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Fontself – Make fonts in Photoshop! – Adobe Add-Ons Showcase

October 25, 2019

Hello there everyone. My name’s Henry and this is the second episode after. I don’t even know how many months of Adobe add ons showcase I’m going to try to make a lot more of these in the future. I have a lot of good ideas coming up and a lot of things have changed and I had vacation that’s why I didn’t answer youtube comments and why I didn’t upload. But a lot of what has been happening and I think this is going to be a great year for extension’s and a great year for this channel. So with that said let’s just jump straight into this and we’re going to talk about fontself, now fontself was released earlier last year, i believe it was autumn last year and I was really excited for it when it got released. I also saw the Kickstarter for it but didn’t have time to back it. I wasn’t as much into Adobe extensions as I am now. Back then I would have today but I didn’t back then. But that didn’t stop me from buying a copy once it was finally released. For fifty bucks which says something because I am not one to spend huge amounts of money on extensions but fontself is one of the greatest examples of taking the CEP system to its limits. Maybe even beyond its limits. So for those who don’t know what fontself is. It was an Illustrator extension or is an Illustrator extension that allowed you to create fonts within illustrator. So it’s basically one of the more inexpensive ways to create fonts for cheap and i already said inexpensive, sorry. Basically one of the few inexpensive ways to create fonts that was still intuitive and I think that’s what truly opened up the whole Font marketplace for a lot of people. However a lot on their kickstarter They also said they would be making a Photoshop version of fontself. Now the Illustrator version was their first priority because illustrator is a vector tool and most fonts are created using vectors. However they did say that they would make a Photoshop version eventually and it is finally arriving we’re getting fontself for Photoshop and that’s a thing too. I wanted to make an add-on showcase on fontself when it was first released. I also wanted to make one when it got added to the Adobe out on store but again I never got around to it but I decided to seize this opportunity with the new Photoshop version and I’m going to come back to a little bit about it. So first thing i wanna mention here is that they they’re own web site going on You get this video that basically shows off this new chromag font that they’re sort of showcasing that’s made in Photoshop and they’re also telling you about all the new features like create fonts in seconds just drag and drop convert any shape or color bitmap into a character export standard and color opentype fonts fontfiles files. Extend Photoshop CC 2015, So in other words they will not be supporting older versions of Photoshop. You need to know this if you want to buy this extension. There is no older version you can go for and this goes for the Illustrator version as well. They only work for Photoshop CC 2015 and upwards. They have said they will be supporting future versions but there are no versions for older versions and there are no place to make no plans to make older versions. But then again if you’re already running Creative Cloud then you should already have access to photoshop CC 2015 and the update is free and it’s not really harmful for any of the stuff you already made. Backwards compatibility is important for Adobe. The only thing is if you have the CS6 and if you do then I’m sorry but it’s time to upgrade by this time. We would have had CS7 anyway. Just give up Adobe is not going to change their new payment platform just upgrade. But whatever. This is not an advertisment for Adobe, by the way. The extension can be installed on any desktop and laptop use both Mac and PC and this is pretty much to be expected for an extension, it should be cross-platform so yeah. Now what’s special here is the normal price will be $49. But right now you can get it for $39. This will be until September so or not until September but sometime early September this Alpha will be off and you’ll have to pay $49. So if you’re able to or if you’re able to order it. So if you’re able to if you’re able if you really want this and you can get it for 10 dollars or 20 percent off 20 percent off. Now one thing I’d like for you guys to do is the link in description is actually a referral link which they do mention and you can get one as well once you purchase it as you can see. There’s four days of this offer remaining. So hurry up and do it. But basically click the link in the description. And whenever you buy I will get $10. Now I’m not this is of course completely optional. You don’t even have to use my link. You can go there on your own if you really don’t want to support me. But in general it’s justto support me and help me make good content and buy more extensions to showcase. On that note I have already pre-ordered myself but that means I would not get the extension before September. However the fontself team, being the awesome people that they are and just quite frankly responding to my very humble question to be allowed early access because those of you who might have paid attention if you actually kickstarted fontself back when it was on Kickstarer which was almost a year ago now they would you would have received a public not public but a private beta build version 0.0.2 by now. I did not kickstart but I did send a message send the creators a message asking for a pre-release version for making this video a little bit earlier than I would have normally. And the answer was awesomely yes, so a huge thanks to fontself and Franz one of the creators