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Home Studio Trainer LIVE: | Presets & 3rd Party plugins | External Devices Settings & What They Mean

October 6, 2019

role as a firm students and folks this day’s journey and
on the other side of the room
now put back six will the camera
works hopefully everybody is doi from the home studio trader of
studio one support group together ago I just updated the
picture of a polite for Dr. Tom
help with three birdies doing
while holiday pal case that the
ty there is something different
with the role besides the camera
angle, Nino few C what is
different with my room and return until a compression
and a voice of help every goal to get all the better
on CBS feet that come come
speech pizza to Martin thank the
oaks has sold time you get them
at lead C and everybody can
actually picture up or C what is
different than the rule that
occur every slight paying a
besides the r guy with a predicate B singer to
the shortcut to get to that that signal was beaming
daughter know that’s not it, go
to Baghdad close always been
their pop and for the main focus
he if you think about it all these
years, to talk about the preset
and where they are for third
party plug-in the law to people
I p sued a soul but go ahead and use
the new year was very many
believe you’re already moved
slowly to how this is cool kids
go to t and of course as everybody asks
me to do before we get started
out to actually turn on the
seats which to let C I’m going to six start
them going to sit back and
nickel back here and I have to
test the spring the show starts
to som up for the ability four but the
deal here now that the outlook
of the ability to four youths
and hot goalie use the preset that the home with our third
party plug-in spur also be also
allow you to create your own
presets of week and the V bit
weak fou in spread you can see here that
I have a drop down menu usually
says default and when you choose
a catered a future where do eve for that particular instrument
now it’s a little bit different
for third party plug-in
exporting to go ahead here let’s
go ahead and then let’s go ahead now
let’s bring in something from the defense could surprise by
actually do use many of
instruments affects became truly
or out instrument to the one
that I like a ticket affects instruments
Arabic. Instruments paradox that
and I usually want my contact me
as a store in contact five on
the and doubt contact stereo you get
contact 16 out all sorts of
stuff like that some disturbing
this same disk and all but a contact just
like been given a second here I have
all been accounted for times and
might not work. Riots that killed the mixer can actually see that the mixers
telling us that there is just a
single stereo of four Albright
instruments and if you actually for about 99% of paper so used
to looking over from and 99% of
the third party of taxing instruments that you
can have in studio one that was
to go ahead and all put up a that go with my
contact the default instrument online wanna do here I’m going
to go way S kids to get a truly small for me
on the soupy piece of oysters when the school year and restrict this cue of school with bass up
orchestral with school with its new look
for spring to reload because
Balch springs and pointe shoes are string ensemble point click
on it and won’t stop years as
the track is on ago had to pull
the keyboard and then of course the stupid keyboard is so cold O doesn’t reconnect in studio one
and one will acts up to add a slight Data Care like
stand trial for the next
instrument than the one open up with the actually all prop it up
and he up and down or to play the piano
like neither create and other
instrument track I can just go
to the channel to move . Just like the movie to an eight and and and and contact I
can minimize . Also got my string ensemble
and might a break that P. Elston
hours can go ahead and do one more thing and I’m
going to go too might get the
roadrunners and I would just bring in the
first kit that IC Newman point mix bandit . All and its community channel
three because book project
doesn’t, cool if cube open up
the instrument to order it will
assign now if I change my eight studio
one channel three I complain
that comes to that of the day to day from the
fat from the fat of us don’t
just like dell case and how I
have three instruments here already going to open up a whole
bunch more detecting and how
much my CPU can handle prepare
all the cool thing about the
risk i there is no real preset to
accept four , sees it can be here not
another item one parasol what I
can do is I can go ahead here and open this up and say I want
to store the preset and I’m
going to call it and I’m all T and click OK and
Garrity is now if I go into the
instruments here and I click on my contact with
it that I now have the preset
and I cannot drag it preset and he and contact will all put up all three of the instruments
that are loaded into the new
preset tank this is how B third
party B is D works with studio one for both the
instrument that doesn’t really
have any presents a perk up per
the main fuel all the preset
spot in hereby go ahead and I’d bring a
and B receive a mistrial use of
two new trie sought to put Mr.
