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Ganga Ki Saugand (HD) – Amitabh Bachchan, Rekha, Amjad Khan – Hit Hindi Movie With Eng Subs

November 8, 2019

Everyone finds his destination.* Those who believe
have the Good God. “If you have the faith,
I am Mother Ganges” “Without faith I am
simply flowing water” “Those who have faith,
treat me as Mother Ganges” “Without faith I am
simply flowing water” “A gift from heaven to earth” “A gift from heaven to earth” “I am a symbol of love” “Those who have faith,
treat me as Mother Ganges” “Without faith I am
simply flowing water” “For centuries I’ve been
flowing under the blue sky” “For centuries my waters
irrigated the soil of love” “Every wave of mine…” “The immortal history of this
nation is written on my waves” “I am Mother Ganges
if you believe in me” “Without faith I am
simply flowing water” “Hari Om.” “Hari Om.” Oh my Lord. Oh my Lord. “Some pray with my waters” “Others bathe idols” “Somewhere the cobbler
washes leather” “While in another place a
priest quenches his thirst” “Fights of religion and caste..” “Fights of religion and caste
are foolishness on man’s part” “I am Mother Ganges
if you believe in me” “Without faith I am
simply flowing water” “Without faith I am
simply flowing water” “Without faith I am
simply flowing water” Who..? – Champa?
– Good day uncle. May you live long. – Where is father?
– Inside. In Surya Palace. Father… Father? – There’s nobody here.
– What about me? Your husband for a night. Jaswant Singh. – What? Young master, is this why
you gave my innocent Dad a job? To dishonour me? No. To give you honour. You have to spend just one
night with me in this palace Never.
I can’t spend one moment here! Where shame and bashfulness
is cremated alive … Jaswant Singh isn’t
used to being turned down. He satisfies every desire
of his without any delay. I beg you, Master
For God’s sake, leave me! No! Leave me! Did my daughter,
Champa come here? Don’t worry too much about the girl. I just got you this job. Concentrate on the job. Can’t help it. I’m the
father of a young girl. Every father is worried
till he gets her married. Finally the Master
fulfilled his desire. The girl is dead. Throw the girl’s body in the Ganges Her sins will be washed away. Good day, priest. Desecrated my religion! why do you accuse me
for no real reason? Even my shadow is far from you.
Look. And how can you be
desecrated by my shadow? The shadows of thousands of
sinners fall on God everyday. He never gets defiled. Pardon me but you are
a lot above God Himself. Don’t say all that!
I’ll have to bathe again. Bathing won’t help when
the heart is not clean. The fish lives in the water
but the smell never leaves it. That is why cleanse your heart once.. You won’t have to bathe again. Shut up, you fool! The cobbler who makes shoes out
of dead skin teaching a priest! Why do you talk of shadow? The wind is blowing
from you towards me. God controls the wind. Neither you nor I can stop it. No strength in his chest
and wants to smoke! Stupid! If your mother sees you here,
she’ll beat you to pulp! Don’t take her name. She was
born on the day of Mahabharata! You talk to me with love. You’re always heated like this pipe. – Here you are Dad.
– Good day uncle. Live long. You left
the milk on the stove – It might boil over.
– She’s boiling. Always hot. To hell with it! You make me forget my jobs. Jeeva. – Yes? Son, don’t come here. Why not? Your mother takes offense at
your being in a cobbler’s house. Forget her. I don’t believe in untouchability. My mother isn’t bad at heart. Nobody’s mother is bad. May you be ruined!
Found no other place? – There she comes.
– God knows what spell you’ve cast. He’s always in your house! I’ll smash your head in today! Mother, you’ve stepped in!
Your caste!! Rascal! You too have
lost your caste! What are you doing? Just a.. mother… Mother, you’ve filled my
stomach with raw vegetables. I’ll fill your stomach now! I won’t spare you today! Don’t beat me.
I’m leaving.. – Just you wait…
– Let me take my shoe. Be warned. Now if you let my son
sit here, I’ll set you straight! I’m no child that
you beat me in public. This is not right. Don’t you dare touch the
door with your defiled hands! Take a look. My hands
are as clean as your heart. Clean as my heart! You left
the cleanliness in Kalu’s house! – Sit here.
– Okay. It is raining without any clouds. Mother of mine! What have you done? Poured last night’s cold water.
You could have warmed it up. If I had my way, I’d dump you
in the icy waters of the Ganges. – Now get in.
– You ruined my shirt. Then she invites me in. She’ll turn me into Kashinath
the priest with these baths. So that what remains of our caste
isn’t ruined in Kalu’s company. Why do you worry
about untouchability? It’s a fraud. Make a Brahmin and an
untouchable child lie close. Let me see which son of
a gun can tell them apart! The truth is your actions
determine your caste. From whom did you learn this? From Uncle Kalu. As you wish, panditji.
Here your money. Rs. 5.25/-
– Greeting. – Be happy. Good day, sir. Don’t put the money away.
First pay me Rs. 3.25 What for? Will you make me feed
your cow for free? Have you no shame demanding
money from God’s protector? I serve the Lord 24 hours.
Can’t you serve mother cow? That doesn’t make sense. Do you serve God for free? Does God say you must
work without fees? It’s 3 months. Now I won’t work.
Take care of your cow. Mother cow will die of
starvation and you’ll go to Hell! He’s right. Why don’t
you pay the poor man? You even make
beggars pay your fees. “Dear Goddess of Wealth
multiply my money” Fill my treasure chest with
the wealth of the village. Mother, don’t do that. Piping hot sweetmeats! Piping hot sweetmeats! Glory to Mother Lakshmi Here you are. They are hot. How come these are
irregular in shape? Listen to him. It’s
a flick of the hand. Their size can differ. Your face will be dark when you die. You steal from me again? Yesterday there were 25 in a quarter
kg. Why are they only 22 today? That’s wrong. When I counted
them yesterday, they were only 22. Are you teaching the son
of a grocer how to count? There were 22 left
after I gave you three! It’s the same thing. I took mine first.
How does it matter? You are the master
and I am your servant. And between us what’s a few sweets? I’d advise you to eat fast
or you might miss out on them. No.. not the pipe. I think somebody is thinking of me. The entire village is
waiting for you to die! The village will starve
to death if I die. Including yourself. Sir, there’s a customer
early in the morning. – For peanuts. I’ll check it.
