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Filmora Intro Effects | Make Your Intros POP with Filmora 9!

November 11, 2019

Intros can be a super cool thing to
have in your videos and you can make a lot of different types in Filmora… like
this! Stick around, I’ll show you how Hit the subscribe button and click the
notification bell to be part of the conversation. We’re going to use a few tricks today that I haven’t talked a lot about before. The first thing we need to
do is create the text graphic that we want to use for our intro For this one, I made it all about me. Like I don’t do that every week, right? So I spelled out my name. but you can use any words or font or even text motion available in Filmora 9 That you want to use for your intro to make it exactly the way you want yours to look The only thing you have to do, is to make sure that you create white letters on a black background. Got it? White letters black
background Next, we want to bounce this footage Bouncing is something I’ll talk
about more in the future But all that means is taking the tracks you’re currently working with exporting them at a high resolution and bringing that
footage back into Filmora Once we our bounced text footage back into Filmora you’ll need to find yourself some other footage that you think looks
really cool. I found this footage of a sunset over the water looking at a city
skyline on This totally reminds me of my old stomping grounds in Boston, Massachusetts so I went with this one Next, bring the footage you think is
cool down into the main timelin Then, bring the bounced text footage into the track above it Now here’s where the magic happens Click on the bounced text
footage and in the upper left click on “compositing” In the blending mode
drop-down, choose either Darken or Multiply Both will work for this effect I happen to like multiply because it’s a bit more crisp around the edges the minute you activate it you’ll instantly see that your background image
now shows through the white letters of your text. How cool is that? But to really make your intro pop, Go to your background track and use Filmora’s color adjustment tools To really push them over the edge For my intro, I really pumped up the orange and red colors and I also added audio effects to make
the entire thing seem more powerful I zoomed in for a couple of frames and then I added the free suspense impact sound effect Which is available from the
Halloween sounds pack in the Filmora library to give my intro that extra bang
for its buck I’ve mentioned this before I’ve mentioned this before, but there are a ton of free effects that you can download from Filmora right now and I’ll put a link in the upper right
hand corner in the description below to show you how to find them. I put all of these very simple elements together and… Voila.


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