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Free Split Screen Templates for Adobe Premiere Pro cc !

October 3, 2019

Hey everybody it’s Premiere Gal here and
today I’m giving you eight free split-screen Premiere Pro templates that
you can use and follow along with tutorial in a split screen you’ve
probably seen it before where there’s multiple video frames within one frame
right and it’s not that hard to make but if you have to constantly redo it it is
a time suck so I’m giving it to you to download and I’m including the video
footage as well okay and what I’m going to do in this tutorial is actually walk
you through how I set it up so it’s easy to understand and how to make your own
split-screen template so that way you can do your own going forward okay so go
ahead and click on the link below sign up to get the footage and let’s go ahead
and get started so we’re inside of Premiere Pro here and I wanted to
mention to you an intro but I forgot that I am using Premiere Pro Creative
Cloud 2017 the latest update so if you are not using that and you downloaded
the project file you may have issue opening it but if you update to the
latest version it should be fine so here in my project panel I have five
folders and I just wanted to keep it organized for you guys so you could
understand how to use it the first folder is where you can edit the
placeholders so each placeholder here represents one of the screens that you
see here inside of the program viewer so placeholder number one is this cow shot
placeholder number two is this horse shot and placeholder number three is the
goat shot and if I move down back here cuz I have so many tabs open and
placeholder number four is the other cow shot so you get the idea
all of these placeholders here and I’ve divided them up into different template
folders have different placeholders that you can edit so if you wanted to replace
this shot with something else no problem all you have to do is you know double
click on the placeholder you want to edit and in here in in the folder number
four I have a stock video folder where you can put all of your media that you
want to use and your template and let’s say we wanted to update this
to Border Collies just click and drag it over here and you can click on the clip
in the sequence and up here and effects controls you can change the scale down
and you can adjust the image how you like and you can turn off this layer now
if we go back to template number one you can see now there’s border collies here
so the placeholders are really key to editing the templates that I’ve created
for you okay now I’ve also created a folder folder number two for editing the
text so here I have a text layer inside a template one if you open up this
folder you can edit text template number one you can go in double-click change
the text you can change the color of the background and you can do this for all
of the different text templates that I’ve made here okay and inside it folder
number three is where all the templates live template 1 – template 8 I also have
nested templates so you’ll notice template number 1 it has all these
layers right a nested template is essentially just creating a new sequence
from this template so I right click on this template new sequence from clip and
it created nested number one which is just one layer here so you don’t have to
deal with multiple layers and the reason why this is important if you go to all
templates sequence this is where and you can find it here under final sequences
all templates this is where I have all the templates streamlined together and
I’ve added transitions so once you nest one of the templates it makes it easy
for you to add a transition right and you don’t have to worry about making a
transition on each layer so if I open up nested 7 and I click on it and go up to
effects controls you can see I just made one keyframe here where it animates from
the bottom to the top and so I only had to do that once so when you have your
final sequence all together it makes a great transition from one split screen
to the other just by one simple keyframe and folder number four is just where I
should place all your media just keep it organized I have it organized by
different template all the different stock video so how did I create these
templates like if you wanted to make your own custom one how do you do it?
well it does take a little bit of time but it’s not too difficult and once you
set it up all you have to do is edit the placeholders going forward okay so in
template number eight here I have all of these different placeholders I have
eight of them making up this split screen okay so let’s say we want one
where we have four the same size that we see over here and then one on the right
that’s just one okay so what you’re going to do is you’re going to go down
to folder number three and we’re going to duplicate template number eight right
click on it duplicate and we’re going to change this to template number nine and
let’s open that up here we’re inside of template number nine so what I want to
do is just get rid of four of the placeholders and replace it with one so
we can get rid of number 23 number 24 and lets get rid of 27 and 28 and now I
want to create just one here the size of this frame so what is this this frame is
1920 by 1080 so we know that one side is going to be 1080 and we know that the
other side is going to be 1920 divided by two so if you take out your
calculator here and you take 1920 divided by two you get 960 so we know
that that frame is going to be 960 by 1080 so now all we have to do is go back
up to this folder number one and create a new folder here called template 9 and
I’m going to create a new sequence that’s 960 if you go under settings
frame size 960 by 1080 and then you’re going to hit OK and we can name this the
next placeholder number which is it goes to 30 here under template so let’s just
call it placeholder 31 so then we’re going to add media to placeholder
31 here in our sequence and let’s take another random extra footage here let’s
change it to healthy life or something like that and you want to make sure to
keep the existing settings and then you can click on this clip here go to effects
controls and adjust the framing how you please left to right or up or down this
looks good to me you can even scale it up a little bit now when we go back in
template number nine what we can do is just drag placeholder 31 into the
sequence here and all we have to do is just reposition this frame so it fits
where the deleted frames were so let’s go ahead and drag this over until it
fits perfectly you may have to adjust it a bit by entering in digits and that
looks good and so that is how you make a new split screen now we have five
screens here one on the left and four on the right it’s pretty easy to you it
just takes a little bit of time but going forward once you make them you can
always have them there and all you have to do is drag and drop new footage into
your placeholders so I hope that you guys found this tutorial useful if you
did give it a thumbs up and please subscribe to my channel I make new video
production tutorials every week and if you have any requests go to and make your request there I will see you guys next week bye


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