Google Pixel 4 | Google rămâne în urmă cu tehnologia? | Unboxing & Review

January 24, 2020

Internet greeting What tickets we found on our YouTube channel Today we will talk about Google pixel 4 Yes I know It’s been a while since October 2019 By January 2020, you know what it’s like to launch products Back then Mom you got a software bag Or I don’t know what it is Hard problems for those phones are part of the first cellar And so on And like one Mix face I say so it’s always good to hold a phone Any kind of phone One month two months after launch, you don’t necessarily have to leave As in price because in the case of Apple this does not happen either In the case of Samsung small in the case of Huawei But there is the possibility Like those made After a month or two months, a slightly better cellar is part of your teeth because you know what it is like when You put something new into production One more car out there that may not Aligns a face well On the motherboard And so on What happens various annoyances so to speak It’s been quite a while since the launch of Google pixel 4 I have it in my hand I managed to get it This is 3,000 Plus Play At the moment Launching and of course at the time of his review The price you have in the description of course Google Promises some interesting things From my pixel point of view It is not necessarily a phone wow But it’s Google’s way of flexing the latest in the Greatest There is Pixel because they are the first ones to find out Let’s open the box from Google pixel 4 to see who offers Google Their latest version of the phone BRD forget about all Do not forget to subscribe and activate notifications and then enter Slash Vivo Sheep to enter the contest After opening the box we are greeted by the phone Which is very beautiful In this Sports We have more An envelope With a lot of stationery And the key for Sense Power cable and USB data transfer type c to USB type c An adapter from USB type c to USB Normal And finally we have And the charger for the outlet Supports 8 Fourteen cows Fast charge has a rating of 5 volts 3mp 9 volts 2 amps So the battery of this TV The phone will charge enough Quick That’s how much we find in this package I get to give them credit for how solid this box is I also smell You’re beautiful Ionuț Cercel To something sweet Yes Fresh paper Let’s take a closer look at the phone And in case you haven’t noticed the assorted mom today with Google pixels It is black and red Black t-shirt home The same tone I don’t see why they put it on The two-room module In a square as I saw on Iphone and some models of Huawei and as he said Shin episodes 3 Cute this is likely to be the trend for 2020 Instead I like it Very much this black glass on On the back It’s a design Pretty minimalist I could say If you look like this Now a cooler question would have been on Google over there What is going on with Google by or thinking of putting up two cameras They also passed in this dual camera trend The frame is made of aluminum And it has a matte finish textured Very very fine feels very good in my hand and I help you then When you want to hold the phone How so You have the flu Very good Good Compared to other phones on the market It’s small enough that you can use it with one hand You get from one side to the other The copper No problem at all Instead this problem The fingerprints will only disappear when he puts on a cover On the left side we have the drawer for And Yes Yes to me For it is not Dual Sim and we have no support for microSD card On the right side we have the two volume buttons And the power button like What is white stands out At the bottom Microphone Main speaker USB power plug type c What again here at the top is the room and And with a few other sensors we talk about the frame A little further on a video And the speaker for doubles as a speaker for music So we have Sound from above Sound from below a stereo arrangement that sounds pretty good Just like Google used to on phones Laur So at first glance the phone is Very well done Very fine Finished And it really gives you the feeling of Premium Before talking about the technical specifications of this phone Let’s look at this a little Horrible forehead I don’t want to be wicked I don’t want to To upset someone but Simply Why do you make a phone that is not Symmetrical simply by scrolling You look at the top of the phone and on a warrant you say Hey Look I have another phone at the top and not that I have any more Phone at the top I have many phones at the top Now I just want to talk about Door design decision It would have rather been the phone like that Normal Than the other way around Or rather they did Sheila or that damn thing or put an even smaller knot Going beyond this In which I was pretty wicked Star probably Music you will love this design many of you will not love this one Design Let’s talk about the screen We have an oled panel of 5.7 inches diagonal 2280 pixels per 1000 E80 I mean Full HD Plus With 444 pixels per inch It is hdr compatible so on a 3 percent basis we always have always on display of course Gorilla Glass 5 is protected And ask for it From the pie chart of 90 maps finally a pixel phone A clan Something more fluid But That’s not good Before This phone He had it Mike you get guard When But you give the brightness less You didn’t have 90 ha anymore And you couldn’t Select this Now You can go to settings The screen Advanced You have the option Moon display And you can enable or disable this option Now let me tell you The other, more interesting part of this option, even if we have it A very fluid interface Thanks to this screen we have a 2,800 milliampere battery Yes 2,800 milliamps at the end of 2019 under the conditions Food Most manufacturers in the market place batteries at least three thousand millions We move on to the operating system and software Obviously this phone comes with Android 10 factory And with the new improvements and And the new windshields From Google We also have this option Through You may Squeeze the phone Of course Google Assistant will help you 855 With 6gb Ram 64 GB of space There is also an internal storage version with 128 In case you need more space Let’s look in In the tests he feels 400 26.100 58 points overall score If you are curious, here are the others Scores for the other categories ok Big Bang 653 points in singles and 2504 points in