Tracks off two in on the insert
o you can actually C. Open this up
here is really an old presuppose
that I hear there’s no preset newsmen on that there’s no
preset traders sold which you
can do is you can go ahead and
see their own presets just like
I showed for different preset sold by
boaters slate and i.e. CI Weir
was my virtual tape shimmering
in a virtual tape should report
and t to 45 people here, watching
people trouble my voice to make but otherwise it sounds pretty
good , good C verified license their
eagles we can go ahead and the connection we could play and
stop the C into the thing is
going to move out here is the
wild thing there are no presets
here fault because it CO Congress to
hear the preset one 2nd be the defining what that JER
preset but but but I’m up to two C to sleep stop on the king
for like to see this is what’s
up some of these preset to pan
it difficult to work with the wonder years I
have a key to a perch up in
those channels to own land and looking four than it into a bird that suit
does wonders in this one doesn’t have any
preset B that you were looking
to see if it has its own diet DAWs called preset call while that a different
piece of the public’s C here to push it is Caprice a ticket that JER one of these things but
sometimes new mode C not finding any
anyone was preset I think we
kind of got the idea here but
but but with one more time pairs
of T Belf . It’s like debt and this is
where have presets note that the SIII she ability
Youtube at their dogged all this
one has its own C actually see this plug-in
actually puts the preset and the
studio one chord expert wild heads actually cool usually find
them in the goalie four I in the
belief of the instrument itself by writable this is an affect
any way but I think you guys get
the general idea of a guitar
rate would be another one receiver to make this work force
and the figure this out yellow
cake your legal C no presents
ear but you’ve got preset see here once again if it is making down and I’m but this is
interesting this is something
that I’ve noticed what that somebody’s presets and
here I am actually showing up in
the studio one goalie while before I did know we can
do that but it looks like the
united duke’s alike of this that if desired ideal studio one
would do that with a doll
there’s a nice little benefit
somebody’s button to get in
studio one but that will take a right to
search party double the gulf but
there that is so what I guess
the main point of this whole
thing to be able to find a preset with
in the goalie for the third
party instrument or plug-in and
in this case against either to
publ , ride to where the presets are
actually are showing up in the
goalie on this side so this is
something that I street offer
goal to this one doesn’t have that
notice that the citizen have met
the & does anyone have any of
its bullet bob preset cell so
for t and I than you can actually see
the preset year and the default
to reach a second show deal with
V native instruments and that t like this one is cut the extra
box that can show you some of
the presents their hands to
guide did not know that that was
happen but never with the plug-in stem
cells users may have any to pop open up there with other
contact instrument track here
now of course we’ll check that
all of the contact presets party
in so bad is BC 2 understanding
picture or permit, thing up with
the protection clauses.
Just like at Seoul hopefully get
help but fee to see more natural, like
the selector I like the view
better over here so let’s go
back and two studio one and one
to talk of the external devices for
studio one I can be very
confusing at first so I’m going
to do my best and walking you
through the d or make sure that we go through
Sunday should everything and I
recall the settings are
available and show you what
every meet cell must confess I’m gonna go
hear studio one and one of a
conscience point click and
options and then make or make
sure that I hands pressed by specially since
I did on my new rack overture
that has everything in it all by
your faces an almighty external rights so it continues over
there now so you see a dime IP
is 49 pitches by keyboard in a guy might add, and this is
the first amp and that I got my C report of
the UC remote this is bore the
remote control on the right hand
award the yet bomb into raid and
t and a minimum value panel that
is my wah pedal for controlling
it by you or the wide and an
empire and then I got my duty truck cab model uses Sr. 16 it and if you
look years by 1. these out I
have two or B6 S are 16th, why
would I have to live up sure yet her second night of the
Proteus and then I got my second at a
minimum of rolling sound candles
about all I said that although
the week it’s really really cool
n cue can see that there is a lot
of devices that have to send to
not care not to eight D’s are
four like keyboards of like VS
her of this year so here is the PS
49 that you can see I have the
right here and this is hooked up
right here in studio one back to the classroom here and
to see the super bright here in
studio one lead in C and I’d
don’t have the second two
activated case since this keyboard is not