– Yes, go on. Hurry up. You cruel woman. The peanuts
filled me with electricity. How long will you show
me stars in the daytime? When will I see
this star at night? When father gives in. I feel a bitterness in
my mouth at his name. Have some sweetmeat. I
turned 25 to 22 just for you. I also reduced the
quantity of milk for you. For me? – Full of cream. Drink it. You are the cream. Skinny chap, I steal food and
feed you but you don’t gain fat. Silly girl, if I put on
weight, I’ll sleep all night. And you’ll toss and turn. Love will fly out. Shameless! – What are you doing?
– Drinking milk. Drinking holy water. He has no peace. I am coming. – Good day sir.
– Good day Jeeva. – How did you come by?
– Came for your cow. I thought of collecting my pay.
It’s two days past. Take it. I’m here
to pay the village. I’m not here to take anything. – Yes? – Deduct 2 days
salary and pay Jeeva. All right. – Good day, Mathura.
– Good day to you. Pay me my salary. You missed out 3 days but
I’m only deducting 2 days. Deduct 3 days pay. I won’t
take money for no work. Speak softly. His money and his blood
are both forbidden. Jeeva won’t sell his soul
for one day’s salary. Deduct 3 days and pay me. You are honesty personified.
Take the money. Sugar, masala…
Where are you going? Here, take this before you leave. Raisins and almonds. Tell me… Why do you work for this fag? What can I say? He has turned
Mathuradas into a vegetable. He has ruined my life. – What happened?
– Still need to ask? I am afflicted by love. Now I can’t leave this home. I keep praying for him to
die so my job gets done. That’s enough. Good day master. – Our Provider.
– Good day. – Are you well?
– By your grace. Sir, this time the
harvest has been bad. There’s no grain at all. Don’t worry. I pardon
this year’s taxes. Thank you master! How much for this? 1.25 1.25 Don’t look at yourself in
the mirror, look into my eyes. I attained youth hood
looking into your eyes. But I don’t see matters progressing. Don’t worry. This year I’ll carry
you off in front of the village! Softly. If mother hears, she’ll
throw you out of the house! Girl, your name is
Dhaniya (coriander) But you talk like a Mirchi(Chili) Someday if I get angry,
I’ll pound and eat you up. There’s no mortar that
can grind Dhaniya up! Chew on sugar cane. “Face like a sugar bun” “But your tongue is hot” “Hearing your words..” “A thorn pierces through my heart” Jeeva! Jeeva! Jeeva! “With a face like this..” “With a face like yours
any woman would be arrogant” “With a face like yours
any woman would be arrogant” “You are a filled bottle” “You are a filled bottle
how can I not get high?” “With a face like this..” “The blooming youth..” “…like a river in spate” “The blooming youth..” “…like a river in spate” “When your tresses
peck at your cheeks..” “Dark clouds would shower” “Your sight would force
make hearts skip beats” “Heart skip beats” “With a face like this..” “All the buds of the garden..” “The green of the fields..” “…would lie at your feet” “When you walk around like this” “The morning rays on your face” “A branch filled with flowers” “The morning rays on your face” “A branch filled with flowers” “Every pore filled with magic
but the heart is void of love” “With this style, any man
would lose his heart to you” “With a face like yours
any woman would be arrogant” “You are a filled bottle” “You are a filled bottle
how can I not get high?” “With a face like this..” Drive slower. This is
a carriage not a car. The fun in this
isn’t in the motorcar. I told you this is a
carriage not a motorcar. Good day sir. All well? Stupid guy! Don’t you see
the wheel got caught? – Pull it out.
– What? You’re funny. How can I pull the
wheel out all alone? Should we join you
and dirty our hands? Sorry, I forgot you’ll
hurt your delicate wrist. Shut up, insolent! Today you abuse me. Forgotten
the time we studied together? Stop blabbering and
pull the wheel out! I swear I came here
and got into trouble. God, give me strength! Come on. Let’s go. Master, you made me
sweat early in the morning. Here’s your reward. Gift? Five bucks is a large sum
for a poor man’s blood. Keep it. Master, Jeeva’s
blood is not so cheap. One day you too
will become a master. But it’s not easy to
earn the title of master. You get it after
getting your arm chopped. Don’t let your blood flow. Wash up in the Ganges. It will stop the bleeding
and you’ll offer blood to Mother. Father sent your shoes.
Take a look. Beautiful. But
nothing compared to you. Are you comparing my
face to a pair of shoes? Don’t be mad. You look
much better than I do. Come, put the shoes on my feet. That’s not my job. What will you charge for it? You may keep the payment. And wear your shoes yourself. All right. I’ll wear them myself
if you want me to. Check it well.
Does it fit well? Hey…why are you walking
around and glaring at me? Look at the shoe.
Does it bite? The shoe doesn’t bite but you do. You better know that.
There’s no cure for that. I have the antidote
for every poison. – How much?
– Father said 50. Here.. Give 50 to Father
30 is for you. The heat of money can’t warm me up. Here’s the balance of 30. I don’t take back
what is once given. It goes against my code of honour. All the girls of the village
know about your code of honour. You take back with interest. The money is lying here.
Pick it up. Might be needed to buy
cigarettes on a rainy day. – Madam, what is it?
– Come and take a bath. Me..? You’ll be sullied
if I bathe in this. Give me a hand. Come on.. – Goodness…
– What’s wrong? I see stars in the day. Why don’t you take
these stars in your lap? – It’s not empty.
– Listen… – Get my towel.
– Towel… – Yes. Here you are. Wipe me dry. Go on. How does it feel? I feel I’m wiping the
perspiration of my cow. Stupid! What do you see
in that illiterate girl… …that you’re crazy about her? I’ve seen life in her face. – And in my face..?
– Don’t be offended. I see sin in your face. Idiot What does idiot mean? It means you are handsome. Now unhook me. Why do you want me to open the
door of Hell? I’ll be ruined! Jeeva! Jeeva! That one… They are here! Take this. – Hey girlie..
