[ENG Sub] 어도비 프레스코로 수채화 느낌 표현하기(아이패드그림) / Expressing Watercolors with Adobe Fresco

October 11, 2019

Hi, I’m Chommang. Today, I drew pictures on the fresco app. I’m going to do something different way from the watercolors I posted last time. I’ll color it~ First, draw and coloring with colored pencil brush. I’ve drawn it in the way I’ve painted it before.~ (If you look at the card above, you can see a color pencil video.) I’m going to paint my hair rough. And I’ll put some water on later. You can think of it as a drawing with colorpencil. The reason why I draw eyes like this is When I use colorpencil, I wanted to show a subtle expression. But this time, it’s for the watercolor base. I want you to see how it changes in a little bit. 🙂 I’ll paint it lightly without filling it too tightly. Now I’m going to change it to a watercolor live brush. Reduces color transparency. The lower it gets, the less paint it uses, right? And then, test it by controlling the amount of water. Oh, There’s so much water and feel artificial. I’ll try to reduce it a little bit more. I still don’t like this so, I’m going to reduce it down a little bit.; Okay. It’s good. 🙂 If you paint it this way, it’s not too flat. It’s more natural. I’ll paint face this time. If there’s too much water, the part I drew earlier will mix up much. I’m going to reduce the water content further and color it. I’m afraid it’s getting blurry. But I think it’s more like natural watercolors. I also paint clothes simply. I’ll make a layer on top of it. Draw it again in color pencil. I think the more I repeat this process, the deeper I feel. If you don’t see the bottom layer, here’s what it is. 🙂 Actually, when I draw watercolors, I finish a lot with colored pencils after coloring Now, I’m trying to fill in the hair that I first rough painted. If you paint it in the same layer, there’s so much change. Make a layer. and move it down. Lightly paint with light red watercolors. The way to paint watercolors is watercolors and colored pencils, it’s repetition.~ Try it and expect a variety of effects. Fresco’s eraser does not have many functions. It looks too hard. So when you delete it, draw the border slightly with watercolors. It’s a little more natural. And now I’m really going to finish with a colored pencil. I’m done. Do you feel like traditional works or real watercolors? Bye~ If you liked this video, Please subscribe. 🙂

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