have any sounds of its own and
has no controls within the kind
of lights bookstore so that I
kno changes to what happened that
that means that this particular
setting the same two setting but
is not a factor but keyboard at
a repeated Wednesday report has B
bob Wallach a little figure deal
actually up here. That’s because
this is the fulcrum midi contr to have things in studio one
sends to the report and things
of the theater ports sends two
studio one that’s the different
sort saint can see here that since I
have only been maybe I’ll
connected and I’m not using any
of this sounds from the drum kit
IE au D out because studio one is
receiving from its Vi because V
a studio one is receiving from
the drunk at all only prove that
actu it stands up and because studio
one sends information to the
annual report to make the keys
light up when there were no
template the sublime people get that too
is about because a symbolize the
& into itself just like you said
and that’s not yet it is not s not to and from the game of the
instrument or the controller to
dismiss the report sends two and
a pencil studio one says to tha mix sends to solve if I just
wanted to control studio one I
didn’t care what the fleet payee
report look like I could
describe b off from the theater port two
studio one for this is receiving
from the Fader port to read this
is what studio one is looking fo BIE if you have something that
you would like this and
information two so let’s say
that I want to control this
sounds and my ex I’d want to setup and its permit
but not I’m new keyboard Gould eight now
that prevented the waste
Presonus has used name that is
very very confusing and I think
it’s ki that gap even if you’ll add the new keyboard this means that you are going to
be having something to studio
one that is going to control
studio one or control the use
the in a obvious the instrument orally
but external CD should be at no
external instant that Japan
should set up but if you have a
new to my Proteus sold in studio one
can play those instruments is that makes sense back
startles a complete all the
modules maybe they should say
new external module are
something like that a but members of this is a new
keyboard like a trigger keyboard
like italy’s says or roll and or
be a lit up like the Presonus be if you look and my eight Proteus
since sending two the Proteus you can actually see that I only
have the same two activated and
I don’t perceive from bodies at
the Lao because but Proteus doe IP through the external insulin
or the new instrument and you
can actually selector what
channels V external instrument we’ll only
here and in this case since this
is to go like this if I go to my Sr. 16 right click
and as you can see here that
says yes sir 16 is a drum
machine that I don’t have the
receive fr because of this particular thing
when I hit play in studio one
report studio one to send me the
clock in the clock start to the step process but I know guys I know. Use some confusing stuff
with studio one that’s just
doesn’t make sense sometimes but
Penske you’ll have it wants to
you how studio one is doing all this
and it. Think about it it does make
more sense on a technical level
because it’s describing what
you’re actually do what I think
for by and fresh a single external
keyboard of annual external
instrument of like Don module
were in new external module or
things l but C out the goal of low but
only because an Amiga is also an
expert in this were also is an
expert but that I am not I am
not a and C wood that all the others
like I missing here OK so that
pretty much explains what I
wanted to touch on thoughts go
ahead other studio 1:00 AM Leon unlike
down here the chord here that
completely different angle saw looks like nobody has seen
with stiffened up a play about
the police Capriati is played at
the right side and go through
her but see there is head comment
where he says but the other see
some units output think he gets
that not yet he says I had C soldiers bob is talking to
me guy but the bust the time of
50 E have adopted a pianist but
BV and I watch seemed like an a BB so the dish it by recent
additional feature in the latest
version that no no one got
checked the specter that almost
wonder i our unity earlier versions and I
never used side of that was
mentioned the antique online
blurb everywhere complain about
not to long long time that a defeat
that bad actually says any
controller bob yet most any
controlled but you know some
control in a wo I will get to it when I get the
money often it seems the time to just
bob, talking about the time
entry pool from C a pirate ship
is here to see a pirate ship is
targ and see what grimes says my
newborn and all it can be
confusing it definitely bothered C some art and second
comedy is you lost me a while
back on my Mac quite sure what else
to do on mart and I don’t know
how better to explain that of
the stuff to deny grasp at the
end on that and I told them what to
do with that plan I could I
don’t know of another way to
explain I wish I did a lead C polene Morgan says
apprentice setting up like that
promised IB bowl you need to
send and receive from know you
