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Get More Creative Photos! Mura Masa What If I Go Effect w/ Lensball

November 5, 2019

Mura Masa What If I Go Effect what is up people it is a beautiful
Thursday afternoon no it’s definitely the morning still
feeling that a little too hard and I’m out here just outside of kind of
downtown ish Edmonton Megan had an appointment so I figured I would come
out and try and get some cool shots I need something to fill up my Instagram
so I thought how can I make this creative how can I do something a little
bit different and recently conch who we’ve met in the vlog before showed me
this cool effect that’s happening right now in a lot of music videos it’s an
effect that’s seen in Mura Masa music video for what if I go or if you prefer
to watch a music video with a whole lot more butts in it then you can watch
broccoli by DRAM so me and conch the other day tried to shoot one of these
but without the actual equipment that is typically used for this and this is how
it turned out so as you can see the general idea is
that your subject is kind of staying still and it’s almost like it’s almost
like the bullet time from the matrix where like the camera is kind of moving
around the subject but because they’re still it looks like time is kind of
frozen and then it’s also got the kind of boomerang thing that we see a lot on
Instagram where it’s an animated thing going back and forth so I found a cool
way that I can do that without actually having to have the original equipment
that it required so I figured I’d double up on creativity I come out downtown I
try and get some shots like that but then also add the lens ball into it last
week I posted my first photo using the lens ball and people were really loving
it so I thought there’s got to be a way that I can combine the Mura Masa 3d
picture effect with the lens ball so that’s what we’re gonna try today
but before we do any of that we got to get breakfast we’re just chilling in the car before
Megan’s hair appointment she is tiny and fits with her feet up on the dash how was
breakfast anyway back to the photography stuff
when Conch showed me that effect of course I did what any sane person would
do and I went straight to YouTube to figure out how the heck it was done I
found this video that was a Justin Odisho show video where he explained that it’s
actually a specific camera it’s an old film camera from the 80s
then it’s got four different exposures on the piece of film so it’s actually
taking four side-by-side pictures at the same time and when you take those
pictures and you put them in sequence in a video sequence or an animated gif
sequence then you get that cool effect where it kind of has like this parallax
so the subject in the foreground isn’t moving but the whole background kind of
feels like it is little tough to explain but it feels like 3d space so what I
hope to accomplish is to actually get that same effect but with the lens ball
cuz you see all sorts a lens ball photos so I just kind of wanted to try and get
a little bit more creative with the lens ball effect so first I’m going to try and get a shot
of Wayne here with the effect before I introduce the lens ball so the way that
I do this is that I try and mimic the four shots that you would get with the
old eighties camera the beauty of the eighties camera is it takes the four
shots at exactly the same time so you’re actually totally freezing time so if you
have something that’s moving fast it’s gonna totally freeze it in my case I
can’t quite get that same effect but what I can do is if I have a subject
that’s standing still like I don’t know a statue or something like that or like
in the example of conch I just got him to stand really still and so it kind of
looks like you’re getting the four shots at the same time then I set my camera
like the high-speed shooting so I think it takes like 11 frames per second or
something like that so once you set your camera to take the shots in succession
like that you just have to move your camera slightly so that it looks like
the four different shots that it would be taking with that old camera so we’re
gonna try that now can’t feel my fingers that’s so friggin
cold out here like minus 12 degrees Celsius and I didn’t bring gloves like a
genius so I think I got my shot of Wayne so next I’m gonna try and get there’s
this cool background here I’ve used it before for another photo shoot that I’m
gonna try and bust out the lensball see if I can get something my plan was definitely to be out here a
little bit longer get a couple more shots but that’s gonna have to do
because I actually can’t feel my hands right now so okay so the bad news is
that I might lose a finger or two from freezing but the good news is that I’m
now inside Rogers place the arena here and things are warming up a little bit
and I found a cool spot to try and take another set of photos so I’m gonna try
and get one more lens ball 3d thing here and then I’m gonna head back all right I think I got some cool shots
some of Wayne here a couple of the cool overpass thing and then some from inside
so let’s head back home and I’ll tell you guys how I edit these guys up and
we’re back cleaned myself up a little bit ready to go I have the files all
imported into the computer so now it’s just a matter of actually taking them
and making that animation out of them so step number one is going to be to edit
them however you want so if you’re happy with the files the way that they came
out of the camera great if not then pull them into Lightroom or whatever editing
software you use edit them up just make sure that you don’t crop anything
differently from one photo to the next in the sequence and try and edit them
all the same too so the way that I do that is in Lightroom I’ll edit one of
the photos in the sequence and then I’ll just sync the settings across the whole
sequence so they all have the same thing I export all of them in the sequence
even though there’s like 20 of them we’re only and gonna end up using probably
four or five of them I’ll export all of them put them in a folder and then we’re
gonna pull them into Adobe Premiere to do the actual animation of it so
