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Five Nights at Freddy’s – The Full Movie (NEW ENDING!) [Tony Crynight]

October 30, 2019

-Hello, my dear! -Hello, my dear! -Who’s there? -Just a friend… Don’t be afraid! -Who are you? -I’m just a solitary kind of rabbit. I’ve been living here for years… Alone. The dark is my only companion. -I-I’m sorry… I didn’t know someone else lived here. I’m going somewhere else… -I’d like you to stay here a little longer. I haven’t talked to anyone for such a long
time… You know, it’s awful when people avoid you,
when people hate you… You feel lonely, helpless… and there’s nothing
you can do about it. -I know, I know what you mean. What’s your name? – They call me… Springtrap! – Springtrap?! – Your wonder makes me suppose you’ve already
heard this name… – Well… yes… s-sometimes… – I don’t have a good reputation, do I, Mangle? – What? N-no. I mean… Wait… How do you know my name? – I know a lot of things. Poor Chica, poor Bonnie… They were only trying to help you! And you almost destroyed them! You ruined everything. Now Foxy hates you. There’s nobody on your side. You’re as lonely as I am. – It’s true… I’ve ruined everything. – That’s why I’m asking you to stay with me… – Stay with you? – Stay with me forever… – As my bride! – What?! – You heard me, Mangle! Marry me, and we will reign together over
this place! – I can’t marry you!… I love Foxy! – Foxy doesn’t like you anymore… Nobody does! – Deal with it! It’s your only chance, my dear! – Me… or nobody! – Then nobody is my choice! – I knew you would have said that… – But I took some precautions! – What’s that? – A sort of remote control. I found it in the old warehouse of the pizzeria… – This little device can reset an animatronic
at a distance of twenty yards… – Each animatronic has its own… This in particular… – Belongs to Foxy! – What do you mean? – If you reject me, Foxy will be… erased! -I just need to push this small button, and
everything he has done, thought or wished… – Will be lost… Forever! – You can’t say that, please! Please don’t do it! – Oh, that all depends on you! – Marry me, Mangle… And Foxy will live! – Oh, well… The choice is yours… I’m gonna go find Foxy and… – No, stop! Please… – I’ll accept. – You clever girl… – Okay… So now what? – The only thing left to do is split up! – Me and Chica will go right. Bonnie: go left! – Oh! Well, you know guys… Maybe we should-ah… – Bonnie is right! We’re never gonna find her this way! We need a plan! – Yeah! We’ll get Fre-! – A plan!? Guys, seriously? It’s a pizza place! – It is! And that’s why we should get Fredd-! – We’ll just have to keep searching! But we can’t do that on our own! – That’s what I’ve been trying to te-! – We need some help! – Well, why didn’t you say so sooner? Follow me! – Stop looking at me like that! – Three… Two… One… A-ah! – Hi, Freddy! – Ah! Somehow I knew you guys were gonna show up! – Hi freddy
– Ah! Somehow I knew you guys were gonna show up. – So… the four of us, finally together… What could go wrong? Well, I doubt you guys just came here to say
“hello”! What’s the problem? – Eheh, um… Mangle disappeared… – No kidding! You mean after you suddenly made her name
make sense? – Ahahahahaha! Uhh- oh… – There’s no time for jokes! Mangle tried to destroy Chica and Bonnie,
then she ran off somewhere… – Oh, interesting! And what am I supposed to do about it? – You have free access to the security cameras! You’re the only one who can find her! – I’ve been watching you, guys! And
now you want me to get involved? Count… me… out! – But Freddy…! – Hey! I got better things to do! Like… Counting… these… bills… – Yeah! That sure looks fun! Why are you
counting bills anyway?! – Oh, come on, Freddy! It’ll be fun! All we gotta do is just find Mangle and bring
her back here! And then we won’t bother you
anymore! Promise! – Well… Alright! – Woo hoo! – But once we find her, that’s it! I have better things to do than
to get caught up in you guys ridiculous robo-romantics. – Better things to do? – Hey! Someone’s gotta run this place! – Mmh… They’re on
their way! Very well… Don’t worry, my little bowel bug! Everything
is going as planned! Welcome to my lovely kingdom, my queen!I hope
you’re quite confortable! You know, I wasn’t completely sincere with
you… Now that we’re married, I suppose I can let
you in on my little plan… – What are you talking about? – Oh, it’s quite simple, my dear! You see, a
long time ago, this place wasn’t known as “Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza”… It belonged to
me, and to a very old friend of mine… Mr.
Fredbear! We were a glorious duo, Fredbear worked for
business and, I did the entertainment. Those
were the days! But then, one day, a new animatronic
arrived to the pizzeria: it was Freddy. He
had great ideas, great projects… Just a
little too great! He wanted to transform the
restaurant, add new robots. But Fredbear didn’t
agree. Their rivalry soon crossed the line,
and one night, Fredbear and I tried to destroy Freddy. Something went wrong, and eventually
Freddy prevailed… My old friend Fredbear