do not y you all you need is a receive
from all you need is to receive from
the drunk it going in two V new
keyboards like for external drum
kit you actually was set up a n believe that are not a decent
two dozen work you have to
create undue instrument have to
go at it and use a new or
instrument an so he if you have the leases
drum kit that CU down or rolling
target that you get the TV
you got the media to plug into
what that make you want to be able to
two lead trigger is EST
Instruments and you can’t get up
and you’ll set up a new keyboard bank as you want studio 12 send
information 2 yard run module
you have to set up an OOP
Instruments and everybody asking
you to but don’t take solace and two
would be four like controls like
for knobs and settings that say
you want to control, some of the and but that’s a and two is not
going to allow you to actual E
trigger the sounds from the
module plea that makes sets Taipei
there is off base between Martin OK billy I hope
that that explained, what you
need its own bike of using a
weapon at com it really like
tiger to Michael Johnson two met record and home should repair between
flubbed up here decide to let C
outgoing board, Kyle to billy
Martin Schram says if you are just
using the drums in that regard
to these T in studio one that
just to receive from an exact route to the content to just bob , let’s see just bother me get
better prices he races can I can I had a beyond your mixer
has an additional control are a
lot of my feed report on you
could try eight it depends IE by you would actually have to
use either imac P control mode or you would
need to use it at the hughley it
depends on what the Barringer
said see if you’re looking to us and you have to bear JER
actually pose at malls beverages
don’t two to so I would actually recommend
not doing that because
debentures are very very spot
can only control studio one on wed C there is just bob
Toomey, but GG show starts I’m
already up to 50 a report that
site but that bob saint or skus be that C rate
bonds says you’ve done a good
pub explaining that I played not
destined to chop list the key
and un that can light up excel at CS
IBM is in a bad spot tenders. At
the movers over here I Gotta see what’s
going on here had that C that wasn’t the JER to meet
record or near the question to
you all the way you might call me know if I
actually into the question I’d
didn’t bomb as to get bad C soap a given a brick says
about a good job explaining to
it’s hard it’s hard to do Bobbie
Brooks says question I see that T Telco quarters and regard
actually notes terrible it doesn’t it doesn’t do what I
thought it gets us and I was looking to be able
to put like a keyboard title
voice behind something and it
doesn’t do that Betsy billy Martin says thanks
to e.g. and Alan C C’s I says a
rose by 50% came to paper and says instead of
calling it is sent to light up
the call it doubt control
signals are something like that
that but I’m either solely different
things could be that’s why does
decide to rewrite the lead C make the
prime says back in the old days
the rolling back since needed
many in and out connected to
your comp , for their computer base and
restoring cast and by the need
to make up from four I just
playing the actual patch danger
to work if I’m not mistaken correct me
if I’m wrong time breaks says
I’m back price target of a paper
cool but Brian two fees says yes
s bad C menu bothered see you need
both are quite sure faced by
magic but that the basic for the
corrected but C upon parts that
a I yes it does become there are
some things that are missing but
it for the most part it does
work fine but hang could see Michael
Johnson says ottaway’s command
track are in there but he says
have you had any luck with
scratches on , I think I have the data I
might even have a real with all
the mix sounds so I had that
desperately trying to find a day
to fou an chances are needed to what
Burnham so that’s not to lead but C on
the time it 635 he says IC when
I first got S1 version two I was
perplexed at the external device and then I have been and what
that what did I find that update
held up at that time the type of
course the big Internet has to g offer studio 12 cue replies be
put before ever to really
figured out so I actually did
you see nobody knows that bet I
originall I didn’t do it for anybody else
I’d do what I was learning
studio one of the original videos a ticket
for studio one I’d did so that I
could I remember how to get
around things to those coming
from and my laptop and ago the deal
the case I actually found
anything while the next thing I
know I can deal with 10 cals and
viewer and I didn’t know anything about
I Youtube at Sony was actually quite cool and
that’s how home studio trader
was born I was actually call 10 by 10
studio spec that and I was just doing it for the
people in the 4 inch the
original Presonus four and least
allow the prepare your job
Presonus fo to let C just bob Toomey says it
is buried wait too cocky eight
new PAC roles for third party to create to the eye he said to
create two I think is to create
new macros proper third party and
studio one preset so you don’t
