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December 10, 2019

hey guys welcome back to the channel in
today’s video I’ve got a good site for you if you like to write if you’re a
writer and you like to write articles or maybe books or ebooks or something like
that if if you’d like to do those things I’ve
got a good site for you today where you can make a lot of money selling your
writing expertise okay so stick around write back in just a few
seconds and we’ll get right on that hey guys welcome back to the channel my
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let’s get started with today’s video I’ve got a place that I found here if
it’ll pay you good money if you’re if you’re a writer if you like to write and
write articles and or ebooks or any kind of books or anything like that a good
site that will pay you good money to for your articles and also depending on your
expertise with it you can make even more and more money
depending on how good of a writer you are okay and you can also increase your
writing ability on this particular site too alright so with all that said let’s
go ahead and get right in on this video today and over here what we’re gonna do
is come to a site here it’s called text broker dot-com you see the address right
up here text broker calm and then what they do is they hire people to write
articles for them and it doesn’t matter you don’t have to you don’t have to be a
very good writer I mean you can learn even on this site – like I was saying
you can increase your writing abilities and get better better better in fact the
better you get as you’ll see here they’ll don’t even pay you more money
for for your expertise okay alright so you come here you see they work with
quite a few pretty good the companies that known companies
people come here who want companies come here that want articles written for them
by people such as you and I and and they’re willing to pay money for that
all right so some of the companies that you recognize they’re you’re like
staples eBay I prospect one on one this is a hosting company here and some of
these other companies so these are all pretty well-known pretty large companies
in the world here it says the textbook who brings clients and authors together
no other article writing service makes buying content this quick and simple I
said it we’re the planet’s leading content creation marketplace whether you
need blog posts product descriptions or entire outreach campaigns textbook
provides custom high quality content to fit your needs
we’ve made it effortless to find the us-based content writers to meet any
budget or quality requirements now it says us-based I’m not sure I’m this may
just be United states-based only not a hundred percent on that just because it
says us-based here doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s us-based not real sure
about that but it’s something that you can check on just to be on the on the
safe side of that and so anyways so to get started on this site basically you
just come here textbook or comm and then you click on up here I write content and
it brings you over here and you can actually you can sign up here free
author registration it’s 100% free doesn’t cost anything to sign up on this
site and it says earn money to write content says he’s writing your passion
then text broker is the right place for you since 2005 tech broker is a leading
provider of unique custom content thousands of registered authors and
customers from around the globe so you know this is why I say they said on the
other side us based but here it says the author’s and
customers from around the globe so that it it’s it’s probably I don’t see why
they couldn’t you couldn’t be a writer if you live in India or someplace in
another country you couldn’t be a writer on this side either so but it’s just
something that that is a leaves question you know in in my mind because it said
us-based are on that other page on their front page but here it says from around
the globe so anyways for more than a hundred thousand content orders through
text broker every month our clients including publicly traded corporation
small business owner an e-commerce websites social media communities and
publishing houses we require a broad variety of content if you’re just
starting out or are an experienced professional text broker gives you
access to thousands of writing opportunities for any topic choose when
and how much content you write and there’s no limit to how much you can
earn okay so that’s a good thing there now down here it says why write for text
Berger was free of charge flexible time management and reliable payments and it
says read here why why to become a text broker and click more information here
here it tells you how it works now if we click on that make money writing
articles in a few steps register for free and submit a writing sample based
on your sample we will review your content quality your author rating
allows you to select a project from our selection of open orders choose an
assignment and make money writing articles alright and it’s this easy here
is register for free submit a sample get a rating a complete sure author profile
and then start writing for money and the right project for every author and they
do in open order that’s individual to some thousands of project projects at
your quality level textbook text Barker pays by word
depending on your quality rating which you can improve at anytime they have
they have an expert center right here if you see a peer you can learn more and
how to increase your writing skills if need be you know if you’d like to
increase your your expertise and then they have direct orders here from
clients and projects directly to your inbox through direct order and then you
can do a team order you can join as many teams as you like and work on sort of
working with other people writing articles for companies or whatever as a
group and then if we come over here how we get paid course everybody wants to
know that right how we’re gonna get paid okay what does text broker paid to their
freelance office textbook are offers offer several options to earn money
online based on your content quality our editors rate editors rate your articles
between two and five stars since textbooks are regularly reviews
and raychel articles it is possible to continuously increase your rating and
earn more for each word you write you are your own boss okay and then your
earnings at a glance such as if you’re a two-star writer you’ll get seven cents
per word or actually 0.7 cents per word if you’re a three-star is 1 cent per
word four-star expertise one point four cents and then a five-star is a nickel
for a word things you can see it if you’re writing in an article that’s 5000
words or even a thousand words times five cents that’s good to add up pretty
quick and we can come down here the average pay of just a four-star author
