GET IT TOGETHER!! [Organizing Photos and Videos For Hybrid Shooters]

October 10, 2019

what is up people welcome to the first
and probably last 3-minute Thursday totally just kidding it’s Monday and I
don’t know how long this is gonna be but it just it felt fun to say you know to
get into sorry what is that people Dunna it here and today I want to talk about
something that gets kind of overlooked a lot of the time because it’s not as like
sexy as some of the other camera stuff and that is organization and
specifically today we’re gonna be talking about digital organization so
where you keep your files and how you organize them I’m gonna run you guys
through my setup for how I organize my files so let’s hop into the computer and
I’ll show you guys how this is all set up first and foremost I keep my files on
an external SSD the one that I use right now is the Samsung t5 it’s super rugged
because there’s no spinning drives in there and it’s super fast you can edit
4k footage right off of there and Premiere Pro has no problem whatsoever
if you’re interested in picking one up there’s a link in the description highly
recommended and on that drive I keep all of the stuff that I’m currently working
on sometimes I put them within bigger folders if I’ve got a lot going on at
the same time and sometimes if I’ve only got two or three projects I’ll just
leave them in their own folders but what’s most important about what you see
inside the drive is this folder right here my project template folders folder
folders folder project template folders folder now you’ll notice I put a 0 1
beside it that’s because I always want it to pop up at the top of the list when
it’s sorted by alphabetical order and what I do with this when I have a new
project and I need to dump footage or photos or anything like that is I
right-click and I duplicate this folder I’m gonna change that name to whatever
the name of the project is so let’s call this project organization now before I
finish renaming that I’m going to highlight that title and I’m going to
hit command C to copy it now when we open this folder we’re gonna see a whole
bunch of other folders within it we’re gonna see audio we’re gonna see exports
we’re gonna see footage we’re gonna see graphics we’re gonna see music
we’re gonna see photo edit photo raw premier and thumbnail now you can
probably guess what all these folders are supposed to do this is where I’m
going to store everything so within the audio folder any audio other than music
that I need is going to go into that in the exports that’s where I’m gonna
export things when I’m done in the footage I put my footage and so on and
so forth the premiere folder is where I keep my premiere files for that project
sometimes that’s just one and sometimes it’s a bunch if it’s a big event and I
have to do multiple edits or something like that and I want to keep the premier
project separate for whatever reason I can split it up and do more folders
inside there but before I start putting anything in these folders what I need to
do is highlight all of them right click click rename and then I’m going to
choose to add text I’m gonna choose before and then I’m going to paste the
name of the project after I’ve pasted the name I want to make sure that I add
an underscore after it and then I’m going to hit OK and what it’s going to
do is it’s going to add the name of the project before each of those things so
it’ll be organization audio organization exports organization footage and so on
and so forth so that if I want to search my folders for it I can just search for
organization and I’ll see all of those folders whereas if I just left it as
footage I probably have a hundred different footage folders and I won’t
know which one is which so now if I went out for a day and let’s say I shot a
bunch of footage and I got some audio and I have some graphics that I know I’m
gonna use and I have music for the video and I’m gonna make a premier file inside
the premier folder and I’ve got some raw photos I know where I can dump it and
then I can import easily into each program whether that be premiere or
Lightroom or wherever and everything stays organized and everything stays in
the same way for every project and that’s pretty much it once I’m done with
the project if I’m not working on it anymore I move it off of the SSD and on
to a backup Drive then I backup that backup Drive as well backups are
important but yeah that’s pretty much my organization now let’s turn it over to
you guys how do
you organize your files leave a comment below let the people know maybe you’ve
got a better way than what I’ve got maybe you’ve got a great way that works
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see you next time GET IT TOGETHER!! [Organizing Photos and Videos For Hybrid Shooters]

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