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Free Online Image Editing Software -Lightweight Photoshop Alternative -Crop photo’s or Make Collage

August 3, 2019

just going to show you a quick online adobe photoshop alternative for you to use have a quick look it’s called all right it’s all in browser so happy days you don’t have to register you can just crack on with using it free photo college mate collage maker free photo editing software free photo effects online free photo editor like picnic free online image resizer how to crop pictures it tells you everything that you need to do so this is the screen after you just click on ok so you can’t do anything really until you’ve uploaded a photograph so let’s upload a photograph there we go and then all of your tools go on the left hand side here for you to sort it out now if you’re going to change this to social media you can resize the image ok constrain proportions keep it all neat and tidy rotate and flip exposure colors definitely once you’ve done everything you need to sharpen it don’t sharpen it before you’ve done all your changes sharpen it afterwards happy days liquify here nice little tool go whoop so if you’re editing a lovely woman who’s got big hips and you want to make the hips smaller liquify will do that for you all right and then all the way down here you’ve then got your filters alright so that’s all there is to it really it’s a free online photo editing software you can do it in your browser you just upload and create your collage however many pictures you want gives it all there I picky calm go on go and have a look see if it’s any good for you

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