of fontself. Pretty much the main spokesperson for actually hooking me up with a copy fontself for Photoshop. So it’s pretty limited. I want to say this it does not support color bitmap yet it will. As far as I can understand the September release which I was talking about which you get if you pre-order for $39 will support color bitmaps. There’s also no support for actual bitmapped fonts at all. The only thing that it does support are vector fonts which can only be made using shape layers which is incredibly complicated and makes the whole process difficult which is why I personally don’t recommend using this extension at all right now. I am just using here to use the showcase as a proof of concept of sorts but if you’re interested in actually trying Fontself before even The september release, just buy the Illustrator version which again costs $49 on the Adobe Add-ons store or Creativemarket. Possibly also graphicriver. I’m not sure if it is still be a link in description. And of course also off their official website. So basically what I did here, because I didn’t have time to create my own font because I wanted this video to get out quickly because again that offer goes out and about four and a half days from recording this and it’s probably less by the time this is uploaded. I just ended up taking the demo font that was included with the Illustrator version it’s in a PDF that you get when you install it. it was a painstaking process. I took every individual letter and all its paths copied it into Photoshop and specify that it would be a shape layer. And here we are with every single alphabet A B C D E or A to Z. And then I also added three extra characters that i’m going to get to in the end. So let’s just demonstrate how this will work. Ok, my Photoshop is a little bit laggy right now. I don’t know why but it is. So let’s go and open Fontself Maker PS Photoshop 0.0.2 Again I can’t stress this enough. This is a very pre-release version even earlier than the one you’ll be getting if you pre-order today. The version you’ll be getting will most likely have color bitmap support or it will be coming later in September. I’ve been told this by the creator himself and all that. Now if you haven’t used fontself I will be going through the how the basics of it works today but then again fontself will have their own Youtube videos to document this as well. I’m mainly just showcasing it and telling you guys to go pre-order it now because it’s probably one of the biggest extensions of this year and we’re closing up to the end of it as well. So that kind of makes sense. So you’l notice we have these quick buttons here which is A-Z, A to uppercase Z and 0-9. So basically these are… so let’s just begin by importing our alphabet. So as I said we have a to z, so we’ll go ahead and choose A here and then hold shift and click all the way down to the lowest layer. So Z, there we go now all of these are selected. Now we can simply press A to Z the button right there and if we give it some time it’ll seem like it’s crashing and it has crashed on me before but this seems to be working pretty well. You’ll see that it’s made, imported every single letter from a to z. And basically labled them and everything and it’s even added space because obviously most people don’t do changes to space in fonts other than the letter spacing and line spacing which you can see that you can specify here. As an example let’s make that go a bit bigger, we can also make the line spacing less or more. And then here you have live preview where you can actually write your text now as you can see; since there’s no uppercase versions here, let me just type this in. Now in some situations I could just hit the uppercase a to z as well and it’ll just grab the same letters again. This will be uppercase because the demo font does not have any uppercase letters from before. Which means I didn’t have much choice but to just use the same ones. But yeah. And I don’t have numbers but trust me it’ll just import 0-9 in numbers which is awesome. And then there’s of course; but what if I want a dot or a comma or maybe I have like I have here a special character for my language. So I’m from Norway and in Norway we have three extra letters we have: Æ Ø Å Or you guys probably hate me for pronouncing it. But yes so this is an ø. And obviously you need a Scandinavian keyboard to actually type that or you’l have to copy and paste and stuff. But if I type that in and then press these layers and then scroll down I’ve made a separate shape. I’ll just press on that and then hit create glyph and you’ll notice that there are a couple of issues like this how it doesn’t quite handle shape layers the same as it would have in Illustrator which is why this is not production ready at all but it’s sort of a look at what will be coming in the future near future at that. And then of course we’ll want comma. So I’ve gone ahead and made a comma. I made some of these myself because I just needed to showcase how you created your own glyphs along with the A to Z buttons and just press create glyph, and boom we’ve comma, and then we’ll do the same for Dot. And I just did a mistake. So you can just press there and you can move it. So if you do a mistake simply remove it. When you’re doing your changes just press the X button and then input it again, it is very very easy. And there we are now when we got dot, comma or punctuation sorry I forgot the name of it. So used to just pronouncing it and not actually the real name for it. So now I can type. So you’l see it automatically adds all your glyphs to the live preview and then we can go to font info. So say you’re done with your font here in Photoshop or Illustrator for that matter. But today we’re focusing on Photoshop version. You can click on font info and you can choose