need to search for them I don’t know how macros relate
the preset bob Saunders saying
no I know I don’t know why you can
read the final stab like injury
but I’ll step that does make sense Betsy Martin and because as I
remember well my ex B6 bass 60
other Olympic the 60 communicate
in conjunction with everything
fro economy but Johnson you get a guy are in that time
that track the party and a
nominal jobs might get to
thinking you’re talking to
somebody else and body blows set up it just disappeared idea to see
what body but Bowe said SIII
body but I missed that Saris eyesight other ideas 39 people in here
hopefully everybody’s cup
coarsely and explains track icon
of the time as a boy explain for
crab b up and a lead-footed ever sat
but everything’s my name showed
up and other video four Presonus
is dead anniversary will lock
but is such a car ran desk comments
of from my Youtube deals or the
last couple of days it was just
I’m real I’m talking like needed I where people just really
thought that it was it was a and C are that they mention my name and no
one else to pay I pop and I don’t know that just pop
says he says I’m on my work on
my four I can read it tabs writer Michael Caine not quite
sure but not quite sure how to help
them lead COI Michael Johnson that BT
came fed to the park but by just put the changes the
monitor the party is changed to
Michael Johnson a parolee demand
tracker of the because says as but but but but the king said
that if you have marred releases
were trapped in a wise body at
was a really good weekend for
comm of ‘all hiking show you that I can show you that there’s no
other outstanding output issues
right here right now pays if you
look in studio one IBM opened up E on for the macro lot toolbar salt creek ranch question is how
you create a new page tobacco
toolbar so if you look over here
on the left hand side can actually put the so dropdown
you can see all the macro
toolbars the ones in studio one
gives you one and you’re the
ones tha writes about how do you create a
new one EFELIC right click right click
on the word transport you can
actually see there is B new page it to court if you click on that
pulled payee line down a totally
blank macro toolbar , I can actually go here and a
go back uses page 13 side and
right click on this and and Double-click that page
13 and call this an HST demo pack each hit enter. All and all I can say new group so if I click on new group bone.
Outputs the group in this sector
I can update click on that group
and I could double click on t , at the banning of all I can actually avenue
bond and there is the button I can
right click on the button and
mike and assign I can assign a
command and IP and type in the word at
its and let’s see what a while and I
can put top winner with this copy in goal cut that the guide output I can
right click again and senior
button and and I can your SIII and new assignment the CPA stupid. I
can go paste and now I have a cup and paste a Z wick button off that helps but C ramen actually says SIII
to hear of the abusive but
secret world is full of angry
people yes but as yes there is but but but that thank you that
Raymond lead CI Powell says any
publicity is good publicity
blitz I’ve heard that doesn’t
make y but that’s a gang of the
bottling says because there’s
another Michael Johnson in our
group and stream all pleaded no
bet they k just bob IBM reprises call my
doubt I feel so dumb right click
SIII every one of only tell you
something in studio one you
right new pupils right click I’m in
anything you’re going it gets
some time a group of options . All I can right click on the
stop button main menu at this
summit does something that make
it took a shot being fired you
righ so they’d also right click of a
right click down here this just
copy taxes to Elsa Gautier right
click their ago to start and st and right click and maybe
they’ll see them right click
everywhere in gets some kind of menu when in doubt I click on
it but but did serious but I’d always
there is $1.00 and click on it
to lead C. Michael Johnson night
feel like my old self pop up
Tele the cue for that title: the
style he says of DOS said she think it as the
pump up to do such think there’s
no such thing as a banquet B dow had no bass says the
negativity I social media is why
I don’t do face booked winner in
the rest of them I’d delving
into t a kelp PC Data and Janice two. Thank
you that the guide and I
actually have a lot of members
my group that a legal fees book
four eithe add to that the huge problem but I agree with you need a
persist too much -8 bad CF pick poorly known as mike bob Martin weeks because I think
it been cited for messenger now
without having to get base would
guess you can’t I’m not sure t but boxed price says four fiber
optic cable link ID used to a TX for transmit and
iraq’s first sequel yeah three
carbide I convert as 172 and transmit in
my head to make it easier to get
that the actually good idea but
pox I like that idea which we get clean the studio
one actually change the names of
some point but could not be nice to win that the guide is a column C
to get somebody knew we’d hear
his name is in and travel well,
