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Exercise: Photoshop Photos in Text Effect (Getting Started 18 of 21)

September 2, 2019

Now let’s make some text made up of photos.
Open “lake.jpg” in Photoshop, and select the Type tool on the Toolbar. Click somewhere
in the canvas and type out a word such as Lake. Select the Move tool, and make sure
Show Transform Controls is checked. If you clicked and dragged out a text box rather
than just clicking, you’ll need to hold Ctrl on the PC or Cmd on the Mac, otherwise
click-and-drag the corner of the text area to resize the text. Hold Shift if you want
to maintain original proportion. And then press Enter to apply this resize. Another
way to resize it is to highlight the text and then manually change the font size up
in the Options bar. Double-click the T in the type layer to select the text, if you
need to. After highlighting the text with the Type
tool, change the font typeface to a thicker font. Try Impact or something similar. Next,
double-click the background layer to make it a normal layer. Click OK. Drag the photo
layer above the type layer in the Layers panel. Then, holding down Alt on the PC or Option
on the Mac, hover your mouse in between the two layers on the Layers panel. Then click. There we go, a clipping mask that’s a little
different than regular masking but is a pretty cool effect. We can still edit the text, move
around the layer, and add a background as well by adding a new layer and then filling
it with the foreground color by pressing Alt-Backspace on the PC or Option-Delete on the Mac. And
make sure you drag that new layer to the bottom of the layers.
Next, we’ll create an HDR effect by masking out certain areas in a landscape photo.

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    Dr.Chad Neuman is one of the best instructor in Udemy. I really enjoyed his Photoshop class. Looking for other courses right now to get from this instructor.

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