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Face ID – xiaomi redmi note 4 mtk

October 10, 2019

introduction video [Music] and then personal beauty with another video
this personal video display here as set made of figuration
smartphone at home off pro adds digital ok you will face r staff now you are being confirmed in my case
so I’ll put here for a light the pattern connect the dots
the other legal point again we put it in front of his face
detect’ll put that former team now you’re shitting here on camera
now need to identify the face if I put here is not in
some ready position we exchange one front tony
occurred now I’ll look for the corner It is super quick and appropriate with you
it personal now I’ll show you It has even in daylight is that it is well
better right there you see on the ground and 1946 technical then the mini to the test raul her and showed screen again
blocked blocked now we innovate South ready and appropriate raul make
possible new Afternoon named is super fast
too much and block the stronger It is for you summer is super to
unlock book so personal that was the video right there
face and Dan is to unlock the INEC with his face on the floor smartphone
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register your your online channel increases and also shares this video

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