Fire Anything in Photoshop Using ONLY Brushes – Photoshop Tutorial

November 1, 2019

What You’ll Be Learning! Hello Again. Let’s start by creating a New Layer Change color to #ff9c00 You can find these brushes in the video description First 11 brushes are a basic brushes and the rest are custom brushes modified through brush settings. Select “Fire Final 1” brush to create the fire base Reduce brush size to fit the object you are going to fire Start painting over the layer that you’ve created Increase brush size Duplicate and change to Vivid Light Duplicate again and change to Color Dodge Hold CTRL and point over thumb then click when your cursor be like that. Create a mask with the selection. Create a black solid color at the bottom to add a black tone to the flame. This would enrich the fire and make it more realistic Convert to Smart Object From Select>Color Range you can remove the black color again Select the black color then set Fuzziness to 100~150 Add Layer Mask Select the mask, then, Press CTRL+I to invert the mask to select the flame only. Now, after the flame got a black tone, we removed the black background Hold CTRL over the mask and click to select the flame Select the “Background” layer and press CTRL+J to create a layer from the selection, then, drag it to the very top Change Blend Mode to Linear Dodge (Add) Clip mask a curves layer to the flame layer to adjust it Now, repeat the previous steps to create another flame 1- Select the proper brushes and set the color to #ff9c00 I’m using the same previous brush 2-Create a New Layer and Paint over it To undo press ALT+CTR+Z Keep testing till you get satisfied with the result You can also use the other basic brushes as seen Keep changing Brush Rotation Use another brush 3- Duplicate>>Vivid Light, Duplicate again>>Color Dodge 4-Select with CTRL+Click then create a layer mask 5-Create a black color–>Convert all to Smart Object–>Remove black color again with Color Range 6- Change Blend Mode to Screen and clip mask a Curves layer. I feel that the flame here is transparent a bit! Duplicate both layers with CTRL+J if needed to increase flame density Create another one with the same previous steps Select “Fire Final 2” Brush this time Start painting Group all “Fire” Create another larger transparent flame with “Fire Brush 2” Reduce Opacity I’ll skip the other steps since they’re the same as the previous ones Great! Drag them to the “Fire” group You can create another flame layers if you need Now, Let’s add a smoke Create a New layer Below “Fire” group and paint with “Smoke Final 1” brush with black color Create another layer to add a white smoke with brush “Smoke Final 5” and white color Group them “Smoke” Create a New Layer With a Round Brush #ff9c00 start painting over the deer Reduce both Opacity and Flow Change Blend Mode to Overlay Duplicate the “Fire” group and convert to a smart object Add Gaussian Blur 70px to it Change Blend Mode to Overlay and Opacity to 30% Double-click to open Layer Style Add Outer Glow as seen This will add a soft red glow to the fire Let’s add some fire sparks to the scene Select brush “Particles1” and with a white color paint over a new layer Create another new layer and fill these empty areas with the other brush Let’s add layer style to both layer Add Inner Glow Add Outer Glow Copy and Paste Layer Style to the other layer Let’s add some Adjustment Layers Add Vibrance Add Gradient Map Change Opacity to 45% Add Color Balance Add black solid color From Filter Gallery>Textures>Grain to add some noise Thanks for watching!

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