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Hi! what’s your name? [SubEng] [First][Digital Painting] Manage Layers in Photoshop

October 27, 2019

I will show the layers of this work. How to my manage it. In truth, the video screen capture work of this work took 6 hours to draw. It does not record the screen during operation. It is not normal.It is not normal. From the check, it is because I just updated macOS Catalina. Causing the program to be blocked for screen capture. 6 hours that should be recorded but it doesn’t. I therefore changed the presentation plan. Is to turn on the layer that makes it look And annotate to see layer management in my style. first I usually sketch the picture on Ipad and send it to color in Photoshop. This is a file obtained from Procreate. Next comes the clear line draft. The Procreate app, very convenient for drafting tasks And create components. Later on the computer created the character’s mask layers. By using the lasso tool and pen tool. Use dark gray and light gray to divide objects It makes us see the division more clearly than using one color. After doing the Mask Layers, look at all of my layers. This is the finished work and for a better view of the layer, I will scale it up. Layers folder group Mainly, it will be divided into 3 groups. 1. Filter 2. Character 3. Background Show in the smaller details. Start from the background. Split folder of red automatic beverage vending machines. Split folder of cat. Folder Green cabinet for drinking water. Folder of the side wall of the image Folder to store details and add light First of all, I created a mask to shape the area. Then add details. The distance is trees and roads. Open a new layer and keep adding more details. Floor pattern. After roughly coloring the cement floor, came to add details Divided into layers that are bokeh Shine layer and light direction and the layer Overlay Mode Yellow and blue. The yellow color will paint the side that the light shines on. Adjustment Exposure Layer for adjusting the brightness. Adjustment Brightness/Contrast Layer. This is the Chromatic Aberration layer. Is to mimic the look of the photographic lens. Next Wall folder Use the pen tool to create shapes. It can easily customize the shape And add more color to this shape. Next, Folder Green cabinet for drinking water. Also, create a shape with a pen tool and paint inside the shape Next is the red automatic vending machine folder with the cat. The operations and layers are the same Mask Layers and Coloring Details. The background part adds shadows to the top part of the image. Overlay Mode layer adds light from the red automatic water dispenser. Let’s see the character Internal subfolders. Divided into details folders, Folder, all character color Go to see the details folder first. Inside what is extracting the folder is Skin color skin Others such as clothes, costumes, skirts, hair Increasing the shadow detail. Yellow sweater Paint the shadows and add patterns of additional sets. The character’s face details folder. Finish painting the main colors and adjust the characters to blend with the background by adding shadows to reduce the brightness of the character. Look The layer line. I brought it to adjust the mode from normal to overlay. And change its color to green And remove some parts, only the shadow occlusion. Adjustment Layer Exposure, brightness down. In the standing position of the character, it reverses the direction of the light outside the building. It is bright.Therefore reducing the down brightness of the characters The main color folder of the character is finished, then continue. Folder details Add a little darker and brighter. Add highlight to the cheeks for a clearer look Chromatic Aberration it occurs in the position of contrasting dark and bright colors. Layers that add a little more light So that the character perfectly blends in with the background. This is the closest distance. Folder filter I want the tone to look like an old film photo. Use the Adjustment Layer Exposure to brighten Curves pulls up the dark parts in the image. Because it’s too dark and reduce the brightness. Adjustment Layer Color Lookup A variety of film tone presets to choose from I choose FoggyNight.3DL. In the remote area of the mask, paint, black, erase to prevent FoggyNight.3DL. Change the color in that area Because it is a bright part outside the building. Finally, copy the entire year. And merge that layer. This is the merged layer. Then add the lens correction effect. Opp!! Sorry restart Copy the merged photo once more. Because the area is out of the image size If using the lens correction effect It will calculate all Which I don’t want. I want the lens Correction effect to work in the frame only. Added Chromatic Aberration to the edges of the image In order to resemble the photo as much as possible. The higher the value, the more impact it will have. The last step is to increase the sharpness of the image. With Smart Sharpen the image will be sharper. Ok, all layers of this image. Thank you for visiting Hopefully the program will not crash again. See you again next time. Sawasdee


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    wow,I love your artwork

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    Omg this is awesome! This will help me a lot with my art uwu

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    I really liked this way of presenting your work, an excellent and creative way to show your creation process. Your explanation was unstoppable just like the drawing, its beautiful. This will help me a lot to improve in digital draw. Thanks

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    Hello from Colorado! I love your stuff. You inspired me to get a digital art pad and start drawing. I'm not good but I hope to get to your level someday!!!!!

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    I understood none of this… but i Loved the video anyway.

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