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Flage Paint on Face Manipulation | PicsArt Editing Tutorial | Smart Bro | Sinhala

January 9, 2020

Hi Guys, Whts up 😁 Today, let’s see how to edit our identity nor our national flag 🇱🇰 in one of our photos. We are using ‘Picsart’ application. I have put the download link on below description. Now we need to add picture want to be edit. 📷 First we want to go ‘Tools’ option that is on Menu bar. Now we can see ‘ Crop’ option on Tools menu bar. We remove the part we don’t want in the photo using crop. After applying that we want to again choose ‘ Cutout ‘ option on Menu bar. In this tool, we can select only the part that we want from the Crop photo as we do in this video. ‘ Cutout ‘ tool is one of the background removal method in picsart application. Now we can Apply. 😁 Now we can use ‘Brush’ option to edit missing parts in our photo. Also using eraser we can readjust things. Sometimes using brush we are missing necessary parts, we can use eraser tool on that time. Now we can save it like i do in video. Guys,you can see now our photo have a new background.Our previous background is no more. Now we want go ‘ Draw’ option on Menu bar. Now you can see an icon with three layers one on one in the down of menu bar. When we get there, we see a layer with a blank background and the layer with our photo. We move it in this way and change it like I do in video. 😁 We select the black color using the color select icon in the bottom menu. Now I remove the background using Brush. You can see how I do it in video. Using eraser option we are remove the things that we are missed. You can change opacity , size of eraser tool to suit. Now Save Draft —->Save Project Now go to ‘Effects’ option on menu bar. There we can see ‘ B & W ‘ effect. Select it. Now you can see a ‘ Eraser ‘ icon at top of the menu bar. Select it. There we can see a new icon.that like a arrow in a circle. Using that icon we can get our previous colour photo. Now we using brush icon to remove the colourful status in our face. Then we can see B&W colour face We can remove the darkness status of eyes using eraser tool. Guys, now —-> Apply Now we again want to go Menu ——-> ‘ Add photo ‘ option to add our flag picture. We can adjust the position of that photo as per our choice. The flag photo opacity also want to be 100%. Now go to ‘ Blend’ option and give ‘ Multiply’ ❤ Now we can adjust the blend tool with position of our photo as per our wish and to be suit. 😁 Now we go to Effects of our Flag picture.You can see how I do it. On the Effects we want to choose ” Fish eye” effect on ” Distort” section. We can change the Radius and Apply. A fisheye lens is a great tool for any photographer to utilize, whether beginner or professional. The fisheye effect can do a variety of different things in a photo, such as creating long exposures and wide panoramic shots, increasing the field of view in an image, and creating unique circular images. Fisheye lenses will increase the diversity of a photographer’s portfolio and will challenge them Now we adjust the flag picture to our face to be suitable position. You have freedom to edit that as your wish. Now we can remove the unnecessary parts by using Eraser tool. We can change size,opacity,hardness to suit. We can use brush option to rebuild that things we are remove from eraser. Then we can edit our photo using eraser like I do in this video. We can remove unnecessary parts in our flag picture. And also We can remove darkness status of our eyes using eraser tool. After editing all things we can apply. ❤ Now this is your time to think. Guys, go to the Effects on menu bar and select a stunning colour effect to your photo. 😁 After visit the ” Adjust ” option on Tools. Give amounts to as per your choice and edit your photo. 😊 Your willfully trying is completed. ❤ We can use this kind of editings for some events. For a example School Big match,School parade.
National and international Cricket matches and our independence day events. 😁 I hope you guys have tried my previous videos. ❤ At that time we can use this editing to our FB,IG DP or any other DP. 😁❤ 📷 Im also waiting for your ideas, so please share with me as a comment. 📝 Hope you enjoyed the video and it helped you guys. 😁 Don’t forget to thumbs up 👍 and subscribe to my channel. ❤ Have a Nice day ❤ ❤ 📷😎


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    Gd job.keep it up 👍

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    පොඩ්ඩක් හීමිට කරනම් ගොඩක් වටිනවා

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