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Fixing Horrible Photoshop Fails!

September 3, 2019

What’s going on guys? I am Matthias and today we gonna be fixing *Deep voice* PHOTOSHOP FAILS Brian has collected four photoshop fails that maybe I think we previosly reviewed in our photoshop fails series and I am going to do my best to fix these to make them not fails, make them look alot more normal, TO MAKE THEM JUST ACCEPTABLE AS JUST A REGULAR PHOTO Do you think i can do it?
Brian: NO! *TRIGGERED* So the first photo that we have here: bald Justin Bieber what we gotta do we gonna put some hair on Bieber and the best thing we could do at the time like this is probably just grab from Bieber’s hair in the past I bet you he is so popular that I can find a P.N.G. of his hair YEAH hahahahahaha wait we should go old school style, old school style P.N.G. oh yikes mama hahahahahaha lets go back to this one I like this one right P.N.G. put that puppy on there whoopsie you thought this gonna be hard, Bryan but in reality.. oh that doesn’t look right… there you go and there’s Bieber! circa 2002 2010 I don’t know how old is Bieber he’s like 10 right? what do you guys think? Bryan: No… Matthias: NO? Bryan: It’s a P.N.G you need to colour it a little or something cause that looks Matthias: That looks perfect no one would know let’s find Bryan from The Crazie Crew were just gonna get a little silly with this one there we go now it’s fixed now we fixed the photoshop fail hahahahaha lightness out of there take a little bit of saturation BRYAN BIEBER What do you mean, oohh ohh *ten million fangirl screams* Next one up is a FACE SWAP! So we gotta do our best to face swap it back because this, this is a little creepy and this is a good face swap too, I-I-I’m just gonna have to do just a standard face swap here and take the faces do my best tooo get them back to normal I think the only issue that I might have is the fact that the quality’s lower
Bryan: Already making excuses… Let’s do a little flippy flip flip that horizontal That’s not bad we gonna smooth out these edges make it look like that’s him ooh something still not right Bryan:he doesn’t have a chin! Matthias:there i think that a little better something still wrong with it i’m not sure what it is k we gonna do the same thing flip this puppy *squeak* *chatter* yeah that this one looks OK yeah boom you cant even tell the a baby but with the guy something definitely off this guy’s face is defying physics [WOWIE YOU MADE THE GREAT PAPYRUS AMAZED HAVE SOME SPAGHETTI] for me right now Bryan:theres no chin i think that the closest im gonna get thumbs down bryan gave me a thumbs down[im sorry matt]right now but the baby is a thumbs up so i atleast get a 50% which is still a F wait there we go Bryan:thats even worst Matthias:yeah Bryan:he got a blob for a chin whats wrong with photos why cant i fix this photo Bryan:thats look like the naughty professor Matthias:hahahahaha thats the naughty professor he even have a chin let just fix it then the naughty professor is now gonna be holding this baby we need that chin we learned that we need the chin *chatter* *chatter* see now he got a chin should we lightning him up or darken him up which one less racist Bryan said to lighten him up there you go FIXED the nutty professor baby face swap fail fixed hahaha NEXT UP the stylish nerd with a super super long arms We have to somehow get his arm back to normal. I’ma select his arms because I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to play this off I want to keep them both proportioned So I’m going to select them both at the same time Now I have to clean up around it, cleanup around the edges Make it look nice and perfect That helmet is making things a little more complex.


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