Fujifilm X100T / X100F PhotoWalk and Sample Photos 2019 – Fujifilm ACROS Lightroom Preset

December 18, 2019

today I’m here at Sharjah beach having
my morning walk and trying to take some good photographs actually here in the
morning nothing much happening as you see it’s so clear no clouds no even any
subject in the foreground and even the Sun is rising from the other side
the sun id rising there also nothing is happening it’s so plain but I’ll try to
do some good photographs so stay tuned so this might be not the best shot but I
found cigarette box with a bird steps beside it so I took this picture of the
cigarette box with bird steps and two person was walking in the background I
think it’s not the best shot but somehow it will deliver message honestly this is not what I’m looking
for but I don’t know how it turns educational so I found a lot of dirt
over here a lot of people are abusing the nature so without any feeling I
start taking pictures of these things so anyway this is photography this is about
delivering message this is so crazy
spent a lot of time shooting this little shell hopefully it comes out good so today I went out and I’m not
expecting to have good pictures but I find out that nothing wrong if you go
out and try to do something and really there is always subject to shoot I was
wondering but I really found at least few shots which is meaningful and I
like them a lot I like the details over here but it’s a
little bit dangerous going down and the light is not so good so it’s not worth
it let me go back home safe I like this view as well it’s a bit
hazy but I think it will look nice in black and white let’s try some shots my camera just fall down so I like the
composition of ththis rock with the boat let’s try to take some shots I’m tired of getting low to shoot this
small details but hopefully it goes well and hopefully I will get good shot I’m
sure I’m going to have muscle pain after this but hopefully it’s worth it I don’t
know if I’m the only crazy photographer who is going out in these conditions or
there is crazier than me but I think there is I’m sure there is crazier than
me now I’d be going home to check the pictures and upload them I will be
showing it to you with and without editing I would try the Fujifilm
simulation film simulations which is amazing I will try the classic Rome
everybody likes the classic Rome unfortunately this camera doesn’t have
the acros film simulation but I will try something with the black and white
and I had few tries and I am very close to achieve it I’m trying to achieve the
acros film simulation and my Lightroom I am creating preset and I’m so close I
will try that preset as well you might tell me how close it is to the acros
film simulation and let me know if I succeed or not home sweet home

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