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Free lightroom Preset : Outdoor Portrait editing free preset

September 7, 2019

hello everyone this is a summary Fidel
welcoming you to my new Lightroom cc tutorial and today I will give you some
you know pset actually one pset for the outer portrait and I’m just working for
the outdoor pset and I will give you that preceptor to you another to flow
but today now here is how to put it I downloaded from the deviant at Whatcom
and I have a piece of how good portrayed this preset I am applying this one for
getting this type of output a pacing just a one click and you will get this
one you can customize this one and by the help of the curves tool or other
things if you want to address the live you cannot just do please
actually this one is a in a lower key or the low saturated photo booted and
however getting you are getting nice effect with that you can adjust all the
thing I just given all the options to you to edit this one like you can just
access the temperature T and the tone that means that exposure curves contrast
highlights at the shadow violation variants and other things so you are
just free to use that so how to get this type or these pieces – okay I’ll give
the download link of this one in my video description so check out my video
description to get the piece a little visit this one is free so you don’t have
to pay anything but you have to subscribe my channel and share your
friend okay so thank you so much thanks for watching my video to tell you just
getting these P set free and check out my video description I will keep that
Tyrael that actually another tip you link and the piece it down over there so
thank you so much I’m a 77 out and I will just just get
back to another tutorial in the next session or next
episode in the next video I’m Bobby you


  • Reply Cadu Santos June 24, 2018 at 6:01 pm

    First coment kkkk Asm the best

  • Reply Aacs Rajbanshi June 25, 2018 at 3:35 am

    Nice video sir

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