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FREE Lightroom Presets #1 – MAKE YOUR PHOTOS POP!

October 31, 2019

In this video, I’m
gonna show you how to go from this photo to this
photo using nothing but Adobe Lightroom Mobile. You can click the link in the description, and download the presets,
along with some sample photos that I’ve taken. There’s a hidden promo code in this video so you can get the files for free. Let’s get into it. (upbeat music) Hi, folks, my name is Loic Leray, I’m a slackliner and photographer based in Sydney, Australia. So I’m gonna open Adobe Lightroom, and you’ll see here that
I’ve got a few images that I’ve taken from the last weekend during a Highline trip
on the coast of Sydney. When I was taking the photos I stuffed up and I shot the images at a little bit of a cooler temperature so they appear a lot more
blue than what they should. So I’m gonna have to go
through and edit those. Most of these images
have been shot knowing that I’m going to edit them and post. I start off with this photo. I think it’s a pretty cool
photo of my friend Arthur. And so I’ll start off by
going to the light module and the tone curve. And what I’m gonna do is, I’m going to increase
these blacks at the bottom just so that we enter
this faded black look. But I’m gonna maintain
the darky, moody look by pushing down dark tones, like so and I’m gonna add
a little bit of an increase in the highlights and decrease the whites so that they appear a
little bit more muted and less white but more of a light gray. That’s looking, okay, so I’m happy with that as a first move. And then what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go into the color module and I’m just gonna introduce
some of the warmer tones. And I’ll do this by
increasing the temperature so we’ll go from less of a blue and more to a yellow about
1100 Kelvin is probably where I wanna push it to or 9914 is good enough. And you see that in
increasing the temperature of the photo I’ve also introduced some of these weird greeny blues. So what I’m gonna do is
I’m going to fight that by adding some magenta
back in the picture 10, let’s go 14, that’ll do. All right, so starting
image and then before, and what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go into the vibrance section and just to give it a bit more of a pop, decrease the saturation a tad so that 23 is fine. And then we’ll go into the exposure and because this image was
slightly underexposed on purpose, what I’m gonna do is I’m
gonna increase the exposure to about one and a half stops
above what it was shot up. So 1.59 is close enough and I’m
gonna increase the contrast. It’s point plus five, the highlights are looking
a little bit blown out and yucky underneath his hand there. So what I’m gonna do is
I’m going to decrease some of these shadows and decrease some of these highlights
rather and increase some of these shadows and then I’m
gonna maintain the white tones of the foam in the waves
by increasing the whites. And I’m gonna make the image
a little bit more punchy by decreasing the blacks. So we’ll go to about, 15 is fine. And again, this is what we had before. This is what we have after. It’s looking way better already, what we’ll do is we’ll
go to the colors again and I’m gonna enter the blue module just so I can give a bit
more life to these waves in the background. So at the moment, they’re
looking a bit a bit dull and bit lackluster, so I’m
gonna increase the saturation to be at 35, 36. I’m gonna move the hue over to a magenta. So the purple-like area. And I’m gonna increase the
highlights a little bit. And so we have the dark areas of the wave have been
corrected, a little bit like so. But this white area of the
waves of above his head, he is still missing a little bit, there’s not much detail in them. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna click on the light blue section of the color mix and I’m gonna move the
hue of the light blue over to more of a blue like so. I’m gonna increase the saturation like so. And the luminance is
gonna go down a little bit just so we can recover
some of those colors. All right, so that’s
looking a little bit better. What I’m gonna do now is in changing the temperature of the image, what we’ve done is we’ve
made him look a little bit like a tomato, his skin colors, although they look all
right, they’re not great. So we’re gonna go into the
orange section of the color mix and increase the hues to
more of a yellowy color. We’re gonna leave the saturation as is, but our redeeming move is to increase the luminance of his skin. So increasing the luminance of the orange is gonna give
his skin a bit more pop and make him look a little bit less sick. There we go. And I’m also gonna increase
the reds from the hue of the reds rather to more of an orange. And I’m gonna increase
the saturation a tad and then increase the luminance. Not so much. 34 is fine by me. All right and then
possibly second last move, we’re gonna go to the hue and
we’re gonna increase the hue of the green, increase a
little bit of the saturation and I’m gonna increase the
luminance tiny bit like so and we’ll do the same with the yellows like his pants pop a little
bit flashy, flashy colors. Feeling that’s pretty good so far, what we’ll do is we
just add a bit of green in the effects panel. So about 17 is usually where I like it. 25, 27 is pretty good for the size. And then we’re just gonna
make the roughness go down a little bit. So what that’s done is it’s
introduced a little bit of noise and a bit of a gritty feel to the photo which you wouldn’t be
able to see from afar but when you zoom in a little
bit more nice noticeable and I just think it looks better. That gives kind of that
feel me look which is nice. And then we might add a
little slight vignette. Nothing too crazy, we don’t
wanna make it obvious like that. So we’ll give it about
10 to 15, well 10 fine. There we go, so before
and after of this image. And then what I’m gonna do
is I’m gonna create a preset. All right, so I’ve created a preset so I can add a similar
style to the other images in the collection. And that’s pretty easy to do. I just go to the preset panel and then I call this one
Highline waves or click on that and it’s gonna apply that preset
automatically to the image and give it a similar look. This image, it looks all right but there are a couple
modifications that I wanna do, now that this preset has
given us a starting point. What I’m gonna do is I’m
gonna increase the exposure a tiny bit more and I’m gonna
give it a bit more vibrance and go to the blues. And these blues are looking a
little bit too purple for me. So I’m gonna turn it
down and bring it back to the teally look. Make sure those blues are looking fresh. And then lastly, these
rocks on the side here, I find they’re a bit distracting. So after here is our subject
but a lot of the attention in the image is being
distracted by these big borders. So I’m gonna add a quick
gradient by going here and adding a gradient, linear gradient like so and I’m gonna adjust it so
that there’s a reduction in the exposure gradually
over that point, like so. We’re gonna reduce the
contrast, reduce the highlights. And I suppose we can, if some of those shadows has more uniform. And I’m gonna edit some of
these whites as well like so. And I’m also gonna cool this down cause it’s looking very red at the moment, very yellow at the moment, All right. That’s done, we have the before and after I’m pretty happy with that. We’ll move on to the next image. All right so the last
image of the collection, we’re gonna, again, paste
this preset in by going to the presets folder that I
created and hit Highline waves and already that’s looking pretty good. It’s maybe a little bit
too vibrant for my liking. So I’m going to go into the color module and reduce this vibrance to about 18. That’s a 17, it’ll do just fine. All right, that’s looking good. I’m just gonna go to the lights module and increase the shadows so that his body lifts out of
the photo a little bit better. All right, and I’m gonna
call that one, done. And here we have three images. The first image is the one
that we created the preset for. And then we’ve pasted
on to the second image and modified it. We’ve hidden some of the rocks so that it’s a little bit
less distracting in the photo and then flipped over to the last photo where Arthur is waving at us and we’ve just reduced the
vibrance in this photo. All right, that’s it, as I said before, guys,
the links to the presets And the several photos
that I’ve edited are in the description. There’s been a hidden
promo code in this video. If you find that promo
code and add it to the link in the description, you’ll
be able to download the files for free. That’s it for me. Have a good day and peace
loving brown rice catches. (gentle music)

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