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February 6, 2020

Pushaa… yes my loard… could you please suggest me some good topic for my next youtube video you dont speak hindi or what ? nope – (replying in hindi only) then howcome you are arguing in hindi ? (abused in hindi) as you have seen in the thumbnail about today’s video topic but I’ll still tell you again in today’s video I,ll tell you about an awesome all in one video editing software which is totally free its is so good that its been used by major hollywood production companies so if you are intrested in this topic please watch this video till the end before starting our video I would like to give shoutout to one of my oldes subscriber coz he sent me some goodies all the way from Saudi Arabia he is originally from india but he works there let me show you the stuff he send me this Irani black coffee I guess you already know that I am addicted to black coffee he also sent me another slightly stronger coffee pack & also he sent me this LED flash light its pretty powerful & its rechargable BTW i am using your torch only Jaggat has started his own vlogg channel if you are intrested in seeing some Saudi locations I will mentioned his channel’s link in my description you can subscribe to his channel now on to today’s topic this video editor is made by Black Magic Design company its the same company who is behind BMPC4K & BMPC6K they are very popular cameras they also deals in other film camera equipments as well as I mentioned in the beginning its a very popular software you can see here some of the very famous movies are being edited on this particular software & the best part is that its completely free of cost you must have guessed it’s name by now you can go ahead & download the free version of it & you can start using it without any watermark etc. in the free version you can edit upto 4k resoluiton as well as you can also render in 4K I used to edit in adobe premiere pro you can see its still there on my system I guess its been around 4 months since I last opend the premiere pro the reason for this is that if i want to add any VFX or motion graphic inside while editing in premiere I had to use a different software for that ..its called
After Effects If I had to polish my audio then I had to go to adobe audition so hopping onto different softwares was very painful & time consuming as well here in davichi…you get everything insdie here which saves your lot of time it offers everything, editing, VFX, colour grading, audio
processing it has all the features of full fledge NLE you’ll get unlimited audio/video tracks here you can do multicam edit you get adjustment layer support, power bin support you get optical flow speed change feature for slow motion footage stablizer to stablize your shakky footage if you go here & click on keyboard customization here you will get options to use your previous software
keyboard like FCP, Avid or premiere you can choose the keyboard as per your background & it will offer you all the default keyboard shortcut of
that particular software how cool is that… it would be very easy for you to transition here with this
feature this software is big daddy when it comes to color grading its like photoshop for videos you can remove an object from the video you can refine the facial feature in video you can perfome cinematic color grading you can do masking in your video its a node based editor & nodes look complicated however they are not complicated at all for example we use layers in photoshop & we stacks layers
horizontally in the same way nodes go from left to right you can consider them as layer but in vertical direction if you run a search on youtube davinchi resolve tutorials you’ll get tons of them so you can easily learn it at your own pace for your motion graphics & VFX requirements it comes with a “fusion” tab fusion is like After Effect app Black magic designs also sells fusion as a stand alone app which is being used extensivly on big hollywood productions for all the VFX work but with davinci resolve get it as inbuilt app for
free in fusion tab you can perform, VFX, motion graphics 3D, green screen, compositing…everything is available here davinci resolve also comes with a fairlight tab which is specially design for audio you can perform audio mixing, dialogue processing ADR & all the other extensive audio related editing right inside this software people from audio editing field would aware of this
fairlight plugin & its capability which we are getting free of cost here if you are using any adobe app currently you must be aware of their monthly subscribition based
pricing in adobe platform, for using all these 3 types of
capabilities you will have to purchase a monthly subscribtion of 3
different apps or if you buy all apps bundle.. then this much you will have
to spend every month & you can multiply it for the annual fee in davinci resolve platform.. you get all these capability
in just one app.. that is also free but incase if you want to buy the paid software for
additional features you can get that for as low as $300 monthly fee
required the beginning sequence of today’s video where I created my own “JARVIS” was all down in the free
version of this software thats it for today’s video guys if you have any question, please comment below & I’ll answer as soon as I can please follow me on instagram you can also DM your doubts there


  • Reply Kiran Patil February 2, 2020 at 1:27 pm

    Sir video me watermark Nahi ATA na

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    Bahut acha Bhai…

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    Tarun … thanks a lot bro for the software … you really deserve more appreciations….

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    How to download and where

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