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December 8, 2019

Hi, welcome back … In this video, I will show you how to edit minimal grey filter, in Lightroom mobile app here are example photo, before and after, using minimal grey filter you can download this preset for free via the link in the description but before that, the file is protected by a password … please enable the subtitle, so you can see the password, and download this presets the password consists of 4 digit numbers and will appear separately like this so let’s start editing first go to light contrast to -36 highlights down to -50 Shadows to -10 white and black to +30 next go to color +8 for Temperature +20 for vibrance and -15 for saturation go to color mix first go to red color hue to -34 saturation to +15 and +10 for luminance next go to orange -10 for hue and saturation and luminance +15 go to yellow -100 for saturation and +50 for luminance next go to green -100 for saturation and luminance to +40 next go to aqua -100 for saturation and +40 for luminance [1] Password: 20** go to blue -100 for saturation and luminance to +40 [2] Password: **06 go to purple -100 for saturation last go to magenta saturation -100 and done next go to effect +15 for clarity now go to detail noise reduction to 15 and finis now we try to apply to another photo, copy setting thank you for watching, don’t forget to subscribe and like and see you next video

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