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Grow Your YouTube Channel SMARTER

October 20, 2019

– In this video we’re
gonna go through an idea on how you can grow your
YouTube channel smarter. Alright guys, let’s get into it. (air whooshing) So today is VidSummit and
if you guys haven’t heard about what VidSummit is, I
highly suggest you check it out. It’s a conference that is
geared towards YouTubers who actually want to make
an impact on this platform and grow their channel. It’s not like VidCon
where it’s more fan-based. This one is more for the
professional side of YouTube. So there’s gonna be a lot of information on how to actually do YouTube. Most importantly, and one
of the things that I think is so cool about this conference is that this is a place where
you connect with YouTubers who are actually doing this, and where everyone is working together. Some of the best conversations happen between all the events. That’s why I have this
wristband on right now, ’cause the conference is happening today. So because of that I thought
this would be a good time to talk about this idea on how to grow your YouTube channel smarter. So guys, if you’re new here this channel, my name is Jeven Dovey. I do a lot of filmmaking tutorials. I do a lot of adventures, and I also do a ton of YouTube training. So make sure you hit
that subscribe button, and turn on those bell notifications so you don’t miss one of these tutorials. When it comes to Growing
Your YouTube Channel, there is a ton of techniques
and just hacks or tricks that you could do that will get your video in front of more eyeballs. But at the end of the day, what’s most important is
that you get the click, which has your title and your thumbnail, and you get people to
stay on your video longer. That is the core of what YouTube wants. YouTube wants people
to stay on the platform and watch your videos
through its entirety. So, if you can get people
to click your video and watch through to the end, then that is what you
really need to focus on. Now from there, there are different things that you could do to
figure out what to shoot. And instead of just thinking of ideas and putting videos on your channel, you should focus on data driven decisions. And what that means is you’re gonna dig into your analytics and
actually use that data to be able to understand
what your audience is and what kind of videos they want. Now there is a ton to
look at in your analytics, but honestly, I only look at a few things when I go into mine. And when it comes to figuring out new video ideas, traffic
sources is one of the places that I beeline too. And there’s two things, specifically, that I’m looking for in traffic sources. So let’s go into our analytics back end. We’re gonna just do a
general channel overview. This is all of your analytics. I want you to go over to your Reach. And now, on the Reach page, there’s that cool little
funnel off to the right. But you wanna go all the
way down to the bottom. Now you’re gonna see traffic sources based on suggested video and traffic sources based on search. These two are important
for two different reasons. Number one, if you’re
looking at the keywords, those are the keywords people are typing into YouTube
and finding your videos. You might look at this and be like, “Oh, I didn’t know people were searching “for this and finding my video. “So maybe I should make some videos “around this specific keyword.” For example, you look
at my overall channel, people are typing in DJI Spark, and they’re finding my videos. And I get a lot of people that are finding my
videos off of DJI Spark. For me, what I would think about is, is there some more videos that I can make around that search term, DJI Spark? And then you can think
about things in the future so if DJI came out with Spark number two, then hands down, that
is the drone that I need to jump on and start making videos for. That’s a data driven decision. Now something I think is
more important than keywords is this traffic sources
based on suggested video. When you click in here, what this is, is the videos that are driving
traffic to your videos. And you’re gonna see a
lot of your own videos when you’re scrolling through this. You’re going to see,
oh, this video of mine is driving traffic to
another video of mine. However, what you wanna look for are other people’s videos that are driving traffic to your videos. This is a gold mine. So, these are videos that your
audience is interested in, because if they’re watching your videos, and they’re coming from these videos, that means your audience came
from this idea, this concept, whatever it is that they’re watching, and then they wanted to watch your video. And so guess what? That is an idea or a topic that you should probably start covering. And you’ll find that
there’s a lot of things in your Traffic sources, Suggested video that you might not be
covering on your channel, but people are interested in, that are watching your videos. And so beyond this,
you wanna not just look at your channel as a whole and you also don’t want to
just look at one time period. Let’s dig into one of my newer
videos that’s doing well. This is my DJI Osmo Mobile Three video. It’s got over 100,000 views at this point. And when you go into your
analytics, your Reach, you go to the bottom to Traffic
sources, Suggested video, you’ll see all of the different videos that are driving traffic
to this specific video. Now instead of looking at
the lifetime of the video, let’s look at the last 28 days. And so you wanna look at time periods. You wanna see, potentially,
the lifetime of your video, what are the top videos that
are suggesting your video? But also you wanna look at what people are interested in right now, because it might be a
little bit different. So if you have a video
that’s been up for a year, there’s gonna be a ton of
different traffic sources. But if you look at the last 28 days, well that’s what people are
interested in right now, in this time period. And guess what it’s gonna
show a big list of videos. Like I said earlier, a lot of
these will be your own videos, which is just more reason to double down on this style of content so if one of your videos is popping up over and over when you’re looking at the suggested video
list, then guess what? Double down on that video. That’s a data-driven decision. Double down on the videos
that are performing well, that are creating more interest
of your channel as a whole. I’ll put a link down
below on the description to another video where I
talk about doubling down, because that is the another
style of data-driven decision that you should really think about if you wanna grow your channel. But beyond your own videos you’re seeing all these other videos, all these other people’s
channels, and guess what? That is just a place to
mine ideas and topics, and just other things that will
help you grow your channel. Because YouTube wants
to satisfy the audience. It wants to satisfy the viewer. So if the viewer is
interested in your videos, and they’re also interested
in these other videos that they’re coming to your videos from, then when you make those videos, YouTube’s gonna start suggesting
it to those audiences. So guess what? You’re gonna get more
views, more momentum, and it’s gonna create velocity. And if you get more velocity
out of the gate guess what? It causes that ripple effect. And when you have that ripple effect YouTube’s gonna start
sending new audiences to your videos because your
video is getting more views and all of that watch time velocity. It’s growing and that’s how you get into that suggested content. And I’ve done this over
and over on my channel. When I come up with my ideas, I do a portion of it where it’s risk. That’s videos where I
just come up with an idea and I’m like I wanna do this. Something like my climbing
film, that was a risk. That’s not a data-driven decision film. That’s something that I wanted to make. However, I put maybe 30%
into that risk category, and the other 70% into
data driven decisions. So videos that I know will perform well, or videos that I think will perform well, based on this type of research. Alright guys, if you have
any questions at all, please reach out to me
and if you’re at VidSummit today, tomorrow, then make
sure you come find me. And guys, that’s it! I’ll see you in the next one.


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