgol, Isabgol, Isabgol Isabgol Your whole batch get’s from LIP Liver Insurance Policy With the food and after food too I was really happy Not just because I won But also because After having my food One of our judges got kidney stones Dreams do come true So students hold your tummies and wait For the next semester Because only here will you get raw pizza Come on baby, let’s go to Ibiza Papa, found you!


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