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September 2, 2019

hey guys welcome to the freedom
motivator Channel I’m Kevin later and what we do here is we do videos how-to
videos motivation videos and affiliate marketing videos and how to make money
in affiliate marketing and just make money in general online okay so we’ve
got a good video for you here today you’re gonna want to stick around for
this we’re going to show you a free powerful photo editing program that you
can use to edit your photos for Instagram Facebook Pinterest or any just
edit your family photos if you like make them look better too okay
alright so stick around right back in just a moment we’ll get right on that alright guys welcome back to the channel
here you don’t get right on this here and show you how a free powerful program
that you can edit your photos with and it makes them look fabulous okay if this
is your first time here make sure that you hit the subscribe button down there
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up okay alright thanks so let’s go ahead and get right in on this this program
that we’re going to work with here today is called photoscape X program and it’s
free and powerful and I’m about to show it to you right now okay alright so here
it is right here and this is a photo that you’re seeing
right here that I’ve already edited I’m not going to edit a photo today because
I don’t take too long make this video a whole lot longer than what it’s going to
be here but this is the program here it’s a clip opens up all your files over
here that’s on your computer on the left here and then up here to the right up
here is your editor and all the tools you can use now they do have them they
do have a paid program for this the pro version that called as you see right
here at this corner right here this is the pro version you click on that you
can get a pro version of it but I’ll be quite honest with you the pro version is
not needed the free version is extremely powerful as you’ll see I’ll show you
some of my pictures on the Instagram that I’ve edited missus the only program
I use right here is photoscape X and it’s free for PC and Mac ok and I’ll
show you where to get that at – alright so but I can show you a little bit about
some of the editing and stuff here real quick like now this is a photo that I
did right here this is before it was edited okay now take a look at it after
edited it and see the difference here all right and I’ve got the other edited
one here in the B word now you can just view your this is also a picture viewer
as well to help you set it to view all your pictures that you have on your
computer you can view them and edit them do whatever they’ve got you can do
cutouts batch collage combined create a gif and print from here and you’ve got
other tools here too so long and so forth now this picture
right here is pre edit now take a look at it already edited see the difference
look at the look at the color of the water that’s fabulous isn’t it the color
of the water you can really see the difference with the water come back to
the original there’s the original look at the water on that and you can even
see it in the mountains too the clarity of what all when I got
finished editing this picture with this program the the difference here see that
looked up the difference in those pictures it’s beautiful isn’t it that’s
really a great program and it’s the fabulous thing about is it’s free
doesn’t cause anything now you can get the paid version I’m not sure what the
price is I never bothered to look because the frame one was more than
plenty for me anyway I think the the pro version just adds a few extra you know
templates and a few extra little tools that you can use and so on and so forth
but the free one is just plenty powerful enough to do everything that you want to
do it really is alright so here’s the free version see the difference and then
the edited version that’s pretty amazing stuff isn’t it now show you just a
little bit about it now you if you noticed on the edited version here I
added text not only did I edit the picture and make it look a whole lot
better than the previous version but also I added text in an image you can
add images too and I’ll show you how quickly to do that up here is your tools
just come over here texts it put some text on there you can
you can put you know choose the size of text if you want and then you can just
you know edit it up and whatever with your text like that you can put a drop
shadow on the text see the drop shadow behind that and you can also add an
outline to it as well and you can do an outer glow with any colors you want I
mean it’s just amazing the all the things that you can do with this program
and it’s free I’m free to do this all right and so
that’s what I wanted to show you on that now here’s a here’s a look at my
Instagram account freedom underscore motivator if you happen to come look me
up and follow me if you would okay all right I got eighteen hundred and sixty
followers here right now I’m so I’ve just started this account here within
the last few months but here’s that picture right there that look at the
engagement I got on that I’ve got a hundred and eighty likes and comments on
some people say and was person here says I love it and then of course they’re
commenting about the words that I put on there and person here says he likes it
and so on and so forth so it’s gets it gets gotten a lot of a lot of engagement
and it really is it’s a beautiful picture after I got done editing and it
just really makes it look beautiful so that’s some of what you can do all of my
pictures every single one of these have been edited with photoscape X all with
this program and it’s free so there’s no need to pay big dollars for a Photoshop
I think is a thousand dollar program and then you got it you got to go to college
to learn how to work it unless you just practice with it enough and you can get
good at it but all these program all these pictures on my Instagram have been
edited with photoscape X every single one of these here’s another one I did
just recently that really you can see the difference
in now this one right here you can see the clarity in the depth in like that
cloud and the sun is shining across the water way out there and then here now
the original picture of this was relatively more not blurry but hazy it
was a lot of haze in it you know and then but I edited all that out and put
the clarity in there and depth and the vibrance and and darkened it a little
bit just to make it look really good it’s just a beautiful picture and and
that one’s got quite a lot of likes on too and some engagement but yeah that’s
photoscape X that’s a great program alright now I’ll show you or you can get
of that you can get that program right here at photo nectar X X dot photoscape
org I’ll have a I’ll have a link down in the description for it so you can just
click on that and go to it which by the way hey if you guys like this video and
you’re getting some some value out of this make sure that you reach down there
and click the like button for me away it’ll help my channel get some
engagement and help my channel grow a little bit all righty I appreciate that
thanks a lot but yeah you can get this at photoscape X dot photoscape dot org
I’ll put that link down there like I said in the description okay
alright so that’s pretty much what I have for you guys today I just wanted to
show this to you and so this so that you can get some good use out of this
program and it brings value to you and will help you with your pictures so that
you can make your pictures look absolutely greater than what your camera
can take on that okay there’s now there’s good cameras out there like you
know even phones today got great cameras on but they just can’t take a picture or
make it look this good you know as some of these that I’ve edited with here and
just it’s just an amazing program okay and the greatest thing about is it’s
free alright so that’s what I wanted to show you guys today I hope you got some
value out of that if you did make sure you come back here in a couple of days
and we’ll be up with the next video don’t forget to hit the subscribe and
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on Facebook and Twitter and I’ll see you guys again on the next video okay
alright great y’all have a great day see you now
bye bye

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