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FUJIFILM GFX100 vs GFX50s , DOUBLE Megapixels ,DOUBLE the price ?!

December 30, 2019

As the title says today is the battle between two monster this is one of them Yeah we not gonna hide anymore there you go the King! 100 megapixels I’m Jayz and I’m ZY from the ZY productions YouTube channel what good about this camera apart from
being really expensive is that good $10,000 I mean it’s a hundred and two megapixels like if we compare these two I’m not dropping anything important but just the lens cap chill man CHILL I strictly disregarding everything else and just
looking at a roughly 50 megapixel sensor vs 102 megapixel sensor that’s
roughly 100 US dollars you’re paying for each megapixel yep but 102 megapixels that means you get massive images measuring 11648 by 8736 pixels those are you nailed it massive images file
massive and this camera can do 4k video 10-bit internal 4:2:0 and external 4:2:2 with image stabilization on a medium format sensor that’s pretty impressive oh but this is not what we’re gonna talk
today today we’re gonna compare just the megapixels is this any good 50 megapixels vs 100 megapixels twice number of megapixels twice the price point are the results twice as good? let’s find out all right we just back from Cyberjaya we are now back in pixel peeping town it’s pixel peeping simulator 2019 Q4 edition as you can see a lot of pixels on the screen we have two color tones the red and the green the red will be the GFX100 color coded the GFX50S the green yeah now we looking at these two buildings yeah GFX100 on the left GFX50S is on the right so the one on the left supposedly has twice the number of
pixels in the one on the right but other glance if we don’t punch them in you can barely see any difference at all so right now we’re gonna go 1:1 ratio yeah
actually 1:1 not too huge of difference either actually is it just me or the GFX50S image actually kind of looks sharper look like I have some it kind of look crunchier like let’s go in to 2:1 let’s see you will see that GFX100 is slightly bigger and closer than the GFX50S because of the difference in megapixel that’s why when we zoom it in and we move it off-center the framing doesn’t match perfectly that’s because one of the images is bigger okay let’s go crazy 4:1 owh 4:1 and you can definitely see there’s more
megapixels there yeah there’s a lot more pixels to works for the GFX100 than the GFX50S this one we are shooting on 110mm from Fujifilm ok yeah yeah I love that of course its F8 we’re gonna put a comparison in here okay that sign that says Quill 18 let’s go 1:1 ah okay is it moiré I’m seeing
yeah yeah it’s quite a bit of moiré we should test it’s not preview thing is it come from all the way in let’s bring all the way in 3:1 it’s definitely moiré that is most definitely moiré on the GFX50S that’s one on the left not seeing any moiré on the GFX100 actually so I guess that says something about the GFX50S kind of looking crunchier yeah it’s got less anti-aliasing going on I suppose I’m not too sure we’ll have to check on that but at this rate it does seem like the GFX100 has a bit more anti-aliasing going on okay let’s go back to the signboard there now we’re looking at the reel behind the sign okay okay 4:1 yep definitely a lot lot more pixels on GFX100 for us to work with the GFX50S in terms of actual resolution and detail it’s there but it just pixelate a bit more
easier so once we go back to the fit so nothing much yeah you can’t literally can’t see the difference yep okay next test let’s go to the human oh look at this handsome man yeah I heard if you swing by lens library there it is like a chance that he spawns there like 1:1 so this is 1:1 it’s definitely more cross processing happening on GFX50S there the GFX100 looks a bit more RAW yeah okay we are not comparing any color or dynamic range so put that aside just pixel itself
just pixels so let’s go to 3:1 why not this time all right pay attention to the nose oh yeah I can see some different now yeah you could push it definitely much
much more on GFX100 you can get away with much larger enlargement what about the hair
the detail start falling out yeah you can see
yeah hairline difference I would say but but it’s there okay so this will be it and okay to put them really at the extreme level of testing we bring this Zeiss Otus one of the best
lens in lens library one of the best resolve probably the sharpest lens in lens library it’s not exactly made for medium format but we put it on there anyway yep and as you can tell with that tiny bit of vignetting that we caught it’s happening here you can tell all that this lens is almost coming medium format but not quite there yet okay yeah let’s push it all the way to 3:1 yep so now clearly you can see smoother on the GFX100 definitely a bit more artifacts coarser image is that a little bit of moiré happening here on the roof roof part we like the really fine tiles of detail the GFX50S is no slouch at all all that detailed resolution is there the GFX100 just has more pixels filling in so you can
you know see more of it I wouldn’t really say you can see more of it though now you can see okay now you can see more of signboard this is really really distant though but you can see it’s resolving the detail but if you try to read the text it’s remotely possible on the GFX100 but no way you can make out some of that really small text on the GFX50S and the GFX50S kind of like even the noise and the pattern the pattern is seems a bits more in-your-face than the GFX100 the GFX100 is more suppressed in that respect lets punch it back out to fit now okay let’s pay attention to this red thing signboard we almost take this for granted but
is there that is all the way that tiny bit of the image yeah really really small bit of the image people are expecting GFX100 is gonna be twice as good as 50s I think one thing many people don’t realize right away is even though they have twice the number of megapixels the images dimensions
don’t exactly double like to double these dimensions you actually need four
times more pixels is like 1080p vs 4k because it’s a square
so you gotta like square it 2 square is 4 this is called 100 megapixels so it’s 11648 by 8736 and on the GFX50S it’s 8256 by 6192 the difference between them is about three thousand pixels over two thousand pixels in terms of each each axis it’s not that big of the difference yeah your image doesn’t magically like the way we imagined it yeah it gets like twice as large well honestly that was actually a bit
unexpected I was genuinely expecting like a day and night difference so am I ’cause it’s twice the megapixel count so I was literally expecting like images twice as
detail but apparently it it’s not the case I think maybe for twice the price you
should just get two of these you know I guess it’s where the law of diminishing
returns really kicks in were paying double for slight improvement I guess slight you call it slight I call it like a hairlines improvement because only you can go to the ratio of 4:1 pixel then you can nail some slight
difference of it because this is already an amazing camera yeah this is already an amazing camera like that usual one the full review is not by me but by you by me I mean because you have a seasons going yeah I mean I wouldn’t really call it a full review but the next the next video you’re going to be seeing this camera on is going to be a why it’s expensive video so we are kicking off the second season of why it’s expensive with this the Fujifilm GFX100 10,000 US dollars I’m pretty sure it’s earned itself the right to be on why it’s expensive if you miss out the last season you should definitely checkout
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thank you size of my face this little $10,000 good luck to you full review I mean you can do this


  • Reply ZY Productions December 24, 2019 at 10:09 am

    Finally enough megapixels to take photos of my cats

  • Reply Alexander December 24, 2019 at 6:12 pm

    So, which camera do you think won ? Me why the more appealed your snapshots with cameras, FujiFilm 50S

  • Reply ted tedsen December 24, 2019 at 9:42 pm

    not 100mp as mentioned in the start but 102 that's 2 million missing pixels

  • Reply FastAkira December 27, 2019 at 5:51 am

    Well, it's not only that the GFX100 has more megapixels to play with, it has other important features and improvements too. What about IBIS? (never seen in MF before). What about much much faster and accurate AF? What about the backlit illuminated sensor for a better low light performance? What about 4k video instead of 1080p? What about improved burst speed and buffer? What about a better evf? What a.about better battery life? So yes, you pay for a few more things than just an increase in resolution. Just saying

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