FIX Photoshop Free Transform Tool Forever! 🔴 June 2019 UPDATE of Photoshop CC 2019 🔴

February 2, 2020

Aloha Photoshopers! It’s ya man Doc Rock
what’s up my internet people as you know a few months ago I made a video showing
you how to revert the Photoshop free transform tool back to the old legacy
method. Back in about October of 2018 they broke it nobody knows why but I got
thousands of comments 🙂 hundreds of comments of people saying thank you
they finally made it go back to the way it was compliments to this video that I
posted that showed you how to go in and write a preference file that would
adjust this. Now if you are like me and you have auto-update turned on the dumb
auto update you will find out when you woke up the other day and you clicked on
Photoshop in version 20.0.5 it was back to broken again
or was it fixed or was it broken it just depends on how you see it let me open
this up real quick just to give you an idea. If I grab this brick wall in the
modern Photoshop the modern Photoshop you can just grab a corner and you pull
it and it stays properly proportioned that was the point of Adobe’s update
it’s easier and I would say yeah it’s kind of easier if you didn’t already
have 30 years of doing it the other way I’m sorry I’m old, a curmudgeon I don’t
want to learn in the way I got new cats in my comments that don’t want to learn
the new way so before the update you are able to fix a preference file and that
would adjust it so everything would work but the meaning behind what they want you to
do is they want you to hold the shift key when you want a break transform like
such if you I’m holding shift key now and I can break transform but if that’s
not your swag you can just touch it close it and it works but again that’s
not you it’s not me we’re gonna put it back but they made it easier
no more coding for all of the people in my comments who couldn’t find the secret
hidden folder and turn around three times while saying beelzebub you don’t
have to do that anymore check it out folks here’s a new update in 20.0.5. command+K on this computer it might be control + K on what you roll with
I know you can just go up in the menu here and under here you’ll see
preferences on the very first tab under general there is use legacy transform
there it is right here in that first row of settings closer to the bottom use
legacy transform if you click that and you press ok now when you grab this if I
hold down the shift key it does what it should if I hold down shift in option
it should scale in place as it should look it’s working it’s working the way
we like it the way that’s the old way or the new old way or the old old way it
doesn’t matter Aloha folks we got it back and thank you to the people in the
comments of my old video that was saying Doc is broken please help me fix it
because you forced me to dive in and start reading crap that nobody else
supposed to read I’m your dude I’m gonna do who reads stuff if you don’t like to
read press the subscribe button now press the bell to be notified in case
you don’t want to read again and I read it and I figured it out just save
yourself some time I’ll be that guy you pop the beers I’ll do the readin’ I got you
covered press subscribe thank you so much to my subscribers and think it’s
all the comments from the whole video but I hope this helps you put the old
way back to the new old way it’s confusing do it how you like it there
are a couple other updates in those options I’ll get to that in a different
video for right now I just wanted a quick fix to update “The Doc Squad”
blowing Doc Rock Tips on how to put Photoshop the way you like it it’s
almost like Photoshop Burger King although our people Mahalo for watching you

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