– What? You slyly come to meet me. And act innocent in
front of the village Whom are you glaring at? Making eyes? “When your eyes meet mine…” “When your eyes meet mine…” “When your eyes meet mine…” “Darling Dhanno, your
grandmother will pass away” “Darling Dhanno, your
grandmother will pass away” “If I tie up with you..” “If I tie up with you..” “Tall guy, you’ll lose your blush” “Tall guy, you’ll lose your blush” “Wherever I pass by..” “Wherever I pass by..
any path that I take..” “The village girls block my path” “The village girls block my path” – What?
– Yes. “The sari slips off
or the veil is lifted” “At every step
bangles call out to me” “At every step
bangles call out to me” “- Let me go
– No way” “- Leave me
– No” “Don’t make up false stories” “Silly man, you won’t
give up your madness” “You’ll spend your youth all alone” “Tall guy, you’ll lose your blush” “When your eyes meet mine…” “Darling Dhanno, your
grandmother will pass away” “Darling Dhanno, your
grandmother will pass away” “When I lift my eyelids..” “Clouds bend low when
I lift my eyelids” “Buds bloom when I smile” “Buds bloom when I smile” “- Is that so?
– Yes” “Spring wakes up when
I play with my bangles” “The breeze is fragrant
with my fluttering veil” “The breeze is fragrant
with my fluttering veil” “The wind..the clouds..” “The wind, clouds and buds know..” “…I have cast my
spell on your heart” “Where will you escape to?” “Darling Dhanno, your
grandmother will pass away” “I am falling love with you.” “Tall guy, you’ll lose your blush” “Darling Dhanno, your
grandmother will pass away” “I tell the truth. Hear it” “Listen, your magic
won’t work on me” “Let her say what she wants” “Let her say anything” “In her heart she is mine” “The girl loves me” “Rather than love you..” “Listen to me” “I’ll prefer to drown in the sea” “In the middle of the sea” “I’ll carry you across
the seven seas” “To Techkalandar” “Right?
– No” “- To Borbundar?
– No” “To Ghorbundar?
– No” “To Boribundar?
– No!” “- Boribundar, Ghorbundar..”
– No, no” “Then come into my heart” “Come along” Good day. Why did you go upstairs? To please with the master. – My daughter, Champa..
– Is he responsible for her? You know he’s not well. And you went to him with
your daughter’s story! The doctor has advised him to rest. My rest vanished with my daughter. What do I do?
Where do I go? Where do I search?
I don’t understand. My young daughter just disappeared. She must have run away
with her boy friend. Please don’t say that. You too have a daughter. If this were to happen to you.. I’ll pull your tongue out
if you ever utter it again! You can’t bear to hear it but
this father is going through it.. What must he feel? He is feeling terrible. See a doctor if that is so. For the girl, go to
the police station. I got you this job
and invited trouble! Don’t you dare step here!
Now get out! Dear God. Don’t let any
father experience this. Where is Keshuram’s daughter? You lied to get
her to Surya Palace! – Where is she?
– Lies! I’m being accused! It’s a load of rubbish! Talk with respect. Have you no shame talking
to a sick patient like this? Hear me carefully, you wretch No cruel man can carry on long. Someday his atrocities ruin him! No father talks like this to his son! You’re cursing me on your death bed! – Brother!
– Shut up! – You’re cursing me!
– What? I’m cursing you? Did you hear? – He says I curse him…
– Calm down. – No!
– Daddy! No! – Welcome sir. Good day.
– Good day to you too. – Take a seat.
– Thanks. You too sit down. – Now tell me. All well?
– By God’s grace. – Thank God.
– You’re full of dust. I’m a contractor. I’ll be
covered only with dust. And the truth is one finds
gold only in the dust. That’s so true. – Is my shoe ready?
– For many days. It was waiting for you. Try it on. No, it will get dirty. I swear by God, you’ve
made such a lovely pair. I did nothing.
It turned out good. – Good day uncle.
– Live long, my dear. Give me a glass of water. Sir, will you drink
water that we touch?* What’s wrong? Goodness me! I know only this.. Muhammad and Aiyaaz
stand in the same line. Neither is above the other. – Wonderfully put.
– Hear this too. The waters of the Ganges is the
same irrespective of who offers it. Now go and get me some water. Go, my dear. Sir, you’ve said
something so sublime… It purified my heart. – Hear you are.
– Thanks. First some jaggery.
Then the water. Jaggery? I stole and
ate lots as a kid. Thanks. That felt good. – The money..?
– You’d paid advance. – Did I? – Yes.
– Now I must leave. If ever I can do anything
for you, don’t hesitate. Thank you so much. – Good bye.
– Live long. He’s such a nice man. – 100 kilos.
– Well done. Babulal, 1/4 will go
to Ramu. That is 25 kilos. 75 kilos for the young master. Clerk sir, that’s not fair. 1/4th instead of 1/2! How will we poor survive
if you distribute like this? The crop was poor because
of paucity of rainfall. What can we do if the crop was poor? We’re neither God
nor the rain clouds. I can’t be blamed for it. But when the master was
alive, we got half the share. How can old customs be broken? Why not? It’s the rich and wealthy
who make and break rules. Isn’t it, my dear clerk? Right. You’ve made merry when
the master was alive. Now it’s the time of the
young master. Right, master? Right, clerk. Big share in the big man’s time. Little share in the
little master’s time. Go, do your work. What work do I have?
You’re doing the job. Stupid jerk! Hear this proclamation.
Now on, that’s how things are. Do you want our kids
to starve to death? Let them die. With less mouths to feed,
you’ll have enough to eat! – Understand?
– Why you… – Get out! What is happening? Where are you going
leaving your work? You’ll regret this! Wait, my brothers. Listen…calm down. So you’re behind this. Clerk sir, even an ox won’t
work on an empty stomach. How will these poor farmers work? So you threw a match in
the hay to light a fire? You lit the fire. First you reduced their share. then you cheated Sarju
out of his land. There’s a limit to injustice. Even an ant bites
when you stomp on it. Mark my words, you’ll regret this. If the young master
loses his temper… You’ll all cry, atrocity! You also mark my words. The one who does injustice and
the one who bears it are sinners. I’m saving all of them from sin. Now no work will be done. Jeeva, what are you thinking
of, sitting by the well side? Want to die? Your father put me in a spin. – My father?
