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Filmora Hidden Features | Have You Seen These?

February 26, 2020

There are hidden features in Fillmora9 that I bet you didn’t even know existed and today I’m gonna talk about
three of them all of which can be found under the Preferences menu number one
the default duration settings the first option is photo duration photo duration
allows you to see how many frames or seconds of space that you want any image
you use in your project to occupy bring a photo down into your timeline and
you’ll see this setting in action here’s five frames and here’s one frame this
can be super important if you’re trying to create any kind of animation where
you need your images to only occupy a single frame transition duration has a
similar function allowing you to control the preset amount of time in frames or
seconds that the transitions in your timeline will last make them shorter or
longer depending on which you tend to use more often and you can always adjust
them individually in your timeline afterwards the effect duration much like
the other duration features this allows you to control the preset amount of time
in frames or seconds that the effects which you bring down into your timeline
will last these can also be adjusted individually afterwards as well
freeze duration now some of you might be thinking what the heck is a freeze so
let me show you if you right-click on any piece of footage in your timeline
while the playhead is placed somewhere within that segment in the menu which
opens up you’ll see the ability to add a freeze frame
this will automatically capture a freeze frame of whatever frame the playhead is
currently on and insert it where the playhead currently sits use that freeze
duration to set the default amount of frames or seconds you’d like those
freeze frames to exist for you can individually adjust these freeze frames
afterwards by left clicking on the green bar that defines it and dragging either
end to modify either where the freeze frame begins or how long you want that
freeze frame to last the second feature you may not know about is photo
placement there are three options in the photo placement feature and by default
the first is fit fit will take any photo you bring into your timeline and make it
fit the preview window based upon which ever is larger the whip
or the height and bring that dimension as far outward from the center as your
project window allows within that preview window crop to fit this will
take the image you bring into your timeline and take the shorter of the two
dimensions the width or the height and bring that dimension as far outward from
Center as your project allows within the preview window pan and zoom will add the
default centered pan and zoom effect to whatever piece of footage or image you
bring down into your timeline and apply it over the length of that clip the
longer your clip the slower your pan and zoom you can adjust this effect
individually afterwards by right-clicking on your content in the
timeline and choosing crop and zoom and then pan and zoom if you put multiple
pieces of content back-to-back filmora will alternate the zoom for each
starting with the inward zoom and then shifting to the outward zoom on the next
and so on the third and final feature is insert mode insert mode allows you to
define how an image or piece of footage will be inserted into your project the
first option is split selected track only and insert if your track is
selected in your timeline which you can do by clicking on the left side of that
track you’ll notice the color becomes darker meaning that track is activated
when you then choose content from the upper left by right-clicking on it and
choosing insert it will insert that piece of footage or image wherever your
playhead is located if that happens to be in the middle of another image or
piece of footage filmora will split the track at that point and insert that
piece of content on that track leaving the other tracks unaffected the second
option is split all tracks and insert when you insert a clip using the same
method I just described filmora will now split and insert that clip into the
track you’ve selected right where the playhead is but also split all the other
tracks in your project allowing for your insert to be placed into the entire
project and aligning every other track accordingly if you want to learn more
cool filmora tips tricks and techniques make sure you click on the video on
screen now and the ones I’ve got down below peace

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