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Getting Started – Adobe Photoshop Design Tutorial Series

December 5, 2019

Hey guys, your boy Virtus here and welcome
to my Adobe Photoshop Desgin Series, we’ll learn to use the software to create all kinds
of graphics starting from the very basics to creating websites, promotional material,
logos, photo manipulations or even game textures. My goal with this series is to show you guys
just how simple yet powerful the tool is and just important it is creative professionals
and get you on your way to becoming a designer. We’ve be going over step by step how to use
the software, change the work environment, create shapes and elements, modifying them
and turning them into beautiful graphics. If you want to start creating your first graphic
designs or just brush up on your techniques then this is the course for you. Without further ado, let’s ago ahead and dive
into a quick introduction to the software. So, let’s start off by opening up the software
and creating a new document so we can see just how easy it is use, i’m just going to
set it to 1920×1080 to make it the same size as my monitor for now, ignoring the presets
on the left which we’ll go into in detail later on in the series but for now let’s go
ahead and hit create. Before we go any further, you guys will probably
know the photoshop environment is fully customisable however we need to make sure we’re on the
same page and have the same work environment so you can all follow along. Head over to the window option in the menu
strip, go to workspace and set your layout to essentials (default). So, over on the left we’ve got all of our
tools which we can use to create shapes, draw, write text, make selections and more. We’ll start off by creating a basic shape,
just a rectangle for now. It’s as simple as clicking the rectangle tool
then dragging it onto our scene. For me, it’s just white however if we wanted
to change the color we can do so from the properties panel above. If we wanted to we could even change the height,
width and other properties which we’ll be going over later on. If move over to the text tool, once again
we can put that in there by simply clicking and dragging to create a text box. Inside of here we just type in whatever we
want to write and then change the the appearance such as font, size and color from the properties
panel by clicking and making the change let’s go ahead and set the font size to 72 and the
font to comic sans. Hopefully this is beginning to show you guys
just how simple it is to create objects inside of Photoshop. Next up, i’ll go over a quick introduction
to the layers panel. This panel let’s use organise our content
and arrange the visibility of our items. For example, if I click the selection tool
and move my text over the rectangle you’ll see at the moment it’s being displayed on
top. If I click and move the text to a lower layer
than the box it’ll be hidden behind it. Each of these layers also have a few things
we can do to them such as toggle the visibility on/off, change the opacity or even style them
using the blending options. To get into the blending options, right click
the layer and you’ll find blending options is usually at the top. From here we could change the stroke, add
shadows, overlays, glows and so much more. We’ll dedicate a whole video to this later
on the series as there is a lot to cover. For now we’ll just create a simple glow on
our shape. Hit outer glow, choose a color from the little
selection.. anything you like. A nice blue glue looks good to me. We can also change the strength of this by
increasing the opacity… the higher the opacity the brighter it will be. Then, you can use the size slider to control
the size of the glow. It’s as simple as that, hit okay and we’ll
have this basic shape. Anyway guys, I think this is a great place
to finish up the video, hopefully you guys have a good idea of what photoshop is capable
of. There’s plenty more on the way, just subscribe
to stay up to date and as always guys… stay awesome, keep creating! Your boy Virtus Signing out!


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