Free Video Editiing | Olive Editor Makes Shiny Gold Text | 2019

September 30, 2019

Today I’m going to talk about how to create gold text in Olive It’s very easy to do if you use Olive Go here add title solid bar left click title and then put it somewhere on the timeline ok Then you’ll see the effect on the preview screen I want to make gold text so I go to Rich Text When I click the title box I’ll see Rich Text here Then hit edit text and you’ll see sample text I’ll just keep the sample text there I just make it extra bold It doesn’t matter as long as it looks ok to you Here I just make it darker make its size 72 and color white Of course you can change different color but I’ll just keep it white Alright then you’ll see thicker text here then at rich text tick the shadow box and make shadow angle 30 Let me pick the shadow color first I’ll choose yellow and then shadow distance to be 20 Then you’ll see the yellow shadow comes out a little bit right and I’ll make shadow softeness 20 then you will see the yellow shadow gets a bit thicker then before comes a bit more then turn it back Opacity make it 20 I want the text to shine then I need to give it a background first add title solid bar hit solid color Now you see the red background color right simply hit solid color and pick yellow to be the screen color then you’ll see the background’s all yellow what I do next is select solid color and then add video effect left click it and then crop Inside the crop panel tweak the left and right and I try not to wrap the whole text alright Once it’s done go to feather tweak it make it higher and you’ll see the result on the preview that’s pretty much all we need you can always add more effects by adding video effect here title select blur and then radical blur then you’ll see the text gets more blurry add more color wow much more colorful shrink like a light streak right So this is a static gold text I’ll see if I can go over how to make a moving one next time Thanks

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