– Yes. He says the one who
does injustice is a sinner. The one tolerating
injustice too is a sinner. – How is that possible?
– Twirling your hair won’t help. You’ll understand only
when the world let you down. Explain to me about the world. – If somebody hits your mother..
– Quiet! I’ll chop the hand that touches
my mother and throw it down the well! This is exactly what Dad said. Now I understand. How did you get the courage to
inflame the farmers against me? Why did you stop the work? If a farmer won’t get his dues.. Work will stop automatically. Quiet, indolent! Hear my words, if the workers
don’t begin work by tomorrow… Jaswant Singh will wear
shoes made from your skin! Sure. Wear them, master. But till they get their due… …starving workers won’t
come to work tomorrow or ever. Sir, this is justice and the truth. I’ll cremate your
truth with your body. Kalu will get burnt. But the truth won’t burn. I’ll tweak out your tongue! when the noose couldn’t stop
Bhagat Singh from saying the truth.. How can you shut Kalu up? I see… You want to die like Bhagat Singh I’ll kill you like a dog! Master… This was a kick from your shoe… Even if you cut me to pieces… Every pore of me will
cry out for justice. The great Mansoor cried for
justice even at the gallows! His killers turned to dust. But his voice echoes in every
corner of the world even today! By morning, his voice
should choke in his throat. Take him away! The atrocity of the
cruel can take life. But it can’t subdue
the voice of justice! Mark my words! Uncle… What…what are you doing here? Tell me, who did this to you? Which demon avenged you? Son…there’s no dearth
of cruel men in the world. Go away from here. Leaving you in this state? Get up… Tell me their names.
I’ll show them all! Put Kalu down or both of
you will die right here! You will die! Don’t you dare raise your hand! But it’s the master’s order! And I’m his mother. I command you to let Kalu go. Father! Father! Who did this to you? You merely watched while
they did this to my Dad! – Coward!
– No, dear… Don’t say that. Jeeva risked his life to save me. Of course. The Queen Mother interfered
else I’d have put away a few. Dead bodies would be lying there. We’ll kill them if you didn’t’! We’ll avenge uncle’s wounds! Let’s go! Stop, my brothers. Calm down. It’s not man’s job to take revenge. The master has sowed
the seed of his crimes. The fool doesn’t know the
plant that will emerge… ….will surround his sinful life. Remember my brothers… God will do justice
even if a little late. Delay is the worst thing. Who will live till the morn? Kill the serpent before he strikes. Else he might kill you. Master, the branch of
cruelty never bears flowers. A paper boat won’t always float. In my own lifetime you’ll see what
a dreadful end this sinner will have. Master! You bitch! You made the floor so wet
that my foot slipped! Even if you sell yourself
you can’t pay for the chandelier. Wicked woman…! You raised your hand on my mother. Bastard! Master, spare my child!
Kill me. I beg you! Old hag, move aside! What’s happening? Scoundrel! The muck of the feet
should remain at the feet. I’d have ripped you apart
if we hadn’t lived off you! Mother.. get up. I’ll take this ingrate’s life! Why are you always after
the lives of the poor? Mother, move aside.
I’ll kill him. He hit me! You hit my mother! If I had hit you,
you’d be in Hell! You’re the one who’ll
go to Hell, rascal! Satisfy yourself.
Shoot the first bullet at me. You’ll be paying me back
form nursing you! Shoot! Mistress, move away or
this fool will shoot you! Shut up, you scoundrel! I won’t spare you
even if you shoot me! My son hit your mother. I’m his mother
I apologise to you. – Go away from here.
– We might be poor. But I’m human not a dog.
We work hard… – Let’s go.
– How can we go? – Is this just?
– Don’t talk like this to master. – For my sake, come on.
– Let go, mother… – We work for them so..
– Come on! Always raising his hand! I am not beggar. Mother, you pleaded with a lowly,
base cow herd who lives off us! You apologised to him! You crushed our family
honour and name to dust! You shamed the souls of our ancestors! Which souls are you talking of? Your actions must be tormenting them! Yes, but because of you! That day this scoundrel
freed Kalu the cobbler. That day too you sided with him. I can’t bear this
humiliation anymore! Mother.. Our paths are different. You must go on a pilgrimage. You will find peace there
and I’ll get peace here. So that your path to
cruelty will be clear? Assume that! Okay! Mother, why did you hide the
fact that you work in the palace? What were you lacking? Tell me. I’m alive.
I earn a living! We eat well, clothe ourselves. Then why did you slave
at that scoundrel’s house? Do you love money
more than honour? Why don’t you speak? Why would you work there? To be slapped by that rascal! No…! Mother… Your hands should hold
flowers to be offered to God. And you cleaned the dirty
floor of the palace with them! Where liquor is thrown! Horrifying pictures of cruelty
and atrocity are painted there! Why? You will have to tell me!
Why don’t you speak? Son, I feared this day.. I didn’t want you to find out. Don’t ask me! But what is it that you hid from me? You were very small. Your father joined the army
and gave his life for the nation. Mother Ganges was in flood. Fields were destroyed. Buildings crumbled. The villagers died like insects. And I…my son.. I held you to my bosom and
witnessed the Mother’s wrath. We were broke. To raise you, I sold our field
to the money lender for peanuts. When nothing was left… I pawned my wedding charm… ….to him with a stone on
my heart for merely Rs. 500 I kept it from you
but I worked hard. I repaid 1000 for the 500. But the money lender’s interest
like a sinner’s life keeps rising. Mother… Don’t’ cry. I wanted to get back that charm
and give it to your bride. – But…
– Mother… You’ll still present it
yourself to the bride. But the money lender’s account.. All these years he
settled accounts with you. But today Jeeva will sit on his
chest and sort out all accounts! Get out my mother’s account. Young man, you seem excited. Have you got money in your pocket? Yes, I do. Today I’ll settle all old scores. Get out the books. Secretary, get out the old books. Here, 500 was the principal
and 1300 is the interest. Speaking the truth,
that’s a total of 1800. My mother paid 1000 for 500 Absolutely. Now Rs. 800
of the interest remains. Does this mean your account will
exist as long as the sun and moon? Yes. If you can’t pay up,
your children will pay. If they can’t pay,
their children will. And my children will
be the receivers. Put back the book. You’ll ask for the money
when this account remains. Return my mother’s charm! Help! This is looting! Law and order is dead here! This is hooliganism! You loot the village
and I am the looter! If I hadn’t lent you
money during the famine… Your hoodlum wouldn’t
be this strong! Teach him that the shoes
should remain on the foot! Or what will you do? Rascal! – I’m going away today but
remember…- Keep quiet! I won’t spare you! Master. You look like a butterfly. But she’s not the butterfly.. …that sits on every flower. These arms pluck the flower
along with the butterfly. Come to the palace with me
I’ll adorn you with flowers. Wipe the mud off your hands. Don’t loathe this mud. Someday you and I will
be one with this soil. Sweetheart, don’t talk
of old age when I’m young Today I will enjoy your youth. Don’t fear. Today I’ll teach him a lesson. No, Jeeva! – Let go! I’ll kill him!