if you’re new in and trapezes ye tighter than anybody would
actually pop in and actually say
that some as a very cool taking
the time and
lea my own that bomb my own and a
social media thing you know
’cause of the group said I run
runs so well I got by garlic 45
differe it just a sign of over here so
that people don’t really like
baseball great they know that
the debt that particular thing is only four homes your trainer
persona as I bring folks like
Ethan Johnny and all those guys
and just don’t just have eight it would be like DI it would be
like eight of like P I’s studio one social
media group said we didn’t have to use
things like things but when the
device of the fat but but but get that
one weeks says as the only
reason I am bothered to buy
things but they job when people
in all ca in the eight hits actually not a bad idea I have to get my eight C and C
up but that edited by state and of course
pictures below and I cant and
red and green color blind eye
can see anything written about
the inp I know you. Let me know that certain things I can’t do so
it’s called my being networks C program also wish completion
to do it all on Youtube everything up reside to do
everything on Youtube you’re all set up and not
network or people doing the
messages and stuff like that I
wish I could do it as a lead C output box makes
more sense to me that way Rick
Braun OK. The cooler, but bob
Starr says that helps my brain
compreh but box 8 minutes were up by
Bach said Bobbie Brooks says
just got some good news a group
of people are going to fix the
bathroo two classmates a handbag toward
that the fire department busted
when they tried two water rescue me and I was
watching I don’t fault but what
happened to be big and you know that happened when the tread water rescue pool
I guess when the floods may be but he says he got some good
news that some used IE 1000
people are going to fix the
bathroom that apply all very
very cool cong extremely cool by the Johnson
and Martin says yes but he’s
changes in the malls permit C week prior said yes to
go every DB Brett take care
thing for pop in and bonnet C just bobby bobby how
would you guys are OK bobby
Boone says got flooded on so
site here that bob eight that’s not denied no idea I click commands has been shown
very informative a very cool
your become a few minutes left might get going a little early
to my body gets pretty tight
people in here right now so far
all caught up with questions should be very record in my C
and is broke and to compete
because like us on a team here
at it but it is really a really are
repeatedly a really hot in your of all my gas lives in the times
says I’ve gone back to the DB 48
shares T shall and left clarifying technical
posts around and was later
cleared up by misinformation
that I get no response from them
really well in pledges from information
here that but C send some money be Ed
Dougherty page thank you, I’ll
object, it seemed to get into new name it, nothing yet all put together a $5.00
donation from Kyle gibbons yet
thank you can highlight precede
very very much but the one weeks says don’t let
the heat mess up the Computer
System of surrender split police
would make up the head C bob aux two times says it
did your help is on the way
bobby yes yes but that anything
we can do about it puts on a
small but I wish some you guys look
closer at but but but really wish there is
a guy that I’ve been talking two
BS I’m actually looking for any
out I2 where he SIB T’s and national dog was to help them set this up
in studio so I said DAWs reason how much
it charges is one cue to pay if
you pay night trip report be up
by similar charge anything I
just if they do that because if I go
ahead and make a beloved by
publisher make a few bucks off
with the opening of a lot button
of i to should be cool papa john some
of the $10.00 donation thank you
sir bobby bliss says, if I could
get another call are all owne but that is at a spot that is
talk of the initial SIII here that
putting the ad C. Michael Johnson says
I’m in national but began moving
back home melanoma: enough to
build it up to setup in studio
tha up to spot to me says with an
electronic drum set if you’ll
hope up BP had its database
symbol will it work the same , have you can I just IE I
actually if you look in my trunk
it I it you’ll get my drum kit over
here you can actually see that I
have responded the simpler. I you can actually see that I
have a pad right here four my
high hat instead of the high hat
that and some bad the symbol
lookin I really do they just don’t feel
right here and show it right there he does see it at
the opera as simple pant but I didn’t like the symbol
path for high hat works like a
soap bubble mile pets and works
perfectly at you should have no
prob yet that’s too close to it that
the one might basics posted to
anybody that courts but but but
but they had sued because we got but put them Egypt bad C. Powell a series of what I
go visit P. Staley audio only 2
hours away gas that I might is
very very cool I like my guy lik it’s just doesn’t like the way I
do things but II respect that on
that he’s got some really good
deals I definitely think that i come when she know which you