even experienced professionals can create a profitable business with
textbook sales marketing team recruits clients every day this means thousands
of new content writing opportunities for you to earn
money online you decide whether to select from our vast open order pool
your quality level and then write direct orders for specific clients or work on a
project at a team and they have a little calculator down here for example if you
are a two-star writer your expertise is two stars and you write an article
that’s a thousand words you’ll make seven dollars for that if you’re a five
star in a writer and you write an article there that’s a thousand words
you’ll make fifty dollars for that and let’s say if you can write on up to five
thousand for example a five thousand word article you’ll make two hundred and
fifty dollars for that one article if you write a five times now five thousand
dollar word article that’s pretty a pretty little long article pretty large
article I’ve written thousand word articles on my blog on freedom motivator
calm before it it takes a little bit of time to do that but there’s a little
trick that I have here I want to show you it’ll it’ll cut this time clear down
to a fourth of that to write even a five thousand article word what you what you
can do is for example let’s say that somebody let’s say that one of the
projects that you’ve got in the in your after you sign up with text broker and
one of the projects that you’ve got to do to work on was about let’s just say
it was about dogs or something like that could be cats dogs can be anything
actually one thing you can do a quick hack for this is you can come over to
this site right here called easing articles okay and you can come here and
there’s thousands and thousands of articles on this particular website
there’s almost 500,000 expert authors that are sharing their articles so let’s
say that you having a tough time coming with 5,000 words for an article right
well you can come over here to ezinearticles this is all free doesn’t
cost amazing and let’s just say for example you’ve got an article request to
do an article for a client about dogs something about dogs right so let’s say
you come here to ezinearticles you want them to cut this short and get some help
with your writing you just come here to type in dogs into their search engine
and press ENTER and it brings up all kinds will actually 1 through 25 of a
hundred thousand articles to do with dogs
alright okay so you look down through here for example and let’s just say we
pick one of these down here let’s see here something about say how about dog park
trends sometime you’re gonna write an article about dog parks where you can
people can take their dogs to the park and let them roam around run around for
some time here so we click on that and you see the article here and then what
you would do is you just take the take this article now we’re not copying here
okay what I’m showing here is we’re not going to copy somebody else’s article
okay we don’t want to plagiarize or anything like that but I’ve got another
little hack here that I’m going to show you how to take care of that okay so
stick with me here so let’s just say for example we want to copy some of this
article here well we could take it all I mean it’s pretty long article this might
be it might be about about 900 word article right there okay but this is
just to give you an example of what you can do here have a short quick hack on
how to how to write an article and put it in in separate terms in other words
we don’t plagiarize here I’ll show you this so let’s just take for example we
take these two paragraphs we like on this article right here about dogs and
we copy that and then what we do is we come over to another site called free
article spinner com right here make sure if you come here make sure you type in
free – article – so you get this site here and then you can come
here you can type and put in that that text that you copied from ezinearticles
right and then bring it here post it into the thing here click the I’m not a
robot thing here and then just click on spin
the text and then in a few seconds here it’ll put out put the text and now you
see it’s the same text but only it’s been reworded some of the words have
been changed and it makes it unique so you’re not actually copying
word-for-word someone else’s article so there’s no plagiarizing there it spins
the article and makes it unique out of the words or the the words
of the article that you copy or paste it in now you might have to come down
through here and edit this somewhat you know and edit it sometimes this spinner
doesn’t always get some of the words in the right order or something like that
so you’re going to have to proofread it and do a little bit of editing probably
to it to make it the way you like it okay but this is a free way to do this
that will save you some time on writing for example a 5,000 word article which
could take you know it could take four or five hours just to do that alone or
even if you’re splitting it up it can take a couple days to do that if you
were just writing it straight out of your head but you can come to
ezinearticles and it’s all free and you can get help
adding to even if you want to add a two out of your own thoughts you can bring
and get articles here bring them over to free – article –
for your article spinner put it in there and make it unique – to your article
make it unique to what you want it to be so that’s a an easy way to get that done
okay so you can make quite a lot of money with this website right here and
they do have a expert Center here where you can learn more if you click on we
click on this and takes us over they can they got blogs frequently asked
questions and got tutorials they’ve got video tutorials and then other in other
downloads and so on and so forth there’s a lot of things that you can do to
improve your writing abilities as well – and like I said if you need help the
quick hack for that is to come to ezinearticles that’s
right and then look for an article that’s related to your topic that you’re
that you’ve got assigned from text broker and then copy some of the article
paragraphs or the whole article if you want and then bring it over here and
spin it so it’s not exactly like the one you
copied and it makes it unique for you okay so that’s what I have for you guys
today it’s what I wanted to show you today it’s a way to make money writing
for text broker calm and you can make quite a lot of money doing this okay
well if you got some value out of this video today that’s helped you reach down
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other links and stuff like that too alrighty guys have a great day I’ll see
you here in a couple days on the next video okay you guys have a great day
talk at you later bye bye now


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