– No… For my sake! Be warned. If you ever
look at Dhaniya again.. I’ll kill you! You be warned. You’ve
put your hand in fire. Get lost! – Mother!
– Help! Don’t go there. Uncle! Good God! We’ve lost everything. I know who did this. I always told you.
Your devotion has no meaning. – There’s no god…
– Don’t say that. God does exist.
And will always do so. We’ll build you a new home. Yes, we will! What? Jeeva escaped! And Kalu the cobbler and the
villagers dared build his house! And better than before. I’d say they are clearly
challenging you, master. I want their corpses at my feet. Stop. Master, you need brains
not brawn for this job. How? Tell me, how! If I don’t make the hands that
built the house break it… I’m not worthy of my name. It’s not as easy as you think. If the job isn’t done,
shave my head and… ….make me walk on the streets! How will this happen? See for yourself tomorrow. This is the money lender’s cow. I stopped grazing it. That is why the poor thing died. God knows how she died. Forget God. I see a
human hand in this. – What do you mean?
– The Panchayat will tell. The wise men will decide this. Listen to me.
How can I kill a cow? The cow is my mother! Can a son kill his mother? – Jeeva can’t live in the village!
– Yes, throw him out! I was born in this village! My ancestors lived here. I played
in this soil from childhood! I won’t leave this village. You are a murderer! The wise men
have decided. You can’t stay here! Your Pop can’t throw
me out of this village! Dogs of the moneylender!
Come one by one if you’re brave! Save my child! These people will kill him! Save him, brother. Get up. No! Brother, don’t hit my son! Get out! Brave and virile men. Don’t hit him so hard. If he dies
I’ll have to pay for his cremation. Go home. If you know what’s good
don’t come back to the village. If Jeeva dies, throw
him in the Ganges. – How much further?
– We’re almost there. Bear a little more. We almost reach there. – Mother…
– Son! My son… Mother… I worshipped you all my life. I laid flowers at
your feet all my life. And this is how you reward me. My son was falsely accused.. He was beaten up. Goddess, you watched while
my son was treated unjustly. Mother, if my son dies… It won’t be the death of my son.. But of justice and truth! My son! My son! Mother, if you extinguish
the lamp of my family… No mother in this world
will ever address you as mother! Goddess, you are the
mother of the world. You know a mother’s heart. If it’s a life you want, take mine! Give life to my son! I beg you! Mother, grant him life! Mother… Mother… Get up. It’s dawn. Get up, mother. Mother! what have you done? You left me at the door of
the Goddess and went to God. Why did you do this?
Why did you do this? Now even the gods are unjust. You will have to pay a
price for my mother’s death. You will have to pay a
price for my mother’s death. You will have to give me strength So I can take revenge
from my enemies! If you won’t do this, I won’t
consider you a goddess of power.. Just a lifeless idol of stone! “When a son carries…” “…his mother’s corpse in his arms” “Alienated by the cruel world..” “When he comes to my shores..” “With a fire smouldering
in his breast” “And a storm raging in his heart” “These flares of tears..” “He lights the pyre of love” “Burning in this fire..” “Burning in this fire
the youth turns into a rebel” I swear by Ganga, the symbol
of chastity and strength.. Till Jeeva avenges
his mother’s death… He will burn in the fire of this pyre. Please my guests with your song. My daughter! You are not my Champa. Darkness isn’t welcome
in this brightness. Master! Where is my daughter? Return Champa to me! – Return my child!
– Secretary… Remove this darkness from
the walls of my palace. Master, return my child…! – You’ve come here! Out!
– My child! Get out of here! – My child!!
– Get out! “The glow of your eyes” “May it be immortal” “May the blood of the world flow” “Let it flow” “Take a drink” “Forget and live” “What the world says..” “Let it say” “You made promises
of love every night” “You made promises
of love every night” “It’s not to be shared” “It’s not to be shared” “It’s not to be shared” “You too are a cheat” “You made promises
of love every night” “Plucked a flower off the
branch whenever you wished” “Plucked a flower off..” “Held one close to the
heart and rejected the other” “Plucked a flower off..” “You’re not connoisseur” “Can’t recognise hearts” “My sweet darling,
you have no conscience” “Crushing hearts,
changing your mind” “You turn your eyes away” “It’s not to be shared” “You too are a cheat” “You made promises
of love every night” “May your vault be filled
with gold and silver” “May your vault be filled..” “May you always be
high on this wealth” “May you always be
high..” “Some might be broke
some might be ruined” “Sorrows are for the world
May you be happy” “I am devastated by your
deception and treachery” “It’s not to be shared” “You too are a cheat” “You made promises
of love every night” “You’ve carved such
idols out of stone” “You’ve carved such
idols..” “Under their guise,
you actuate cruelty” “Under their guise..” “This isn’t your goodness” “You are not human” “You are God for all
but you have no God” “Nature shies from this
religion and deeds of yours” “It’s not to be shared” “You too are a cheat” “You made promises
of love every night” “It’s not to be shared” “You too are a cheat” You are glowing today. Have a hot sweet. You too must have one. If you eat it,
I’ll feel I’ve eaten it. Tell me something. How old is your father? About 40 or 50. It will take quite
some time for him to die. Priest.. You threw God out of the
village by throwing Jeeva out. Fool! Nobody knows
God better than me. – If you feel so bad for him..