know ’cause he cues by always
come up here is to be in the
group see get tired of being a
tidy and and bob but he is great I think
the guy should often go visit
him I think it is a Christian
every now and then two so on the
lea but they can I get that I’m
doing my best to change some
things that I do , and everything to title appeal
to a wider audience and staff
and you see all my guide inch up
or he tells me I thought he was and think you realize is how
awesome his videos are just pops
as nice I can fill two needs a
pilot and target that you can
just I know that sounds terrible a lead CI bass is talking and
Martin because says gathers 1352
bit tart cases in Nashville 81
that unpacks isn’t it is the target play
twice as better than I will have
a spoonful national For a very
cool thing to me go well you
know th by Biggs says always some in the
face. Very cool song called the
guys get something out of
today’s owl lessons I know that
the w , yes the other bracket offered
this here bonds and get this thing
actually facing right this use the new addition two of
the studio right there and I moved all of my dear I2
get to this track here and in
the two small bass cracks and I
used to have on the table here on Monday to get rid of and also
may want to be happy to ship
them to your free of charge
other homemade so I can ship
party if I built by little speaker stands
out of the aux battle 1 inch
dollar and two square strike
speakers promoting and can see a
disappointed by the end of their but but but with an
undisputed black and looks
really good at both at their it is just like that so I
put bills and place and not
stand of V are racks and I had so. Very cool to go into the
spec up here I really appreciate
above his V is that the thing
you’re asking C is that the
thing th Henry C what’s new at the top of the show can see what’s new
at the top of the shortcut
preacher called OK so the new copy of the
top of the show to talk about
something new in the room rates do. But I died I thought
there would be is observing case
you guys are I thought somebody would catch
it and the thing that’s mailed it
is my eight mike that JER I made is the same cheer up a
ticket is one of those alike
tickets for a older people that
have trouble getting in touch
their s picture with the joins every
time I got some a great eye of
staff and I discovered it look
pretty good and Canada was a
really g I have told us to open heart
just wanted to see if anybody
noticed that because somebody
actually notice down from the show last
week that I had a back scratcher
over here somebody actually said that it
could be put in the chat that I
had a bad stretch it slows to a
telescoping back scratchers the 0.2. Loss by backstretch are and what
I do with it up but but but this
cycle that that was Larry is I
thought for sure somebody would a summit with actually see the
blue chair said Gary Dahl lead
C. Martin weeks target bass make
it to me as says he says did you see my comment
about that a player knowing this
that he says it stopped working
after all want to do some parts eye when I put in the new racket
stop recording and it didn’t come sit tight
didn’t I didn’t drop that I
didn’t do anything I just like
other activity one safer by and
I just r uphold cables and stuff in the
back and couldn’t find anything so lead C this space says is JER
Johnny I got three of them poke
a stick. But the martins says
and both a great teachers and
the they had October 1 I will be going to only three
shows a week on my might be able two finish
up October bob without telling a and release a howl just yet but the bomb buying at pride
might be able to so I there will
be shown to mark time treasury
to popular belief on there will be a show tomorrow so I sold CI how it goes on and
try it for this month and IC a
bike and what if I can just keep people at
Sumner try to do so for this week there will be
five shows this week route takes
moral Wednesday of course
songwriting simplified and then
on Thu so please stay two and I will
let you know as things change if
the change as the goals of these
will be my last few words later , , they just for studio train one
on one trip this one. Is StudioLive the whole session is that if a studio one just for StudioLive train ball, the man a , a new, the


  • Reply Rich Ressler October 1, 2019 at 6:03 am

    So glad I don't have kontact. My head is spinning watching you explain this…lol

  • Reply Rich Ressler October 1, 2019 at 6:44 am

    I'd like my dxt drum kit to activate my ezdrummer, or I'd like x drum module to be recorded. Your studo is less cluttered cleaner looking

  • Reply Rich Ressler October 1, 2019 at 6:47 am

    Would I need midi cable s ? I have them.

  • Reply Mr_ Batsu October 2, 2019 at 9:33 am

    Unfortunately I missed the live stream but I'm so glad I watched the video. Being able to make 3rd party presets looks useful to make a quick way to save your favorites. Even in sub-folders! I just purchased NI Komplete 12 Ultimate which has a ton of instruments so this will easily let me save my favorites for future use. Great tip.

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