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Hidden Color Settings for Landscapes in Photoshop!

February 12, 2020

Today I’m going to share with you some secret
and amazing color recipes that you can use with your landscapes in Photoshop. But before we begin, we need to understand
the concept a little bit. So, whenever you import a raw photo into Lightroom
or Adobe Camera Raw, do you notice something? It has these profiles that we can apply – Adobe
Standard, Adobe Vivid, so on and so forth. Similarly, in Photoshop, you can assign profiles
to pictures, even if they’re not raw, you can assign profiles and those profiles, even
in Lightroom, or Adobe Camera Raw, get you started with a pretty good look that you’re
satisfied with and then gives you a starting point that you can work on later. However, in Photoshop, you can totally go
crazy with just the profile. Here’s how to apply it. All you got to do is go to Edit at the top
and then Assign Profile. That’s it. Right now the image is that sRGB profile. We can click on profile and change it to whatever
we like. Isn’t that amazing? Now in Windows, once you have this selected,
with the scroll of the mouse hover over it, with a scroll of the mouse you can try different
profiles and see what looks good to you. You can also use the arrow keys right there. This is something that you can do in Windows. I’m not very sure about Mac. But anyway, you can actually select whatever
you like. So in this case, let’s say I like something
like e-sRGB, I can select that, hit OK. But the problem with that is the profile of
the complete document has now changed, which is something we didn’t want. We wanted to keep it at sRGB and use profile
just as Color Grading. How can we do that? We don’t want to change anything for the document,
but, we want to use those colors. Here’s how to do it. Have a look at this document. If we just click on this arrow and choose
Document Profile, have a look, it has changed. And it can be a mess if we upload it to websites
or send it somewhere. We have to keep it at sRGB or Adobe RGB, whatever
your choice is. So, here’s how to do it. Let’s go back. So this was our image, make a copy of the
background layer – with the background layer selected, press Ctrl or Command + J. Now,
right click on it and choose Convert to Smart Object. Now as we have discussed before, whenever
we convert a layer into a Smart Object, everything inside of it is protected. It creates a nest around it. So, if you double click on the thumbnail of
the Smart Object, another document shows up showing you the contents of that nest. Whatever you change inside that nest is not
going to affect the entire document. In this nested document, you can change it
to whatever you want. Go to Edit – Assign Profile, hit OK, that’s
fine. We’re going to choose e-sRGB, hit OK and save
it. Press Ctrl or Command + S. Now when you go
back to the original document, have a look, this has been updated and the profile stays
to be as a RGB. Have a look. Here’s the before, here’s the after. Now this is as a layer. If you think it’s too much, you can control
the Opacity and you have control over everything. So let’s say I want to keep it at Opacity
of 31. Or even better, you can use Blend If with
it. So let’s increase the Opacity to 100%. Let’s say I want this effect only on the highlights. So, double click on the right hand side of
the layer, take it away from the shadows by taking the slider of the underlying layer
from left to right, just like this. Now this is very harsh, hold the Alt key or
the Option key, click on the slider, break it apart to both sides, hit OK. And this is a particular effect. You can create one more copy of this one – Ctrl
or Command + J and and this one, we don’t want any Blend If. So clear it up. Right click on it and choose Clear Layer Style
and simply decrease the Opacity. So, we’re going to keep the Opacity at somewhere
about 30%. There you have it. Here’s the before, here’s the after. Interesting, isn’t it? Now you can make a group of both of these. Select the first one, hold the Ctrl or Command,
select the second one, Ctrl or Command + G. So, once we have the group, we can create
a mask by clicking on the Mask button. And then take the brush with black as the
foreground color and you can just erase this area because this area is getting too saturated. So. we’re just going to create a gradient
right there. Choose a gradient, drag from top to bottom. There we are. It’s not affecting the sky and these areas
are looking pretty nice and colorful. If you also don’t want these areas to get
affected, you can take the brush and paint that area in black, if you wish. So I’m going to keep the flow at somewhere
about 10% and get some brightness in that area. Have a look. That’s how you can even use Color Profile
to add some vibrant and brilliant colors to your landscape. Now, I said landscapes because it works great
with landscapes. I’ve tried it on portraits. Sometimes it works great, sometimes it doesn’t. It might mess up the skin tone but, with landscapes,
this works amazingly. I hope this video helped you and if it did,
make sure to give us a like and also don’t forget to subscribe and not just subscribe,
ring the bell, so that you, my friend, don’t miss any other future tip, trick or tutorial. Thank you so much for watching. I’ll see you guys in my next one. Until then stay tuned and make sure that you
keep creating.


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