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FOOD FOTOGRAFIE PRESET-PACK für Adobe Lightroom | Meine Food Fotografie Lightroom Presets

September 3, 2019

Hey guys, this is Tobi from Xplor Creativity Today I’m going to tell you about my newest product I curated my 12 best Looks for Food Photography for your guys to create a Preset-Pack for Adobe Lightroom But why should you by my Preset-Pack over all the other Preset-Packs out there? I tried to figure out the main problem with Presets: The Problem is, that you never really know when a Preset will look good on your Image and when not. And if you choose a Preset then you typically don’t know about all the Tweaks made in this Preset and which of those you should manually alter to get the desired effect for your Image. Until you found out which of those Tweaks you should manually alter to create the desired effect on your own Image you could have done the whole editing manually yourself, you’re not saving any time with those presets. And I’m overcoming this specific Problem in my Preset-Pack which is why I present to you my 12 best Food Photography Presets and in Addition you’re getting an eBook that explains every one of those Presets in Detail It tells you how to install and use them in Adobe Lightroom and it tells you exactly what every preset looks like, how this look was achieved, how you should alter it to fit your specific Image and even how your Images ideally should look like to get the most out of every Preset! This is how I’m overcoming all those Problems of every other Preset-Pack out there leaving you alone with all those Enhancements you never really fully understand I’m eliminating all those Problems by simply giving you all the Information you need to really know what you’re doing with those Presets and in Addition to even that, you can watch my detailed Video Tutorial on how those Presets can be used for free here on YouTube I’m editing Live different Images with every one of those 12 Presets to show you exactly what they can do, which Enhancements have been made and how you can tweak them. So check out the Preset-Pack on my Shop on to get the Presets and the eBook! Until Sunday (18th Sep. 2016) you’re only paying 12€ for all this! That’s only 1€ per Preset and you even get all the additional Information! That’s a great offer, don’t miss out on that! After the 18th Sep. 2016 the Preset-Pack will cost you 29€ but even this is a great offer considering all the Bonus Material you’re getting. Other Preset Packs cost the same of even more and don’t offer this Level of additional Information for you! After you bought the Preset-Pack, make sure to read the eBook to the last page! this is where I put another surprise for you guys, don’t miss out on that! Check out my Website to get your Preset-Pack now I’m looking forward seeing your Images you edited with those Presets and just have fun with them! See you!

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