– Priest. Man has been created
to feel hurt for others. There was no dearth of
angels to pray to God. Don’t mourn so much for Jeeva. Else I’ll have you
thrown out the same way. Don’t threaten me
with leaving the village. What are you and what am I? One day all of us have
to leave this universe. Are you cursing me with death? Priest, don’t’ love life so much. Or you’ll feel great pain on death. Now I’ll have you killed alive. These days what is the
state of the treasury? Very delicate. The crop was ruined. There’s no need to
even lock the treasury. What must we do to ensure
that the treasury gets locked? Village welfare and charity. Who will give charity
in this starving village? Forget this village. Just one man is enough. Which one? – Your father’s dear friend,
Thakur Harnam Singh. Your uncle. Wonderful. Bhavar Singh. Yes, master? Get charity from uncle. As you wish, sir. Who are you? Don’t you move!
Where are the vault keys? If you delay, your wife
will turn into a widow. No. For God’s sake,
don’t say that. Here are the keys. Thakur, complain to the police
and we’ll come and shoot you. So the master makes his
dogs do this job too. Tell your master,
Jeeva is ready for him. Lost all our life’s earnings. Wealth will come and go. God was merciful to spare your life. Jeeva? In the guise of a dacoit? Yes sir. The Jeeva who was falsely accused
of cow slaughter and ostracised.. Whose land was taken away….. Whose house was burnt down… Whose mother died in desperation.. Just assume
Mother Ganges is flooded. And to crush those hoods… Jeeva took this form. Here’s your wealth. You are great. My home is always open to you. Sir, I only require your blessing. Jeeva has become a dacoit. – Yes sir.
– I feel he became a dacoit.. ….the day the rascal
tore my accounts. How did he find out
about Harnam Singh’s loot? Simple. His guru, Kalu
the cobbler is in the village. He gives him all the news. One is worse than the other! So far he has only turned
Jeeva into a dacoit. I bet one day he’ll turn
the whole village into looters! Bhavar Singh. – Yes master? Throw Kalu and his shoes
out of the village! And set their homes on fire! Run!! Secretary sir, what’s going on? – What have we done?
– Master’s orders. You must get out of the
village with your army. Else all of you will be blown apart! This is not fair. It’s injustice. Shut up! – Throw away their belongings!
– Don’t throw our stuff. Don’t burn down our homes. – We’ll vacate your land.
– Of course you will! What are you doing? Our ancestors were
born in this village. And breathed their last here. Where will we go? Brother… God’s universe is vast. And man’s steps pretty small. “Don’t lose heart” “Someday the chains of
atrocity will be broken” “Destiny will take a turn” “Luck will change” “Traveller, don’t worry even
if your destination be far” “Traveller, don’t worry even
if your destination be far” “Today if your feet hurt” “And you are exhausted,
don’t lose hope” “Proceed oh traveller” “The dusty and blurred path..” “The suffocation of darkness” “The dusty and blurred path..” “The suffocation of darkness” “The beams of sunlight
are wrapped amongst them” “Don’t worry if the ray
is not bright enough today” “Proceed oh traveller” “One who doesn’t lose hope..” “….will make his life” “One who doesn’t lose hope..” “….will make his life” “Those who fall and rise
become truly great men” “Don’t worry if this
is the ordeal by fire” “Proceed oh traveller” “The sweat of your brow
contains the waves of Ganges” “The sweat of your brow
contains the waves of Ganges” “Your efforts will bring
heaven down to earth” “Don’t lose faith if your
are far from your duties” “Traveller, don’t worry even
if your destination be far” “Today if your feet hurt” “And you are exhausted,
don’t lose hope” “Proceed oh traveller” You are getting addicted
to the game of fire. But mind you, fire doesn’t
spare even the devotee. Jaswant Singh is fire incarnate. And fire does not fear fire. Brother, don’t forget forest
fires burn palaces down to cinder! Fool! You talk of
straw huts not palaces. Those that live in stone walls
fear neither fire nor [email protected] Your heart seems to have turned
to stone living in stone walls. My ears don’t want to
hear advise from women! A woman’s job is to
look after the house! Pray to God. Is that why you sent mother to Kashi? So her voice gets drowned
out among the booming bells And hearing her voice
from my mouth scared you! Brother! You can’t send
this voice to Kashi! Remember I am an equal
heir to this property! From today we will stay on this land. On this barren land? There’s not a single tree here. What will we do here? Brothers, the land is our mother. And no mother will keep
her children hungry. “With our efforts, and
the grace of God..” “..we will get everything here. “Fill my bag, Fill my
bag, O Mohammad..” “with your grace what
does not one get?” “with your grace what
does not one get?” “None of your worshippers
who ask anything here..” “..returns empty handed.” “Fill my bag, Fill my
bag, O Mohammad..” “I won’t go empty hands.” “Fill my bag, Fill my
bag, O Mohammad..” “You are the God, of this world..” – Good day sir.
– Good day to you my man. Mere greetings won’t do. Today is Id. Today you have to hug and embrace! Sir, you have clasped a
lowly man to your bosom. May God bless you
with a thousand Id. I’d gone home and found
you’d come here to pray.. You did well. Come with me. Now tell me, is all well? Sir, well being is miles
away from us poor people. Thakur rendered all
the farmers homeless. Yes, I heard. – That was wrong.
– Yes sir. The place we live in now has
just the sky to protect us. Trust in God and don’t despair. Tell me how I can help We need some cement, wood, bricks
and limestone for our shelters, That’s no big deal. Don’t worry. I’ll personally
bring all the goods for you. I’ll be grateful. Brother, I’m doing myself a favour. After my death, this is
what will go with me. For God’s sake, tell me
where is my daughter! – How do I know?
– You know everything! – Swear on your daughter’s head!
– Get out! Champa! Where are you? Master, father had called me.
Where is he? You talk to father everyday. Talk to me today. What smell is that? Girl, it is medication. It cures body ache – You too have a sip
– No, master. I don’t have any aches.
My body is quite sturdy. Let go, master. – Let go..
