Focus Stacking and creating fine art image of a flower

January 13, 2020

I am very excited about today’s episode
as we are going to create a beautiful fine art image of a simple flower and we
are going to go through some techniques like focus stacking and selective
lighting effect it’s going to be fun and you will like it so let’s get started you we have a series of four images of a
flower I shot a different focal length using macro lense. in order to make all
the details sharp we have to focus stack them it’s a very easy technique on all
the macro photographers use it all the time let’s choose this flower and start
processing in the basic tab toggle between
different profiles and choose one to your taste I like Adobe vivid as it
gives more contrast then in lens correction we have to
enable profile correction and remove chromatic aberration in the basics tab
decrease the highlights and increase slightly the shadows add some whites and decrease the blacks add a bit of clarity and texture and
decrease the vibrance in detail tab I usually sharpen not more than 70 then
remove the sharpening from the shadow areas by holding alt and dragging the
masking slider to the right the white areas are sharpened and the black are
not move the luminance slider till 20 not more to reduce the noise that’s all
the processing that we need select the other photos by holding ctrl and
clicking on them then hit sync and make sure check all is clicked then hit
synchronize now all the images are processed in the same way right-click
and choose open as layers and Photoshop so here in Photoshop we have our four
images stacked on top of each other as layers first of all you have to align
them select all the layers then go to edit and choose Auto align then go to edit once again and choose autoblend choose stack images now after we got our focus stacked image as you
can see all the details are extremely sharp so create a stamp layer by hitting
ctrl shift alt e’ and we have to clean all those imperfections and black dots
in the image I will use the clone stamp tool and I will fast forward this video
until I finish the cleaning you okay so the cleaning is done right now
I’m going to crop the image so go to the crop tool and choose two by three or
whatever you like to choose then hit OK and then convert this image to a smart
object then go to filter and choose camera raw
filter in camera row decrease the exposure all the way down until nothing
is seen in the background then apply a circular gradient covering
all the flower you increase the exposure all the way up then right-click on the handle in the
middle of the flower and duplicate the gradient those red colored areas are the
blown out highlights to activate or deactivate them just click on the right
upper triangle on the histogram I find it very useful why eyeballing the
clipped areas decrease the size of the second gradient and go down with
exposure until the clipping disappears move the highlight slider to your taste add some whites and decrease the blacks add
clarity and texture and increase the contrast then go to effects tab and add vignette let’s add some more contrast and make
the middle of the flower warmer so this is the beauty of the Smart Objects you
can anytime return to the filter and adjust it just double click on the
camera row filter then go to curves stab and increase some
lights decrease the highlights play with the darks and shadows click on the circular gradient then on
the handle in the middle of the flower and increase the warmth to your taste we have to get rid of the clipping by
adjusting the exposure and the highlights then hit okay I think we have a very good result we
can increase the vibrance and the saturation to both the colors so create
a new vibrance saturation adjustment layer and play with the sliders to the left
and to the right and also let’s try to add hue/saturation
adjustment layer and target the yellows play with hue saturation and lightness
sliders to your taste finally I want to sharpen the image to
make the details pop in the middle of the flower in filter menu open sharpen
and then smart sharpen choose the appropriate amount then hit OK finally hit save and we are done that’s all for today and I hope that you
liked it please don’t forget to Like and subscribe and see you in the next video

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