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Final Cut Pro Tutorial: How To Add Animated Titles and Text

September 5, 2019

– Hey, it’s Justin Brown
here from Primal Video. Titles add a whole new
element to your videos. They help you emphasize
points, they help you keep your viewers
engaged, and they help you break up any static videos. There are a few ways to do it. We’ve covered previously how you can make good looking titles, animations
using Adobe After Effects and I’ll put a link on screen now, and below in the description,
but if using Final Cut Pro, we’re going to cover how you
can do some awesome titles from inside Final Cut Pro
and where you can get some great templates from to get your started. (electronic music) Now Final Cut does have titles built in, but they’re standard and pretty boring. You can also create
titles using Apple Motion. But for 18-20 you can get
a template from VideoHive that matches your style, or
your branding, and you can easily set it up and control
it from within Final Cut. This also means you don’t
need to know how to use, or you don’t need to own
Apple Motion, either. Each template has a slightly
different ways of changing things up, and different level of control, but fundamentally, all
the settings are the same. To start off with, head to and come up here to Apple Motion. So you can see, you can
also get video displays, openers, logo stings,
elements and other cool things in here as well. For purpose of this video,
we’re going to click on titles. These are the title template
packs that are available here. If we put our mouse over
them, they’ll start to play. (electronic music) These are examples of the
template files you can purchase and download and use in Final Cut. Just looking at the
prices, $14, $22, 22, 22… Let’s start with this one. This particular one is the
one that we use for a lot of our titles at Primal Video, so some of these might look familiar. (electronic music) Cool, so when you’ve
found one that you like, add it to your cart,
purchase it, download it, and what you’ll end up is a ZIP file. Extract that by double clicking on it. Open that file up. And here, read me first. Should always up the read
me file so it tells you step by step how to install it. Each one is going to
be slightly different, this one is saying to
install all these fonts, so these are all the fonts
that are going to be used in the templates. And down here it tells you
how to install the theme for Final Cut whether you’ve
got motion installed or you don’t have motion installed. It’s literally just copy the folder into the Final Cut plugins folder. Once you’ve got your templates installed, head back into Final Cut. Now when you want to add a title, which is up here in the new version, and under titles we’ll see the templates that we just bought. Putting your mouse over them
and sliding the cursor around will show you what they
actually look like. You can see just for the
one purchase of $22 US, we’ve got a heap of awesome
titles in here that we can use in our videos. Then it’s just a matter
of selecting the title you want to use, dragging
it down into your timeline, we can see there as we just
scrub across, it will animate, no, maybe I’ve got to play it. There you go, so that’s
the title straight out. If we click on it and we come up here and this is where we can edit it. The icon with the T or the
title inspector is where you’ll find most of the options. The build in and out is to
turn on and off the animation to build the title in or
animate in and to build out or animate out. Obviously here text 01,
first line of text goes here. Second line of text goes here. So we could do something like… Justin Brown… PRIMAL VIDEO. All the rest of the settings here, are just to customize that up. Adjust frame length, adjust the frame width,
make it thicker or thinner, we can… adjust the center
line width which was part of that animation in there. Scrub through slowly. That’s that center line right
there, so we can make that thinner or thicker. We can also change the colors
of everything in here as well. We’ve got a great level of
control over the titles. If you want to change the
fonts, come up here to the text inspector. That will let us change the fonts. And change the text position,
change the font size, all of these sorts of things,
we’ve really got a great level of control over the title. All of this is directly from our timeline. We haven’t gone out to
Apple Motion, all of this is done live in our editing
software and when we hit play, it just plays back. If you want to pick the
title up and move it around, then you’ll come over here
to the video inspector and under position we can
adjust the x and y position. If we want to put it down
in the bottom left corner, then we can just make
these adjustments here. So those are really quick examples. Let’s grab another one now to show you, this is one that we use quite often, I’ll drop this one down. Double click on it, edit the text. POINT 1. What we would normally do it
we would copy and paste this, so command C, and command V, My point one… I’ll extend those out so they
run the same amount of time. POINT 1 will come on and then we’ve got POINT 2… That we’ll change to POINT 2. And we would adjust the
position of this one. What you’ll see here
when we play this back. POINT 1 comes on when we’re
talking about POINT 1. Then when we’re talking about
POINT 2, POINT 2 comes on. In this case, we’ve got them
here so they both finish at the same time, so you’ll
see in just a second, they’ll both animate out at the same time. That’s really powerful and
really simple and all for $22 US. That’s just insane. Make sure you check out If you’ve found this video
helpful, make sure you give us a thumbs up. Now that your titles are
sorted, another big element is the music, so here’s a
video with our recommendations on where to source the
music for your videos.


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