– Master. Father, you called for me. Then where did you go? You go home, dear. I’m glad you came. You’ve served our family loyally. That you are part of our family. I’ve had an eyeful of your daughter. Send her here tomorrow. The moon should glow in this
palace as soon as the sun sets. You too have a daughter. What would you feel
if this happened to her? Forgive me. Please forgive me! The depraved lowly man
who took your daughter’s life.. I’d forgotten I too
have a young daughter. My eyes opened when
lightning struck me! Just once say that
you forgive corrupt me. I beg you! Why don’t you speak? Why? I took a very long time to apologise. I beg you, return the jewels. My daughter’s groom will go back! Good God! Glory to Mother Ganges! Why did you shoot? I’m saluting the villagers. The second bullet
will salute you. My son, what are you saying? Put this away. Have you forgotten being a
fellow villager, I’m your uncle? Uncle..? Only today you’ve
acknowledged your nephew. Take this. Henceforth no bride’s
groom will ever leave her. You’ve appeared as an angel. I’ll never forget this debt! Aunt, you are right. He wasn’t so earlier
but now he’s a real angel. Yes. God made one
angel for every demon He made Jeeva for you! I’ll clean your shoes! – Don’t touch! Let the shoe remain on the foot! Remember? I don’t know what I said
in a fit of rage that day. Goodness…why have
you bandaged your head? Is it a deep wound? I’ll call the doctor.
Never leave a wound untreated. Where are you going? The wound you gave me
has healed from above. But the colour of my mother’s
blood mixed in it is still fresh. Listen! Till I fulfill my pledge… This strip will cling to my
forehead like my mother’s soul! You’re getting mad for nothing. I’ll get your mother’s
ornament right away. Today I will personally
greet the goddess of wealth. I don’t know how many
marriages died in your vault. You washed away the blush of
many brides with your greed. When nothing remained… I kept a stone on my heart and.. ….pawned the symbol of my
marriage to him for Rs. 500! I don’t know the love of how
many mothers died in your vault! Brother Jeeva!! Distribute this amongst the villagers. Freed from these chains,
eat sweetmeat in peace. Mother! Just a minute… – Lalwa, a pair of ear rings.
– Here you are! God bless you. – An amulet.
– Here you are. Two bangles.. The last lottery is
these two trays. Thank Jeeva. – Thank you brother.
– Glory to Jeeva! You’ve helped everyone.
Now do something for me too. Or I’ll remain a bachelor all my life Don’t worry.
Your job too will be done. – Get Tara.
– In a flash! – Yes?
– You’re a Brahmin. Taramati should get married
Promptly. No, brother. Stop this marriage. Can a servant marry
his master’s daughter? Nobody is born a servant. In a while, he’ll
be your son-in-law. Walk fast lest
he change his mind. Let’s perform another
noble task along with this. May these accounts of sin
be scorched in this pure fire. Now tell me, who killed your cow – Cow..?
– Yes! Talk or I’ll shoot
your brains out! I swear I did nothing. That was the priest, Kashinath! I’m dead! Fools! Shut the door! Priest! Today the doors of Hell
have been opened for you. – Jeeva, my son..
– No, your Pop! Priest.. Chanting mantras won’t turn
a sinner into a virtuous man. Fake protector of God
and a thief of the people. Who killed the money lender’s cow? What do I have to do with his cow? Stop right there! You’ll meet your end now. You can’t escape me. Don’t dishonour me
in front of the village! I accept. Honestly
that was my connivance. You …listen to me. My brother, these are
my life’s earnings. You take half… No. Your sinful wealth can’t
change Jeeva’s intentions. Son, spit out the anger. I’ll leave the village if you wish. The village? You can’t
even leave the world. Till you confess to your
sins in front of the village! Don’t drag me in
front of the village. You may take all that
I ever earned in my life… Don’t touch me! Don’t..! Don’t touch me. Let me die. I won’t let you die! till the village learns
of your dark deeds! Before meeting your Maker,
tell the villagers… Who killed the money lender’s cow? Brothers… Living in this temple… I committed sins while
seated on this chaste seat. Caught in temptations, I forgot… I too will die someday. Villagers! I connived to have this good
man thrown out of the village! The money lender’s cow..
was killed at my behest. And Lord Shankar has
punished me for it. Brothers, Jeeva is innocent. I am guilty! I am a sinner! I am caught in troubles! Save my daughter’s honour. Save my daughter! I beg you! Brother, father speaks the truth. He wants to dishonour me. I swear by God,
he wants to dishonour me! Don’t worry. Now no sister will lose
her honour in this village. Send the stuff to Nawamal. And get the payment of 100000. But take care.
Jeeva is a dacoit. As you wish. Glory to Mother Ganges! Scoundrel! You threw down your arms! He didn’t plunder trucks! He plundered Jaswant Singh’s name! He has challenged me! Brother Jeeva! Uncle, you were right. The one who does injustice and the
one who bears it are both sinners. I’ve stopped tolerating injustice. Remove the bags of grain. – Yes?
– Load the bags back on the truck. – Why? – Because we do not
want to survive on stolen grain. We live off the sweat of our brow. Consuming this grain
will defile our blood. You call this loot? But this loot includes the
sweat and blood of these men. The kids hunger for it! The grieving souls haunt it. These trucks contain the goods
for which your homes were burnt. No. They contain goods that were stolen. Plundered. Goods that were stolen by force. Wrong. That’s not true. Taking back from a plunderer
what was stolen from you is no sin. It is a sin. Whether you steal from
a robber or a saint… Stealing will always remain a sin! – A grave sin…
– No, way! If somebody kills your father… Will you kill his father? Times have changed. No more do you reciprocate
evil deeds with evil. Let these lines remain in the books. Times have changed. These days stones break stones. Keep your philosophies to yourself. And take back the grain! Forget the old, even the kids would
consider it a sin to eat this grain! We’ve sown the seeds of truth
and honesty on this earth. That seed will never sprout. Listen Dhaniya.
– What? Jeeva is here. What? Where is he? Outside. With your father. Inspector, Jeeva is a dacoit! He should be arrested
dead or alive! And if the law doesn’t
have the powers… Let me know..
I will shoot him myself. – What? I mean I’m ready to help
the police in any way. The police is aware of its’ duty. You may leave. Keep trying. Jeeva is a dacoit. But Jaswant has to right
to take the law in his hands. If Jeeva is a dacoit, why did he
hand the stolen trucks to the police? That’s a point sir. Secondly, to date nobody came
forward to claim the trucks. What? – Now you tell me.
