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FaceShop helps to edit Photos simply by “sketching” few Strokes on them.

August 15, 2019

Across popular social media platforms, users
are posting countless images every day. On Instagram alone, there are more than 40
billion uploaded photos–a figure that’s skyrocketing by 95 million daily. This presents a clear need for intuitive yet
robust photo-editing tools that allow the average user to perform advanced editing functions. And while there is a definite need for interactive
image editing with respect to social media, improved editing tools and systems also remain
an important aspect of computer graphics and computer vision. However, there is a lack of tools that feature
more complex editing functions for inexperienced users, such as changing the facial expression
in a photo. A research team has devised a sketch-based
editing framework that enables a user to edit their photos by “sketching” a few strokes
on top of them. Their system, called FaceShop, also offers
a copy-paste function, which allows users to edit any part of a photo by copying-and-pasting
the portion to be edited from another (better) photo, eliminating the need to hand-draw or
sketch anything at all. The team’s approach is built on machine-learning
techniques, which, in the end, give users more control over their desired edits in real-time
and produce more realistic results.

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