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Find The HIDDEN Brushes, Icons, and Patterns Inside Photoshop! [Creative Cloud Market]

September 2, 2019

Welcome back to another very exciting tutorial
here at the My name is Jesus Ramirez and you can find
me in Instagram @JRfromPTC. In this video, I’m going to show you how to
get free Patterns, Vectors, UI Elements and Brushes in Photoshop. As some of you may know, I do a lot of traveling. I speak at a lot of conferences and this is
something that I usually show at conferences and it always surprises me how many people
don’t know about it so I decided to make a video about it. So here we are in Photoshop and some of you
may know that if you open up your Creative Cloud app, there is a section called Assets,
so I’m going to click on that and from this section, you can download different elements
on to Photoshop. You can click on this dropdown and you have
User Interfaces, Vectors, Icons, Patterns, and Brushes. I’m not going to go through all the categories,
but some of the more useful ones are Icons. So, if you’re designing a website and you
need something like a Facebook logo, you can just type in Facebook and you get different
Facebook logos that you can download onto the Creative Cloud so that you can use them
on your design. So, if you wanted to use this button here,
you can just click on the Download button and you can select the library. And I have this library titled “Assets Tutorial,”
so I’m going to select it and I’m going to move this to the side and it’s going to come
up in my Libraries panel in the Assets Tutorial library and there it is. So, I can click and drag it into my working
document and this is a smart object. You can see the icon here is linking to the
Cloud, but if I double-click on it, it opens up and I can make adjustments to it if need
be. I’m going to close this and we’re going to
look at a couple of other things. I’m just going to delete this layer, so I’m
going to hit the Delete key. I want to bring the Creative Cloud app back
and I’m going to clear that search. And you can also type in Icon set so that
you get a whole bunch of icon sets like this here so that you can use on your designs. So, that is really useful when you’re creating
websites or apps in Photoshop. Another thing that you can look for is Patterns. So I’m going to select Patterns and, again,
you can just search for something or just go down the list and look at all the different
patterns that you can download. So this could be backdrops for your photography
or it could be patterns to be used on your designs. You could use them for anything that you like. So, you can select something like this pattern
here. Once again, I’m going to add it into the Assets
Tutorial library. I want to move this to the side and you can
see it uploading here. Some of these may be vectors and if you double-click
on them, they will open in Illustrator. If they’re bitmapped images, they’ll open
up in Photoshop. So, I’ll double-click on this one. This particular one is an SVG. If I hover over it, you can see, and you can
see that Illustrator is opening up and you can see the vectors that make up that image. I’m not going to make any changes to it, but
I could if I wanted to, so I can just drop this in here and I can scale it up. It’s a vector image so scaling it up will
not pixelate it and then, I can just hold Ctrl, Command on the Mac, click in the layer
thumbnail to make a selection around that object, then go to Image and crop, then I
can go into Edit, Define Pattern and now this will be a pattern that I could use for anything
I want. So you can rename it if you want to. I’m just going to call it “Pattern 1” and
I’m going to press OK. And I’m actually going to Undo the crop, disable
that layer, press Ctrl D, Command D, to deselect, and I’m just going to create a Pattern Fill
layer and look at that pattern there, so then I can click and drag this pattern around;
it’s seamless. I can scale it to maybe 50% or 25% and, again,
I can move it around. And now that it’s a layer, I can adjust it
anyway that I want and obviously, I have access to the Blending Modes. And, finally, the last thing that I want to
show you is you can download brushes and this is really powerful because you can now simply
look for the type of brushes that you need for your compositing projects or whatever
project you’re working with. So, I’m just going to close this and I’m going
to go into Brushers, and I can just type Clouds. It looks for clouds and it’s under All Categories,
so I need to change the two brushes, and there you go. I have access to all these cloud brushes,
so I’ll just select this very first one here, just to see how that one works, so I’m going
to add it into my Asset Tutorial library and I want to move this back out, and it’s loading
on to my library, there it is. If I double-click on it, it selects the brush
that I downloaded and I can select the background, and I can start painting with my brush and
maybe I can bring the opacity down and continue painting these clouds. So, as you can see, you have a lot of options
of the things that you can download into Photoshop and start using them right away for your projects. Also, we didn’t go through everything. You can also download User Interfaces if you’re
a designer, so you can download Calendars, Phone mockups, all kinds of things. There’s a whole bunch of things available
for you to download. So, just remember, it’s in the Creative Cloud
app under Assets and Market, and you have all these different categories. If this was new to you, let me know in the
Comments. If it wasn’t new to you, then maybe leave
a comment letting people know the useful things that you have downloaded to help you with
their projects. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll talk
to you again soon.


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    Hi! I am creative cloud (Photographers) member for a long time ($ 9.90 per month member) . I just tried to download a brush as shown in your video. However, I get the following message: "Market Assets are a premium features…available only to "all apps" and "single app" members. This surprises me, because your video did not mention it. Please clarify. Priyaranjan Desai

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    Creative Cloud Market is a collection of high-quality, curated content for creatives by creatives, available to all paid Creative Cloud members except photography plan customers.

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