September 23, 2019

all righty guys welcome back to the
channel today in today’s video I’m gonna show you how you can have some fun and
make some money with your cell phone okay
so stick around we’ll be right back here in just a few seconds all righty guys welcome back to the
channel and like I told you in the intro they’re going to show you how you can
have a little bit of fun and make some extra money with your cell phone today
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for you there too okay alrighty great well with that said let’s
go ahead and get into today’s content we’re going to come over to this website
right here I can get it to open up here we’ll be in
good shape there we go the site we’re talking about today is called
gift loop gift Luxio you see right up there in the address bar the only thing
about this particular program here is you’ll only works on Android phone at
this particular moment in time so if you have an iOS or a Loren excuse me
iPhone good putts not gonna work for you at this time I’m sure eventually they’ll
they’ll probably get one of these applications for an iPhone so but as far
as that as it is today you gotta have an Android phone to do that with any kind
of any kind of Android phone doesn’t matter and this is a free application
you download it from Google Play and mobile app and you can play earn and
redeem your your coins get coins for doing different things and then you just
redeem those you can watch videos try new applications and then or you earn
coins for each one of these things you do and you get you end up getting paid
today for doing the thing under just my camera there hope it and also uh play
games complete surveys and get recieved coins for that doing all these things
and then you can just redeem those coins for cash or whatever all I might say
also here at this point to this works anywhere in the world it’s free works
anywhere in the world as long as you have an Android phone and and a PayPal
account if you want to redeem like instead of getting a gift card because
you can get gift cards with this and so on and so forth but if you want to
redeem it for cash you need to have a PayPal account because they pay out to
pay down okay it’s pretty easy to get one of those just go to and
sign up for an account with your favorite email address okay and come on
down here and we’re gonna see there’s no credit card needed to start this it’s
free to use and you get bonus daily coins just for
logging into the application they’ll give you bonus coins for that each day
and they have fast payouts to PayPal or gift card or whatever it is you choose
now down here farther down here we’ll see some more about that as you start
earning now make money from home today and would come down here says make money
today now the thing about this is what I like about this is it says here you earn
money even while charging your phone imagine that just for charging up your
phone you’re gonna earn coins or money okay pretty pretty cool Axman and by the
end also or by using our in-app games articles or surveys says it’s no
gimmicks free to try fast and easy payouts and you can choose your gifts or
if you don’t want money or gift cards you can support a charity if you want
your money to go to a charity and here also – you can choose your payout like I
said there’s gift cards and if you’re looking for cash it says choose to have
cash directly deposited to your PayPal account and then you can donate to any
charity of your choice such as red Habitat for Humanity or the clean water
fund purity as you can see let me move me out of the way here
as you can see down here in the bottom right they’ve already paid out over five
million one hundred ninety four thousand fifty-three dollars to date this is the
money redeemed to date so you can see that they’re obviously paying right so
well it looks like a legitimate application to me and I I do have it
installed on my phone here I went ahead and installed this today and I haven’t
uh I’ve got about six hundred coins so far just from messing around with it and let’s see you let’s see if I can show you here and I’m
trying to get it and then it comes up and all you got to do is swipe left and
I can right there on that particular screen there I can actually earn 50
coins at this particular moment and that’s for watching a short little video
it says down here in this bottom part down here so you watch a short little
video clip and that’s an automatic 50 coins into your in your wallet
and you can win different things and they have bonuses and then you can
choose whatever you want the gifts in your account so yeah that’s a pretty
cool a little application you have some fun with in your spare time even like on
your lunch break at work or whatnot or whatever you have some spare time and
make some extra money with that so pretty cool little application actually
and as we come on down here there’s some
reviews here that people have reviewed uh talked about it stuff and they can
see how many other people I guess they got coins for different things the
amount of coins that you can earn stuff like that for doing different things and
these are the people behind the company Peter Norton CEO Victoria Stevenson’s
the CMO and he or Simone Twix is head of the development or application
development so you can start earning today and then they have blog posts on
here different blog posts that have to do with earning money and so on and so
forth like seven of the highest paying work at home jobs here that blog post
about that and and are you earning what you’re worth how to make more money
every day in three ways for new parents to make more money at home and that that
pretty much covers it they don’t have any kind of a frequently asked questions
staying here up here at the top it just has like Google Play here where you can
download other reviews and testimonies and then contact their support so it’s
pretty easy you just download the application on your Android device and
start having fun and making some making some money how much money I’m not sure
like again they don’t say on the website but it’s just something you’ll have to
build up your coins and and then try to redeem them I guess and see how much you
get for a certain amount of points not sure how much but something you always
have to check out alright guys well that’s what I had for you today quick
little video on how to have some fun and make some money with your Android phone
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go and I’ll see you again here in another day or two on the next video
okay you guys have an awesome day today I’ll see you later bye bye now

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