Can Jeeva be a dacoit? Why are you staring at me? Wondering at God’s miracle. A not so smart, stupid
man of the village… …has turned into
such a famous dacoit? Every village talks of him. Forget that. The world
is responsible for it. See what I got you. Have you plundered a woman? Answer me, which bride did you loot? What? This belonged to my mother! It was imprisoned in the
money lender’s vault. I got it out. See… My mother’s love shines
through it even today. Don’t talk of love. What would you know of love? You’re just a dacoit! Tell me, why did you get greedy? Why do you love money? The righteous daughter of
a principled father! Do you also think I’m a dacoit? I will show you who I am. And what I love! Look there. “Thy name is Allah” “Thy name is God” “Thy name is Allah” “Thy name is God” “Grant wisdom to all” “Grant wisdom to all” “Thy name is Allah” “The face of the earth..” “May it never be ruined” “May the sunlight of love…” Dhaniya, my dear… You can’t find another man
like Jeeva in this world. This is the justice of our world. A great man like him
is addressed as a dacoit. I built this home by his money. I consider it my duty to
serve these innocent kids. This might atone for my sins. Stop! I bind you by an oath. Stop! Let go. Why do you want to meet a dacoit? Your path is different… …..from mine. Forgive me. Only today I found out
what kind of a dacoit you are. I did this so… No mother has to beg
to raise her children. No sister sell her honour. An orphan must stand on his
feet instead of being rejected. Here you are, my love. Now you can shoot me. Is this a trick? Where have you hidden your brother? That’s between him and me. I’ve come to fill
colour in my dreams. My love, I’ve come
to quench my thirst. Madam, how can you quench your
thirst when the well isn’t ready? What is the beauty of the
palace doing in the jungle? Wild flower, what are you doing here? Wild flowers are only
seen in the woods. Wild flowers can be crushed. Sometimes wild flowers turn
to thorns and prick you. We’ll see.
– My dear, ma’am. Your style of romance
is as good as Laila’s. She’d ride her camel
and come to meet Majnu. You come on horseback. She didn’t get Majnu.
And you won’t get Jeeva. That’s the outcome of true love. What do you say, my dear Dhaniya? Go home. Come with me. No. This is my border. Your father thinks I’m a dacoit. Dhaniya. – Go. Father, Jeeva is not a dacoit! He’s not! Father, I saw for myself. You are so naive. Got to admit, cleared the line. Where is the rascal, Jeeva? Master, you’re very innocent. Think you can get news
of Jeeva out of Birju? Take both of them along! Forget about sitting,
I got you good news. Have they accepted our help? Yes. Loan of Rs. 500000. Here it is. Open the box. You might as well sign the papers. – Master…
– What is it? The government has given
Rs. 500000 to Kalu cobbler. His luck is swinging. Making or marring luck
is in Jaswant Singh’s hands. “Dreams turned true” “Dreams turned true” “Drums play music” “Drums play music” “Dreams turned true
Drums play music” “Luck favours us
Good times are back” “The heart dances and sings” “The heart dances and sings” “Dreams turned true” “Your love and truth..” “My dear pal…” “…has brought about this day” “…has brought about this day” “In the war between
truth and falsehood..” “My pal..” “Truth always prevails” “For years we waited..” “For spring to come” “For spring to come” “For years we waited
for spring to come” “Clouds of colour shadow us” “The heart dances and sings” “The heart dances and sings” “Dreams turned true” “When will my dream come true” “When will you make me yours?” “My love…take me home” “Take me home” “With henna adorning your
palms dressed as a bride” “I’ll take you in a palanquin” “My love” “Your dream will come true” “Your dream will come true” “May the day dawn..” “With flowers covering your head..” “With flowers covering your head..” “May the day dawn..” “With flowers covering your head..” “May you take me home” “The heart dances and sings” “The heart dances and sings” “Dreams turned true” “Dreams turned true” “Drums play music” “Drums play music” “Dreams turned true” “Drums play music” “Luck favours us
Good times are back” “The heart dances and sings” “The heart dances and sings” “The heart dances and sings” “The heart dances and sings” “The heart dances and sings” “The heart dances and sings” “The heart dances and sings” Why have you come to our village? Don’t touch me.
Leave me! Dear God, help me! Today Jaswant Singh is your God. Glory to Mother Ganges! You should have
said demon, not God. Today I came to avenge
every tear of the poor. Jeeva won’t go back empty handed. I won’t let you leave empty handed. Today we’ll fight a duel with
the two pieces of that spear. Try your luck. Don’t fear. Injustice
won’t be done to you. I’m coming to the
ground to welcome you. You can’t welcome me. Death will welcome you. Don’t you dare fire a shot! We’ll shoot you! Your subjects salute you. May I help? All the sins that you
committed in your life.. I’ll make you pay for them all. I’ll return your land. I’ll get a new home built
for you in the village. However high the vulture flies,
his eyes are on the dead animals. But you…are worse than the vulture. Because you feast
on living humans. – I won’t spare you!
– Jeeva! He’s a venomous serpent! But he’s my brother! Everyone prays to the snake god. But nobody wants him
to live in their house. – I won’t spare him!
– For the sake of Ganga! I beg you to forgive him! Return this money to
the villagers. Take it. Convey my regards to the villagers. – No!
– Get out! If anyone tries to shoot, Dhaniya’s
pyre will be lit by this bullet. Dhaniya. Take care of Dhaniya. He got away. Give this to Kalu Uncle. Okay. Glory to Mother Ganges! You must come with us. You are under arrest. I hold the law of my
country in esteem. I will come with you. But I need some time. I want to take the
blessings of Mother Ganges. Okay. “I am Mother Ganges
for the faithful” Mother Ganges, you
helped me fulfill my pledge. “I am Mother Ganges
for the faithful” “Some pray with my waters” “Glory to..
– Mother Ganges” “Glory to..
– Mother Ganges” “Glory to..
– Mother Ganges” “Glory to..
– Mother Ganges” “Glory to..
– Mother Ganges” “Glory to..
– Mother Ganges.”


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    Kya kabhi in muslimo ne kuraan ki khuni ayato KE uper movie banayi h….
    Thoo h aisi movie per…..
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