was crushed. Freddy banished me from the pizzeria,
and told me not to come back… But I wasn’t
going to go away that easily… I remained
hidden in the old warehouse, my new kingdom, and I kept watching for a long time… Mangle!I know how you feel! – I don’t understand! It’s not like that at
all, I’m sure he would forgive you, just… please… let me go, I…! -I need you, here and now! I’ve waited for
too long, Mangle! -Too long… for what? What does this have
to do with me?! -In all these years, I kept myself quite busy! It’s time to finally set things right… – What is this? What’re you trying to do?! – Isn’t it obvious!?! It’s Fred Bear! I re-built him! Piece by piece, I’ve used all the original
parts that I could find… Well, almost… – This doesn’t have anything to do with me! what did I ever do to you to-
– Actuaaaally it does.. you see, Mangle, Freddy has used some parts of Fredbear to build the
new animatronics… Mostly, it was just a bunch of bolts. Nothing really important… But unfortunately, the chip containing his
personality was taken too… – You’re insane… – I was searching for that chip everywhere,
and finally I found it! Because I found you!! – It’s inside you, Mangle! The chip… is inside you… – No! You’re lying! – I’ve read the drafts of the projects…
there’s no doubt about it! Fredbear’s essence is contained within you! Naturally, the chip was dormant, but… I’ve found the way to wake it up again! – And what will happen to me when you wake
him up? – You… will sadly be turned off to allow
my friend to live, but… it’s a necessary sacrifice. – I had everything I could wish for… Foxy loved me, and I love him too… it was
the beginning of something new.. and now it’s all turned. I miss my body. I miss my friends… I hope they will forgive me, I hope Foxy will
forgive me… – I forgive you Springtrap. – Springtrap? I forgive you… – Mangle! Are you here? Please, come out! We’re not angry! – She’s gotta be here… The cameras record the entire pizzeria, except
this old warehouse, and she wasn’t anywhere on the monitors! – Mangle!! Come on, don’t do this to us! Where are you?! – Well, well… It’s been a long, long time… Hasn’t it, Freddy? – That voice..? It can’t be! – Oh, yes! It can… It really can! – Springtrap!? But how?! I thought you were… – …Gone? Well, sadly for you, I’ve never left actually… And I’ve waited so long only to get what I
wanted… Our revenge! – “Our”?! What do you mean by “our”? Have you been living in the past this whole
time? Times have changed! Your partner is dead and… – …Where is she?! – Oh, the loving fox… Looking for his beauty… Don’t worry, Mangle’s here… But… I’m afraid she won’t hear you… – Apparently surprises never arrive alone,
Freddy Fazbear… Look! Look what I have done!! – It’s me…!! – Get him Fredbear… – You don’t have a chance Fredbear, you’re
gonna fall, just like last time! – It’s meeeee..! – Is that the only thing you can say!? – Fredbear, no! – Out.. with the old… – In….with.. the new!! – Your dear Mangle… she was so useful for
my plans, Foxy… I’m so sorry, I had to switch her off to bring
Fredbear back! But don’t be sad, she’s still living inside
him, locked away… You should feel delighted.. I did her a favor! Now she doesn’t have to look like THIS anymore. – No, Freddy, stop! Mangle is not dead, she must be inside that
monster somehow… I-I don’t know what it means, but maybe there’s
a way to bring her back… A button, a lever, there must be something! – Give my greetings to Mangle…!! -Foxy! -What the hell did you do to him!? Foxy! Come on, what’s wrong with you!? -This…is my revenge… our revenge… Freddy… Freddy Fazbear, I wasn’t born a monster. I was made a monster by you. And I will die a monster… -Freddy, look out!! -No, Fredbear! -Mangle! Don’t do this! I know you’re in there! Just wake up! -Oh… my head! W-What happened!? -Mangle… Foxy loved you so much… does that mean anything
to you? -It’s meeeh… -It’s YOU, Mangle… I know you’re there! Look at him, look at him! Is THIS what you want? -Oh… Uh-oh… I’m back! -Mangle… I’m… sorry… It’s all my fault! -I’m sorry too… -What happened to Foxy? -I don’t know, Springtrap pushed a button
and he fell… He could be stunned… or reset… -R-reset…! -I’ll fix him, don’t worry. – Foxy! Foxy! Do you remember me? – Any news? – Not really, but I’ve seen the receipts,
and this month seems a bit better than the last. – Good. Maybe people are finally starting to like
Foxy again, even though… well, you know… – Yeah. We all know… – You don’t have to be sorry, it’s not your
fault, Chica. – I don’t think I’ll ever be able to accept
this. – I’m still trying to study the manuals, maybe
there’s still a solution. Just don’t be sad, Chica, I can’t stand it… – I know that you will never get your memories
back, Foxy… but I don’t care… When I look at you, deep down, I know you’ll
always be the same fox that I gave my heart to, no matter what… Maybe it’s just a matter of time, but… I hope that one day you’ll look at me
and… feel the same… Memories are one thing, but… deep down there’s
something… something more… – Duuude, that was so cheesy!


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