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Exporting iOS App Icons from Photoshop

November 4, 2019

After you’ve downloaded the template from the Apple Design Resources Page, go ahead and unzip the collection. In there you should see a folder named “Production Templates”. Inside you’ll see a template for app icons for iOS. Open that file, launching Photoshop. Go to the File menu at the top. Under Generate, you should see Image Assets. Make sure it is checked. Now go to your layers window, and double click the layer named “Icon”. This is the layer you’ll be editing directly and it will be carried through to the other app icon sizes. Once you’ve made your edits, go ahead and click save. Go to the folder containing the PSD file, you have just opened and edited. There you should see a folder with the same name but including the suffix “-assets”. In there you should see all the icon sized exported from the template. To learn more go to or for more details.

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