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Gimp Tutorial: How to Rotate Images with Gimp

November 8, 2019

he hey there it Michael Leedy once again with another
creative quickie in this tutorial I will show you how to rotate on and even flip images with the GIMP How to Rotate Images with Gimp so would be too we want to use because I
want this a row two-point towards me bring it over here Inc like this the whole to or click it
it’s the rotate all gimp images as long as you’re on this image its
gonna rotated K so its looks like we’re lead re: accidentally moved a little bit and in pretty much mean that’s what I want
to do is just pointed and and I just it rotate am in a move that K looks like it’s pretty d even you know
someone to you on a stretch it out a little bit with my scaling to all know him a little
bit better with my scaling 20 I Minister combining something that
because you’ve already eaten your enough to scale if you watch that
video and you already know handled things send now can leave the tale of it Mike guess case and now that looks pretty even in because we
give them a little bit more the scaling tool allows you to move
things like him I sometimes too and thanks for any year and and I just not myself to move to a
little bit and this battery here on a scale that while we’re at it teens rain here you
know I like to go by my purse and let’s just a fifty-percent justice the how that goes and maybe a little too small Arthi okay mistake my camera and doom I did not the lacked the orange button on here you have to have a selected in
the Layers section if you want to scale it so I ended up scaling the air out which we just and to now
that I had the horns like dead percent ringo 50 it looks like it could work apps UN ago 50 E apps 50 good it looks like a nice sized I’m
scale and then we remove that right here II in nice-looking button I’m pointing at the a rose pointing at
never gonna add some text and which will in case people to click
on that button I am CS so that is how you how we you know rotate is really an
initially this was to rotate I and then I did the moving in from
scaling in here as well but really again to rotate you just select
the rotate images with gimp you make sure your on I and you are
rotating images and rotating text in gimp is selected you can move this thing you can’t even
pension little members up there if you would like to make it work that
way that is how new rotate Ian in the next video I’m going
to show you how to add text to your and images okay I had make a leap and I’m showing
how I market online hike remain marketing
pieces if you’d like to market alongside with me and you think think
that I do the same product to generate income that way I’m is a a link in the bottom-up
description says it work with my khalidi cricket was a video taken at or come to
this page and check deaths out this is really cool because
this actually does a lot of the selling for you so that being said I’m gonna be a great
day and a smiley where they created quickie


  • Reply face of just ice June 1, 2014 at 3:13 pm

    say you wanted to rotate that arrow pointing up? how would you rotate that?

  • Reply Brush Logger March 8, 2015 at 8:31 pm

    Mistake!!!!! lol that was cool and thats how we learn,

  • Reply Escort to Hell July 12, 2015 at 5:30 pm

    trying to find out how to tilt an image, not rotate it. I have an image I need tilted the opposition direction and can't find ANYthing online about how to do this

  • Reply AllVisuals4U February 17, 2017 at 11:03 pm

    Good job!

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