October 9, 2019

oh damn hello you I’m speaking English yeah my name is Jana Marie I’m from Finland and the reason why I’m speaking English is that I’m gonna do now my first kpop reaction the reason why I’m doing a kpop reaction in English is because I need views the reason why I’m doing a k-cup reaction in English is that the place that I’m coming from there isn’t any people of my age who are watching kpop and hopefully some of you will somehow find my video and response that yes there are other people of your age who do not listen kpop and enjoy new girl divinity deputing probably butchering that work right now but I’ve seen it’s his members previous work before this debuted and I mean I hope that I’m not putting my hopes too high because it’s a group it’s not a it it’s not about the individual but it’s about a group but there are so many talented persons in that group already I hope that the Korea Cree correct oh my god I hope that the dance will show what they really can do and really they would push the boundaries what is thought of strong female dance in girl groups I don’t know did you understand anything what I’m saying because it’s so hard to explain my thoughts in English but now I want to watch the music video I am so excited oh my god it started I don’t know how I’m gonna be able to explain or Express what I’m seeing and what I’m thinking because there are subtitles and they’re in English and I should be able to read them and focus on the music and focus on the dance and the group so I reckon my first reaction my first kpop reaction will be a train wreck but I hope you enjoyed let’s go okay so this is from teaser with bags and emulator who change their clothes in the elevator girls okay let’s go okay okay starts in the same way okay [Music] yes sorry okay she’s the cute abide on foot okay I can feel the drop okay okay sue I’m so sorry the colors I really like putting me off I’m just so sure okay I have to pause because I can’t speak at the same time that I’m watching this the colors are like such like I really really enjoy the colors I gotta say with the houses in the background okay I’m trying to go on but I’m I’m a bit like going like Oh that’s weird that they took that part to the teaser it’s exactly the same let dog that changes color is so cool [Music] I’m trying to listen the chorus they’re singing about loving themselves which I do stand for [Music] standing on to the cars just a bit commercial I’m not sure what I’m thinking about the music style and it goes back to the chorus can I say that I’m disappointed I don’t want to say that way I felt very beautiful and they’re so good at dancing I really enjoy the small parts that I’m seeing I knew that I shouldn’t be waiting so much I don’t want to be disappointed but I’m just a bit the chorus is coming I gotta say that that one where they are doing this and then that’s good like this part in the tunnel is so good this is actually interesting this the crown because I’ve used to see this as this kind of signature move for a New Zealand dance group royal family I think they are always doing this at the end of their routines or at the beginning or in like this is their room so that’s why I’m like a bit like why they are doing this looking at the dance there it wasn’t for me like such an impact or like I was so excited goddamn why is why am I like this but yeah this was my reaction to its ease Dola Dola and I am a bit disappointed of the song for me it sounded so much like everything else it didn’t hit me as as I’m being different it didn’t give me that kind of feeling I think that these girls are so talented based on everything else they have done before this debuted I’m so waiting for what happen to them in the future it doesn’t mean that I hate them it doesn’t mean that I want to support them what they are doing I just if I don’t like it are usually just it doesn’t go on my playlist I do watch their live shows I’m really waiting for them will the song actually go grow into me but as a first reaction it didn’t do much for me let’s have that it see dances well yeah hopefully you enjoyed this if you share my opinions or if you have other things in mind that I didn’t know about it see or whatever please leave a comment down below and please make sure that I know that there are people who watch kpop who are my age who feel old and if you love me to do more videos about kpop or in English please leave a comment I appreciate them all love yourself share love see you later I

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