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Home Installation of Adobe Creative Cloud

September 13, 2019

ITS is pleased to present Adobe Creative Cloud
to faculty and staff with Enterprise licensing that allows for installation on your personal
home computer. This process starts in your NSU GreenMail
Inbox. Open the email from Adobe Creative Cloud with
the subject: Access is granted. When you open the email you will see a large
blue link button that reads Get Started. Click this link. This will take you to an Adobe Sign in screen. Enter your entire NSU email address in the
Email text box and press enter. The screen will change and ask you to choose
between a personal or enterprise sign-in, choose the Enterprise ID option. An account management screen will open. In the Creative Cloud Apps section, click
on Desktop Download. This will take you to a web page titled: Get
it all with Creative Cloud All apps. Scroll down to the section titled Easily manage
your Creative Cloud apps and services section. Click the Download now button. When the download is complete Open the file. Another Adobe Sign in window will open. Type in your entire NSU email address and
press enter. Choose the Enterprise account option. This will direct you to the NSU Adobe Creative
Cloud Login page. Enter your NSU userID and password to login. A Creative Cloud installer will open. Click the Start Installing button. This part took 11.5 minutes at my house. Download speed will vary based on your connection. A window will open with the message that Installation
is Complete. Close or minimize your browser window. Another Creative cloud window will open. When the window titled Adobe Creative Cloud
opens and shows program icons you are ready to go. This console can now be reached anytime by
clicking on the Adobe icon on your desktop. You can install any of the listed apps by
clicking on the install button in the console. I will demonstrate by installing Photoshop. This took about 8 minutes at my house. Once installed the button will say Open. Notice that there is now a new bar at the
top of the list that includes three tabs. The tabs on the left, above the list of programs,
are ALL APPS and INSTALLED APPS. This is the ALL APPS tab. Clicking on the INSTALLED APPS tab will show
that Photoshop and Camera Raw CC are installed. Adobe automatically installed Camera Raw because
it is a companion program for digital photographers. The third tab is on the right above the buttons. It is titled NO UPDATES at this time. However, when it is titled UPDATES please
take a moment to update the programs. This will accomplish two things. First you will have the most up to date copy
of the program and features offered. Second, the bug fixes, patches, and security
will provide better results and security. I will return to the ALL APPS tab to show
you a few other features. If you scroll down the list you will see three
buttons that say Launch rather than install. The three programs, Spark, Portfolio, and
Behance, are web platforms to display and share you creations, accomplishments, and
ideas. These platforms are not currently available
to students. Adobe programmers are working to remedy this
and have a release date of January 2019. NSU will extend these platforms to students
when the process is completed. At the bottom of the console there is a link
to view the mobile apps available to you. You will need to log into your device and
navigate to the site to download the apps. The last option I need to show you is how
to Logout of the console. In the title bar at the top of the console,
click on the person icon to get the Sign out option. Thank you for watching this ITS Training and
enjoy Adobe Creative Cloud.

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