Multi Practically What is it? Mini phone beast in terms of performance but not synthetic scores I speak for myself but And simply Performance When using the phone I said this phone is hiding something special here at the top There are several sensors and of course the selfie camera but from left to right We have a 3D toft camera Selfie camera Sensor for ambient light And proximity speaker Obvious And last but not least Radar for motionsense function Gesture I mean, stop the clan And when you raise your hand It lights up your screen you saw Come on, I’ll show you again Let’s stop the screen Now he’s with Always on this Display and feel the hand And turn on the screen So you can see better What is displayed Displayed on screen Also that 3D toffe camera Helps you with facial unlocking that works like this I’m looking at the album ready Again to the full I look at him Mom Ready to go with the little button and the software On the left side we have Obvious Google Feed In settings We have nothing changed for a few versions since we have this white menu with colorful icons And That’s all This phone does nothing special These are the basic functions of Android And of course other producers Take advantage of the flexibility of this System And it retains the basic functionality over which it adds One ey skins My Emotions and so on Which part I do different things in different ways And then That’s the beauty of Android-1 Why it will Some prefer Android stop for this Interface Clean without the possibility to customize many things Before we go any further and show you an easter Egg With this pixel I want to show you yet another feature that radar has I played music and of course I had to stop The sound from Obvious reasons and The reasons it goes Always understood In each clip If you can see here at the top He’s got a glow That other globe somehow indicates that radar is on Here’s what you can do with that radar You can change the song like that You can turn left You can turn right you can turn right forward And bulbs That’s all And look and animate There in the From above When you raise your hand The larger wheat is made when I take the hand the smaller wheat is made And Yes eeo piece of very interesting technology if you ask me I wish I could do that easily Up slightly down To give louder and slower and somehow I think the implementation of this gesture By air May Interesting than what I saw at LG If you still remember having a sensor and you could do that Left to right for For Telekom volume Let’s move on to the second one I need the box for Good I’ll put it that way box And I’ll go into the room And in the room we have to go to the mall Lance Up So Look here See what’s interesting It’s a showcase In pixels With augmented reality The moment it detects it The box on the back Join the Global Community Let’s see Google pics forum Making time I tap And anytime you have time Pixlr Leaving the joke aside so far, I find a very interesting phone exactly as it appeared And the last pixel we don’t have headphones we don’t have a dongle Let’s see how this phone rings Even so The phone rings Very cool It is one of the phones that have powerful speakers We have money we have high we have means for a mobile phone But It doesn’t come close to the quality I have I met her to iPhone But I really like it The quality Audio from unpleasant pizza and Pixel 3-a and pixel 3 and all other pixel products And I have nothing to comment on Under any circumstances At this point Finally let’s talk about this room What do you say device Google So it doesn’t put much emphasis on hard drive So the main camera is 12 Megapixels F1 Item 7 Which has support for optical stabilization and the secondary camera is 16 megapixels f2.4 And it has Optical Zoom 2x So It’s a phone lens too and it has it Optical stabilization Google has always relied on their software If you Wait and look at previous phones and compare Technical details From the cameras at Google pics With the rest Noted that they are not extraordinary or at least not They have nothing special Honest in 2020 now When I do a lot and the phone came out in 2019 If you think about it 12 megapixels f1.7 Samsung camera with f1.7 and And on their cheap series of phones a And so on and now the phones have 20,000 30 40 48 108 Megapixels and so on you make me believe That Google He always emphasized the software side And you have to admit that he came out Very good from my point of view is one of The only phone on the market Who can compete With iPhone Direct Bar At the bar Why Because both rooms are software limited in what they let you to To do it You have no manual Mode you have not promised you have absolutely nothing You can play with ISO You can play With the contrast That’s about it though These are very capable phones And to be honest I was always impressed by the pen Most of the photos I didn’t take with this phone are As clear as possible As contrasting and detailed as possible So Google pixel 4 You surprised me this time too Regarding Photo quality I have nothing to do Let’s comment, we have a new way Hdr live Where you can practically see the picture with hdr10 Without being forced Take the picture and then see how it turns out It sounds like a pretty interesting thing to you, but it’s not a thing Extraordinary or an amazing thing However, not to be me and I don’t talk about professional photo quality on a Dark mobile phone However Google pixel 4 is in the category of phones that you absolutely recommend They need a redo call Let’s just say that As for the performance of this phone Again, he was no longer disappointed Put and kiss very very well with Samsung S10 Apple and so on Plus The operating system is very Let’s just say that plating is a showcase Hello Google As for an operating system Instead Dizain The fact that I have this forehead larger than the chin and is not symmetrical And legal dance must put these Hardware and components Sensors and radar and so on Still, they could Make the phone symmetry I do not like and From my point of view It looks rather like the penny phone Upside down A place Let it be so It’s like a Nokia 7.1 Bottom line but that’s about to say about Google pixel 4 until next time don’t forget to check the description for useful links And updated prices And do not forget to give your opinion about

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