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Fixing 3 Horrible PhotoShop Fails!

November 4, 2019

What’s up, guys? I am Matthias. And today, we’re
going to be fixing three [Deep Voice] Photoshop Fails. Some of the worst ever. I’m going to try and reverse them, so that they’re fails no more. All right, the very first
fail happens to be.. this.. man-child who seems
to be rather large and upset about it. His face has been
turned into his chest and his chest has been
turned into his face. We must reverse it. So, we must first isolate — isolate what has become a fail. [In Foreign Accent]
Copy-paste onto new layer. Ooh… Whoopsies. Obvously, we’re gonna have
to select his actual face because we want to put
it back up to where it was. Now that we have this guy, obviously, this is a
relatively simple thing. What we’re gonna do is minimize it.. [Speeded up voice] Look at that! Almost perfect. This one’s difficult. I think maybe they
shifted the size of it. We’re gonna distort this.. I think that’s what happened, we need to go lengthwise a little bit more. And I think that’s what happened. Now, we must go around and
blur it and fix all the edges. Bryan: Wait, does this kid even
know this Photoshop was made of him? Matthias: Oh, who knows, maybe, maybe he knows. Maybe he doesn’t know. Bryan: I mean, who is this
kid? I’ve no i– [Laughs] Matthias: Who is this kid? Don’t feel sorry for him. He had his 15 minutes of fame. All right, now we’re just gonna
do some blurring of some things. You know, make things mesh, make thing belong, you
know what I’m saying. I think we need to
rotate his face slightly. Maybe expand it. Bam pa ra da dam.. Pam paaaam! Bryan: What’s wrong with his face? Matthias: Nothing’s wrong with his face. That’s rude of you! Bryan: No, it’s like.. his left cheek.. Oh, I thought you were done. What are you doing? Matthias: I was fixing it
because you were upset. Bryan: It’s like a clear tan line
between where you inserted his face.. Look at his tummy! He’s got like a severe.. sunburn. [Laughs] Matthias: Now it’s a sunburn! [Laughs] There! There, that’s — that’s him. You know, that’s the best I can do. That’s fixed! Bryan: Okay, I’ll give you that Matthias: This fail has been [Deep voice] fixed! Next up, this one’s creepy. There’s a lot of different
things going on here. We’ve got this dog’s head on this guy, this guy’s arms on this girl, and this girl’s arms on this man. I think that’s it. So, it’s gonna take.. It’s gonna take some
work to get this going. Oh man, this is gonna be difficult. [Speeded up voice] There we go. Already getting there. We’re already getting there. So, now, all we have to do.. is take this girl’s arms, I guess you can say, and do the same thing. [Speeded up voice] She’s going to be
much more difficult. Oh, boy. Now the dog. [Laughs] [Speeded up voice] [Laughs] Bryan: No neck. Matthias: Yeah, he’s just got no neck [Speeded up voice] Man, they made that
dog’s head smaller. Man, see there’s gonna
be a lot of clean-up on this. Clean Up on Aisle 5. Am I right? [Speeded up voice] The guy looks okay. Right? The guy looks okay. The girl.. we’re gonna have a
little bit more trouble with. [Speeded up voice] Well, you can see, maybe she.. Ugh! [Speeded up voice] What we’ve got to do now is take this background photo, and just, like, use this clone tool and just.. Luckily we have a good sample. We have a really great sample
of what everything should look like. [Speeded up voice] Okay, so this is
coming out okay so far. Okay, we’re getting there. Bryan: Why are you sweating? Matthias: I’m sweating. [Pants] I’m nervous. I’m nervous I won’t be able to do it. [Speeded up voice] I messed up.. big time. [Speeded up voice] Then judge it. Judge away, ’cause I’m done. Not bad, right? Bryan: Okay. Matthias: Not bad. See? Here’s the trick. Here’s what we’re gonna do. Merge layers… Bling, bling, bling. Oh, what happened
to the dog down there? [Laughs] Bryan: [Inaudible]
Matthias: And her arms… Her arms kind of disappeared too. Look at the guy, though. He’s like, pre-workout, post-workout. Pre-workout, post-workout. Bryan: I’ll give that to you. Those are good ones. Sweet ones. Matthias: This is going into
the fix hall of fame. Dogs fixed. Someone went out of their way.. to.. essentially destroy a
perfectly good photo of me. I’ve got to do my best to get it back to the original state. I don’t know if this is possible, it seems like a lot of
damage has been done. I’m just gonna have to kind of smudge things back in place, really. Oh, man, this is
not gonna work out, I don’t… Like, maybe Photoshop… I.. There’s… okay tools. Everything’s gonna be really blurry. Maybe if I bump this area right here. And I pinch this area right here. Oh. No. Now it did something else. [Speeded up voice] Oh, man, this is not
gonna be good. Oh, gosh! They really did
some damage on this. [Speeded up voice] For all intents and purposes, I’m not doing a half-bad job here. It’s just.. blurred. This tool blurs and
it doesn’t actually, like, function like it’s supposed to. This isn’t Photoshop, this is Pixelmator. I mean that’s.. [Laughs] That’s the best I can do, it’s horrible but it’s better. Bryan: What? Matthias: The tool didn’t work properly. I.. It just blurred it when I tried to
push it back to the original state. What’s wrong with it? Bryan: Okay. The.. The other picture, the original, that looks more like you than this. Matthias: Shut up! [Bryan Laughs] Guys, make sure
you check out the last Fixing Photoshop Fails right there, click that Info card
to find the next video. Subscribe if you’re new here because we make videos like this 3 times a week. What? Okay, high five!


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