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Face Morph Using Photoshop CS5 –

November 9, 2019

Hi, this is Richard from Rich Media
Design Productions and I’m back to show you a little bit more about the animation
feature in photoshop CS5 and in particular get into a little
bit of the uh… other features that it has and I don’t
know if you’re familiar or not with the filter tool of the liquefy. But… it has some fun things that you could do so I
think we’re going to make this a fun animation using this picture of a woman here. Which by the way,
was generated by a computer with I guess scientific algorithms to give
you the perfect perfect face and by making a morph, you’re going to have to change it in some way
so we’re going to use this new tool liquefy feature and the filter
section filtere menu section of photoshop CS5. um… here on the left hand side we have a bloat tool and a pucker tool. Those are two tools that we’ll be using today in this particular animation uh… I thought we might make a an alien out of this woman We will kind of reverse all the things that these scientists
did to make this woman’s face So, let’s have fun with
it Okay? So, I already have prescribed the size of the brush for you and uh… if you wanted to change the size of
the brush…It’s on the right hand side here if you notice, it says brush size here at the bottom here you’ll notice that
these things are ghosted and uh… we’ll have these light up and ready for use once we start using the brush tool Uh… basically I can tell you that uh… reconstruct takes
you back you know, with your steps, in other words if
you make a… make some changes, it’ll allow you to
do deconstruct in increments, so… to say reconstruct, I would say
deconstruct because actually the original, is the the original construction and then restore all, right next to it on
the right hand side, is actually just restoring it all at one time. Okay, so let’s go on with this and I’m going
to start if you remember the aliens from
uh… Area 51 and all these alien sightings… They have big eyes so let’s start
with that let’s start enlarging, using my mouse, I’m going to click until her eyes get uh… enlarged I center the cross hairs, right right on the pupil so that looks pretty good actually the left side looks a little bit bigger, so I’ll make it a little bit little bit more bigger right here…so that looks about right so I think I’ve got it…Yeah. Okay, so now I’m going to go on the left hand
side to click the pucker tool And then I’m going to pucker her nose, remember the aliens have these little tiny noses… so I’m going to click and continue clicking down down to the size and I can also move it by going back to the uh… the bloat tool and sort of get that one look better it’s getting back down. Okay… Now, I want to do the mouth too… so let’s get that mouth sized down. That looks like a pretty good alien there. Go back to the bloat tool, let’s get her head the only feature that I wasn’t really planning
on because uh… actually I didn’t think about it until now . So, here is a paint tool that’s called the color replacement tool and basically what it does and uh… uh… let’s say… it replaces colors okay? It actually
takes the color that you have on your your palette and if you look over on the
left there’s a green already there um… it’ll … use that color and replace the colors
that you want it to. So, in this case is it would be the skin color
and I’ll leave the eyes alone and the hair and we’ll just go in there and paint the skin of the this woman’s face or alien’s face now and see how it looks okay? So, let’s do that uh… I’ll start right here and just come in here I left her eyebrows brown alright, so…Okay, so if
we go up to the window and select animation that’s window down here on the uh… list you’ll see animation and we’ll select that . You can see n animation bar appear. Now, what this bar tells you is that there’s a timeline
here, in other words this is this is the time…or the the … the frames that indicate or the area where the frames will appear and show you how these transitions on this animation are going to take place, right now we have a frame on the… uh… timeline it adds the face of the lady on top here Now… if I wanted to add a frame all i need to do is go to this tool uh… this area here, press it that’s duplicate frame and now you’ll see that it will have a duplicate
of both of them. Now,… this basically will tell me that I can’t
make an animation if both tframes are going to be the same So, what’s going to happen here? We’re going to add a feature called tweening and it’s going to tween between the first frame and the last frame. And we’re going to put some in-between frames that will actually cause the transition. So, …in order to make this frame the last frame I go ahead and deselect the uh…the girl or the woman and you’ll see that now the alien is the last frame. So, now I’ll press the shift key select both of them and that will allow me to affect both frames and go over here to the tweening feature and press that. That tells me that I can now add some
frames in between these two. This tells me that I’m going to add 12 frames and I’m going to go ahead and select this ’cause that’s exactly what I needed that’s going to affect the frames in between and add 12 frames. So, here we see all frames are selected. Now I’m looking at the bottom here and all
of them say three seconds now that’s a long time for the transition
to occur. We want this to kind of be slow…but not that slow. It’s going to take three seconds to go from one frame to the other, so… what I am going to do, I’m going to select this frame here and press my shift key and select this next key and I’m going to put no delay on here… meaning that… uh… there’s not going to be any time
in between the transition. So, it’s going to go pretty fast okay Then I’m going to go to the first frame and I’m
gonna to put um… oh, about two seconds on there instead of three seconds. And… this last one seems to be okay, at three
seconds. Now Do we make her go from normal person to alien and then back
again? That might be a good idea okay, that sounds good so let’s go to the beginning now press this over here to start at the
beginning and then I’ll press play, and get this out of the way because it’s
going to show up on your screen in the wide or the larger picture. So, let’s let her rip… and it’ll go forever unless I stop it or we have a power outage. That’s going
to be it for today. I hope you come back for another
one. I think, um… we’ll do something interesting. I
haven’t thought about what it will be but if you have any suggestions about anything that you’d
like to see done just give me uh…a holler, just leave me a note and, uh… I’ll take a look at it and see if we can
do it, okay Thank you again and we’ll see you next time.


  • Reply Zer0ThePenguin March 25, 2011 at 7:09 am

    Lol unless we have a power outige

  • Reply jcudal32 April 17, 2011 at 5:21 am

    this isnt technically morping. its just the first image FADING, not MORPHING, into the final result.

  • Reply Blunderbread October 14, 2011 at 4:54 pm

    Way too slow for my taste. And jcudal32 is right; this isn't really morphing.

  • Reply Per Friis June 6, 2012 at 3:18 pm

    Not morphing, just changing
    Really annoying background music

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