FOTOGRAFIA E LIGHTROOM: Come e perché usare il Bracketing per un HDR naturale

September 21, 2019

Hello everyone and welcome to my new Episode my name is Massimiliano Coniglio and I am an Italian travel photographer today I am going to shoot the Castle Augustusburg in Brühl, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, and let’s see what interesting images we can get and elaborate later in post production follow me in this new challange and let’s go…. Ok guys, I am ready to take some photos as you can see I am shooting at f/11, ISO64 and 1/40 of a second this is my actual composition I take the chance that the tourists are almost gone and let’s shoot some interesting images ok before we start with the develop module in Lightroom and have fun with the project of the day I remind you to share my channel as much as you can with your friends, on your social networks (i.e. facebook) you will help me to grow and create a nice working group inside my channel you can find my play list “photography tips & tricks” and also other topics like my ongoing Instagram PhotoContest November 2017 I invite you to partecipate with your best images if you want to know how to partecipate you can watch the video “Instagram PhotoContest” share this video with your friends and you can also find my last video on how to improve a day photo and I show you how I shot the beautiful Notre Dame in Paris you can also contact me for any tips or advice in Istagram @massimilianocphotography my facebook page “massimiliano coniglio photography” which is weekly updated with the latest news about my travels and videos and if you are around Germany you can contact me on my official website “” you can see my last travel photography images or book a one to one course with me or a PhotoTour I also remind you to click on the little bell inside the Youtube Channel and you will be always updated about last tutorials and videos ok let’s jump on the project of the day and be ready to see a nice interesting photo

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