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Gimp Tutorial: How to Create A Project From Scratch

November 13, 2019

he there Michael E here come issue with
a creative cranky I was trying to think of a good name to
call these little let’s because the more creative than marketing
but they can be used for marketing which is what I use for them or use them for but create a quickie I
mean come on we think okay so anyway and yes created
quickie kids how to create a project with
impactor all this is a game tutorial and preaching Ghent page on YouTube muscle like it and why see
the videos cuz you learn from them I these are things I wish he would have
told me in which people that it would break them apart because I
don’t wanna necessarily watch a long video I just wanna learn a new one the English in this one thing is how to
create a project so that we’re gonna show you how to deal with open game right if you know the dimensions
other the I’m the pager what you doing I you can
put in here I do know mine but I want to show you
how to change them Wenger on the page in a different
tutorial next one I’m it is created this way so right
there we have created a project in the gimpy okay so that next trail I’m gonna show you I’m it how to change that fine is Senate its death because right now I want a new
voter for my blog and I need to change it out in the
dimension need to be 960 by 188 and I’ll show you that’s in the
next video Michael Leedy coming to you with a
creative quickie

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