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HDR Batch Plugin for Lightroom

February 12, 2020

Hello, this is Stuart from the Photomatix Team and here I’m going to give you a quick look at the HDR Batch plugin for Lightroom. You can use the plugin to merge multiple stacks of bracketed exposures in Lightroom. This means, you can automatically create HDR images while you do something else. Here are several bracketed photos from my last photo shoot and I’ve organized them into stacks. That’s to say, that I’ve grouped each of the bracketed exposures into its own stack. Let’s select all the stacks and invoke the HDR Batch plugin. The plugin offers two options to organize bracketed photos, but I’ll stay with the first one since my bracketed exposures are grouped into stacks, but if they weren’t stacked I could still have batched them using the second option. The rest of the plugin’s window lets you select various options for HDR processing. The HDR preset you choose determines the look of the merged HDR images. The interesting thing is, that you can get an idea of how a given preset looks by clicking on this button. Here the presets are listed as thumbnails. The preview in the middle shows the effect of the preset you choose. You can also create your own preset by adjusting some of the HDR settings sliders. So let’s save this as a preset. That preset will then be applied to all the photos you’ve selected. Now let’s run the batch. The nice thing is that the batch runs in the background so you can do other work in Lightroom if you wish. If you have a lot of HDR images to create after a photo shoot you’ll find that this plugin is a big time-saver. But try it for yourself, … … the trial is free and doesn’t expire. It just adds a Photomatix watermark to the batched results.


  • Reply Darc 1027 June 14, 2019 at 11:38 am

    I am a real estate photographer I am typically using 3 bracketed shots and 1 flash shot per finished image. Does this HDR method align the images like Photoshop does? Would this method decrease my work flow time? What is the difference between this method and using normal presets? Thank you great video

  • Reply CostaMesaPhotography June 14, 2019 at 1:21 pm

    I use both Photomatix and LR extensively. I don't see any advantage to running batches from within LR as opposed to running the batches externally with only Photomatix, and then importing the results into LR when completed. I purchased the plug-in upgrade hoping it would improve the workflow, but it hasn't. Your video shows two reasons this is cumbersome. 1) You're running from the Catalog and not from Collections. Collections is a powerful, and logical way to organize photos. When using the old plug-in, you can select images in a collection, send them to Photomatix, and the rsulting HDR will be resturned to that Collection. The new plug-in doesn't do that. and 2) you demonstrated how the resulting HDRs and interspersed with the bracketed images. so if you wanted to assimilate all the HDRs to put in a Collection, you have to go through and Cntrl-Click to pick them all up…very tedious and cumbersome.

    I like that you're pursuing a way to better integrate batch processing with LR…but this isn't quite there yet. The old way of batch processing is still superior.

  • Reply Burt Johnson July 22, 2019 at 2:35 am

    I like it, but REALLY want a couple of small changes.

    1) You have options for how to handle files. The first option is "treat brackets as HDR and other files as single images." I want an option that says "treat brackets as HDR and IGNORE all non-bracketed images." That would allow me to just "select all" on a folder, and run HDR Batch. As is, I need to hunt down and find the images that I put into brackets, select just them, and then run the Batch. Shouldn't need that second search.

    2) After each HDR is processed, do NOT interrupt everything else. The idea of background is just that — let it run without interfering with what I am doing. As is, after each HDR set, LR expands all stacks, which throws off my editing and workflow, forcing me to reset collapse and then find where I was… until the next HDR is complete and I have to do it all again… 🙁

  • Reply Ринат Максутов November 13, 2019 at 9:34 pm

    Please, add selection of folder for writing temporary files. And cropping aligned images should have the same aspect ratio as the original image.

  • Reply Nigel Ponsonby February 11, 2020 at 9:25 am

    As a deaf user, although I can follow the on-screen movement, it would be better to have subtitles. All your other videos have subtitles, why not this one? This video has been live for 7 months and still waiting. Thanks.

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