assuming that you’ve got the editing side of it done let’s go into Adobe
Premiere and I’ll show you how this is done waiting for premiere to open okay
so I’ve imported all the photos into Adobe Premiere and I’ve put them in
their own folder so I can find them easy now I’m basically just gonna go through
and pick my favorite four or five photos that I think will make the best
animation usually what I’m looking for here is the subject in the center of the
view and I’m gonna make that kind of the middle photo so I’ll pick two photos on
either side so we’ll end up with five – before – after and then the one in the
middle once I pick the photos that I like the best I’m gonna drag one down to
start a new sequence and then actually delete that and then drag in the five
that I want making sure that I start with the first one so that they’re in
sequential order once I get them all in I’m gonna highlight
them all and hit command + R and that will bring up the clip speed slash
duration and this is going to allow me to set each of those clips to a certain
length so what you want to do is make sure you click the little link to unlink
the speed and duration and then what you’re gonna do is type in one frame and
click the ripple edit shifting trailing clips now what this is gonna do it’s
gonna set each clip each photo to one frame long and then it’s going to make
sure it snaps them all together so there’s not a bunch of space in between
we’re gonna zoom in so we can see it and then to make the loop effect happen what
we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take the second last one and copy it holding
option and dragging it we’re gonna copy it to the end and the third last one
copy it to the end and the fourth last one or the second one to the end so now
we should have a full loop we don’t copy the last one or the first one because
those are the ones that it’s looping on you don’t want there to be two frames in
a row of the same thing so we should have a total of eight frames going on
here and so if you want to check the loop you can actually add loop to your
options on your program panel by going into this little extra menu and then you
can turn on the loop if you don’t see it you can hit the plus sign and add the
loop to your program panel and then we can check it now what I found was that
if I did it so that each photo was only one frame found it to be a little bit
too quick and once I went back and watched the Mura Masa effect in their
video too I noticed that it was a little bit slower so I actually went back
highlight them all again command R so I get up that speed thing I keep all the
same settings and I change it to two frames each and I found that to be a
little bit better yeah that looks way better and now what we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna crop this in so that it’s the right size for Instagram we want
that five by four so we’re gonna change it from 1280 by 1920 into 1280 by 1600
and this has to do with to how I exported the photos you may have to mess
with where the pictures are where the each photo is in the frame because
you’ve just cropped out the top and bottom so in this one I’m gonna have to
move it up so I’m gonna highlight that one that I’ve already moved I’m gonna
hit copy I’m gonna highlight all the other ones and then I’m gonna do
something called paste attributes and that’s gonna basically put them all to
the same crop so now we have our complete instagram size Mura Masa effect
animated boomerang type of thing and then of course
I’m going to apply this to the other two shots that we got so I got another one a
little bit of a darker lens ball kind of thing I’m gonna pick the five I’m gonna
put them all in two frames each and it’s gonna look like this pretty cool and
then lastly we’re gonna go to Wayne Gretzky we’re gonna apply the same thing
pretty cool now the last thing that I did is I actually copied it out so that
it would be 15 seconds 15 seconds of this back and forth is probably enough
on a loop so I figured that was probably a good length for these guys so I made
them 15 seconds and I exported them a couple of little tips when you’re
shooting these you want to try and make sure that whatever it is you’re shooting
is very still like I said before if you don’t have the actual camera that has
four exposures coming at the same time you can’t totally freeze motion so what
you want to do is try and find something that’s already fairly still to start
with for example a statue of Wayne Gretzky is a perfect example I had a
little bit of trouble dealing with the lens ball ones because as I was moving
the camera I found myself also moving my hand with the lens ball in it a little
bit so I needed to keep it a little bit more still and make sure that I was just
moving the camera because ideally if you want to make it look like it’s actually
four separate exposures or five separate exposures rather than someone moving
their camera in my case each exposure is actually happening after the last one so
it’s a little bit of a trade-off but it still gives you a very similar effect
and I found it really effective another little thing that I found is depending
on what you set your timeline to in Premiere so whether you’re at let’s say
30 frames per second or 24 frames per second it’s gonna change it a little bit
so it’s gonna go a little bit faster if you’re playing it back at 30 frames per
second I preferred the 24 frames per second so that’s what I ended up
exporting all of these in but you can choose based on what you like and before
I wrap it up here I want to say a huge thank you this was all kind of for my
Instagram and while I was out shooting these photos I actually crossed 5,000
followers on Instagram so thank you so much for following me if you haven’t
already you’ll see these cool effects up on there this week so make sure to go
follow me at dunna did it @dunnadidit thank you so much for watching make sure to give this
video a thumbs up it really does help subscribe to the channel if you’re not
already and I’ll see you guys next time do I look like I’m doing it
am i doing it yeah it doesn’t work


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