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GOOD BYE PRESET ! Bagi Bagi 175 Profile Lightroom Super Keren | Lightroom Indonesia

November 6, 2019

Halo semuanya Okay, as I promised, come here I have promised you all will share a lightroom profile for all of you Well, first you have to know what a lightroom profile is Lightroom profiles are different from presets, lightroom presets. Lightroom profiles are different, lightroom presets are also different Lightroom profiles are not presets, and vice versa. However, we can make the profile lightroom with presets But later I will explain in the following video I will explain first, what is the lightroom profile Lightroom profile is a filter that has been edited, To help us make it easy to edit photos in the lightroom An example is like the VSCO application VSCO has filters like A2, 01, 03, 05 and many more So that’s what is meant by the lightroom profile Friends, after you use the lightroom profile You can also re-adjust the color & light, etc. Okay, before we start, I hope you all have to watch it so that you can understand how to use this lightroom profile. If you don’t watch until it’s finished, then you won’t understand Okay for those who already understand using lightroom profiles And for those of you who don’t understand, please watch until it’s finished Because here I will explain completely Okay, let’s move to the tutorial, let’s go Okay friends, I hope here you guys pay close attention Here to use lightroom profiles & presets that I have given to you, In previous videos You have to use a lightroom from the playstore or you can also use the fullpack You can download it under the video description column The lightroom that I provided in the description column is Lightroom Fullpack 4.3.1 Lightroom 4.3.1 is the same lightroom If you are not from Indonesia, You don’t need to follow the download method as I taught in this video You guys who come from other countries just download this profile For the lightroom profile, I keyed it with a password You can get the password in the upper right hand corner of this video The password will appear like a striped pop up, So don’t skip the video if you want to get a password Once again I remind you, If you are from another country Do not follow how to download it in this video You just download using a password Please wait for the password to appear Please wait for the password to appear if you already get the password, You just download it on my website Don’t forget to activate translate on your google chrome So you can translate my country’s language into your country if you have successfully downloaded this lightroom profile, You can speed up this video until when I started teaching you how to use the lightroom profile First, you must find the lightroom profile that you have downloaded Open the file manager From where the profile is stored Usually if it’s not in internal storage Means it’s on a memory card Search in the download folder In this download folder I found the file. You click hold down the lightroom profile file Until ticked like this then you choose move or copy Then you look for internal storage then you find the folder called ANDROID This android folder is the default folder directly from the cellphone Then you choose the name DATA Then you find the folder whose name=com.adobe.lrmobile Then you find the folder whose name=com.adobe.lrmobile Then you find the folder whose name=com.adobe.lrmobile then you select folder=FILE Then select CarouselDocument Then select the 0000000 folder again then select again=PROFILE Settings Now here you must pay attention here there are 2 folders, do not let you choose wrong You choose the bottom one, USERSTYLE In the user style folder, this is where you need to save your lightroom profile In the user style folder, this is where you need to save your lightroom profile After that, you choose paste Okay everything’s finished, But after that you have to extract first To open the ZIP file How to extract it is very easy All you have to do is just click on the profile ZIP file All you have to do is just click on the profile ZIP file and then if you just choose extract here If your cellphone doesn’t support extract yet, you can extract using the RAR application in PlayStore Well here I have extracted the profile earlier This is no longer in the zip format then we try to open it Now this is the lightroom profile that you extracted earlier the next step If you have opened the lightroom application before then you have to refresh the application first By the way you press the recent button on your cellphone Then you remove the lightroom application from the main screen The next step, reopen the lightroom wait a while until the loading process is complete Select all photos then select the photo you want to edit At the bottom, you select PROFILE Then you click on the favorite part all profiles will automatically open Hooray succeeded There are 176 total lightroom profiles that I give free of charge to all of you Here you can choose one by one There is jesen sweet candy, jesen zain texas and much more well here you can start trying to use the profile you need to know not all profiles can match the photo you are editing There is a lightroom profile that is only for scenery some are suitable for on the mountain, street style, and others so the point is you just adjust it with your photo Suppose I am here using the one of Jesen Zain Texas you can see the change in the photo then you check then here we can set it again in the color section we choose green then raise the hue notice the color of the leaves has changed If we reduce the hue it will turn into another color too very easy and easy to use lightroom profiles as long as you can understand how to move it for those of you who want to get another profile, you can get in my previous video. many lightroom profiles that I’ve shared for free for you guys


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