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Filmora Pro Versus Adobe Premiere Pro Honest Review

September 6, 2019

Hey everyone and welcome back to Gal in
this video I’m going to be comparing Filmora Pro to Adobe Premiere Pro now
Filmora Pro is far less expensive than Premiere but is it a worthy alternative
let’s start with what it has compared to Premiere Pro if you’re looking for
something similar to the editing interface as Premier Filmora Pro has it
this is what Filmora Pro looks like when you first open up and start a new
project and this is what Premiere Pro looks like can you see the similarities?
Filmora Pro just like Premiere also has dedicated workspaces that you can use
for color audio text and titles you can also customize the entire workspace and
then save it as your own Filmora Pro also has a media panel which is similar
to Premiere Pro project panel here you can create folders in your media panel
and you can import video photos as well as music unlike Premiere Pro when you
open up Filmora a timeline is already open and it’s not called a timeline it’s
called an editor so you can click on the gear icon to customize the editors frame
size and frame rate and what I really like is that you can choose from
multiple different types of presets like Instagram or even some GoPro settings
and I really like that it has Instagram because in Premiere Pro they do not have
those presets just YouTube Facebook Twitter stuff like that and then for
timeline tools you can customize the track sizes and also rename them and
insert new tracks the editing tools include the selection tool the cut tool
slip edits rate stretch tool and most importantly the snapping tool that gets
clips together so all of that is the same as Premiere Pro and of course you
can customize your keyboard shortcuts from the Preferences panel so you can
use the same keyboard shortcuts as a Premiere as for playback and resolution
this is where I think Filmora pro needs a little bit of work so you can hit play
in your timeline and you’ll notice right now in my timeline I have 2.7 K footage
shot on a DJI Osmo 30 frames per second but as I play it back it
gets delayed and it kind of freezes and I’ve tried a few different settings I’ve
tried reducing the playback resolution but there are still issues with the
playback so I think this is an area that can definitely use some improvements
because the last thing you want to have to do is export to see how your final
video looks like in Premiere you can render out the timeline just by hitting
Enter and then you can watch it back without any issues as for titles and
motion presets there are also title templates built in just like Premiere
Pro except they are not called motion graphics templates like in Premiere Pro
you can also buy additional title templates from Wondershares film stock
library Filmora Pro also has drag and drop effects just like in Premiere Pro
and it has a lot more to it has effects like light leak transitions film grains
even some two-tone looks in Premiere Pro you have to buy those extra effects
to get those it also has all of the core color effects including curves luts
vibrancy temperature and more and I was actually surprised by this if you go in
the color workspace you can see that they also have scopes as well so you can
actually read the visual color data it also has a controls panel where you can
keyframe your effects and also just transform the basic clip tools such as
scale and position and of course it has export so you can export a video just by
using in and out points or exporting all of the contents now things that it does
not have you cannot have multiple timelines open at once you can only work
in one editor at a time also there are no adjustment layers as of yet in
Filmora Pro for applying Universal effects to multiple Clips at once and it
does not have a lumetric color panel like in Premiere Pro to make Universal
color grading and color correction effects it does not have an essential
sound panel where you can make Universal audio adjustments to any type of audio
and it does not have audio hardware preferences to record audio directly
into it like in Premiere Pro but overall for the money
Filmora Pro gets the job done it’s only a $149 so it’s definitely worth it
I do think though that it needs some major improvements and I know that
it’s probably only in the beginning stage definitely need some work on the
playback and rendering and some panels that will just help with overall color
and audio adjustments so what do you guys think about Filmora Pro? if
you guys think it’s worth a shot you guys can use my link in the description
to get it for free and you can use all the functionality it will just have a
watermark when you export and then once you decide if you want to actually use
it you can purchase it to remove that watermark and lastly a huge shout-out to
my long-standing patrons Kofi O. Dexter E. Nova Nando Studio Rod B. L K Loop Vince O. and Jerry P. let’s get to 100 patrons just go to to
join and you’ll get some free video stuff each month thanks so much for your
support and I’ll see you guys next time bye


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    The very reasons I stick with Premiere Pro. Thanks for the side by side.

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    There is so many softwares today ! Plenty of choice for beginners and pro, options and price. Thanks Gal for the review !!

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    Ita about time someone did an honest reivew on this, rocking always P. G 😊

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    i installed the latest version AFTER EFFECT CC 2019 , whenever i open after effect cc 2019 the pop up message shows that " AFTER EFFECT CAN'T CONTINUE: STANDARD 3D MODULE IS MISSING "
    can you please solve that problem how to fix ??? i am using Window 10 pro

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    I drive a Corvette. It has a supercharger. It handles like a race car. My friend has an AMC Gremlin. Both are "cars" right? Software is a tool. Use the software that allows you do what you need to do. For me, I'll stay with the Corvette and Premiere Pro, because After Effects, Photoshop, etc… all working together. The Gremlin gets the job done. The Corvette gets the job done, but with some "extras."

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    What do y’all think? If you’re looking for a less expensive option, are you going to give Filmora Pro a try?

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    I would like to stick to Premiere Pro, as I am quite used to it now.

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    Very useful software comparison. What about multicam in Filmora?

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    I just unsubscribed from your channel as I don't see why you would use "Honest Review" as a Click Bait, when it only appears to be about getting your viewers to click your affiliate program link at the end of the video?

    Although objective enough, I just feel that you are dumbing down on the great stuff that you have done previously. Which is a shame, but I recognize that the advanced content is more expensive to produce than reading out the marketing script (web page) from Filmora.

    As other have said in the comment section to this video, there are other NLE's that could have benefitted from a comparison – such as Davinchi Free Resolve, and adding the Free Avid Media Composer First to that as well. But if neither of those is offering you an affiliate link, then that might be a step too far…

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    Awesome! Thank you for doing this review. I think Filmora Pro will be formidable once they work out they work out the kinks.

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