what it’s going to be called. So my family name is excentric. This is probably already a font that’s a very typical font name I feel. I can’t even spell today. So my style is regular because I haven’t done anything else with it my designer is Henry. Stabell. Yes that’s my name and then we’l put in my website which is should have been but I’m actually using my Norwegian name for that because it’s I use it in Norway aswell. I’m a manufactured by. No one because I’m not. I’m distributed on we’ll just copy this. I’m licensed as we’ll just skip some of these. Here’s a demo text. “the quick Font jumps” could have written a bit more. But whatever I’m copyrighted bla bla. Some pretty funny labels in here and all that. Then we’re gonna go back. And now we can press the install button on the install button will only work for Adobe apps. So if I go ahead and press that it’s now been installed in Photoshop, in InDesign. Because all the Adobe applications because Adobe applications have a specific font directory where Adobe Photoshop and similar applications look for fonts. This is why Photoshop is able to load extensions load fonts while it’s open. When you’ve just installed it, say you have Photoshop open and then you install the font Photoshop will instantly load it because of that specific directory because I’ll just copy the font and load it and it’s pretty cool. One of my favorite features actually Now we choose the text tool here and then we just place it down. I’ve already made. Funnily enough a test font earlier to make sure this would work but if I now search for excentric you’ll see it pops up and I can start writing. Say I write. Hello world. And as you can se it types in my font. But again this only works in Photoshop and InDesign and illustrator. So what you want then is to press export and of course because I’m in the text tool it won’t let me, so i have to click out of that if i press export it will bring up this: so excentric.otf and then you can just choose documents or whatever hit export and then open exported font. will open in font book in my case. In my case and as you can see here in the quick font jumps it even copied over the preview that I specified. And it even specified that it’s a regular version and the font name and then I can just press install font and it will work in Word and everywhere and this font file is the one you’re going to upload to Dafont or your website or wherever you’re going to distribute your font. It’s truly awesome. And then there is another thing I want to show you which is this Browse, which allows you to open the Adobe fonts, folder which for some reason is now empty. Could that be because I need to enter this folder by name?. no, OK I am assuming they are hidden and I have not enabled my terminal to show hidden files but pressing that button will open up the Adobe fonts folder which is where your font and any other font specific to Adobe Software will be located. So yeah that is pretty much it for. For fontself maker at the moment, for those curious about that. It’s a chat button so you can chat directly with the engineers of the extension in case you need help or have any questions or similar, so yeah now. Yeah that’s pretty much it for this episode of Adobe-ons Showcase. If you enjoyed it. Don’t forget to subscribe. Leave a link, leave a like not a link and make sure to tell me in the Commons any extensions you might want to see in the next episode. Give me suggestions give me extensions and just tell me what you like and what you don’t like to see in whatever you want to really. And if you want to support me other than just watch my videos because obviously i do have monetisation on my videos. Then you can use my affiliate links down in the description, say you used the Creativemarket link, then for an entire year if you don’t have an account with creative market and you register. Then I will be getting 10 percent of every purchase you make for the rest of that year. That is awesome. Or you can use my link to graphicriver on specific purchases. There may or may not be in a link for that in the description of this video Where I will also get a certain percentage of a purchase. Note: you will not be paying anything extra for any of these affiliate links. It’s simply them giving me a little bit extra for reffering you. And of course also the fontself deal that’s live right now. If you pre-order for $39, 20 percent off before 4 days with the link in my description. I will be getting $10 for free without you losing anything. You’re just getting a better deal and I’m getting a little bit more lively bread. So yeah with all that said I hope you guys enjoyed this video. I’ll be getting a lot more add-on showcases out more quickly and more efficiently and all that. So yeah thank you guys for watching. See you guys in the video that i make.


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    I have pre-ordered fontself for photoshop on my PC. It will be available to me in 13 hours;). I'm excited!!:)

  • Reply LEGIT134 September 4, 2016 at 10:52 pm

    I've always wanted to make fonts but realized I had to get one of the really expensive font programs. Now that I have photoshop to make my fonts it's going to be fun to make fonts:). I can bring into photoshop complicated 3D fonts made in other programs or tweak each letter using photoshop:)

  • Reply Angela Wyman December 9, 2016 at 1:40 pm

    You talk way too much about yourself, seriously. Viewers skip to 8:30 to get to the demo.

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    just show us how to do the dam problem!!

  • Reply Sookiyaki23 February 20, 2019 at 11:12 pm

    I can't get Fontself for photoshop. It wants me to get a license key, but I don't see it. Help!

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