Email Signature in HubSpot CRM: How To Create & Edit Your Email Signature

January 15, 2020

One way to add a ton of value to your HubSpot CRM, it’s simple and a little bit more about you Hey, that’s your email signature in this video tutorial I’m going to show you how to customize it created edited and if you stick around till the end I’m going to show you two ways to create HTML email signatures for free let’s go ahead and dive into this Remember if you need education pass this tutorial check out the description the links below that’s what we do monthly training or one and Two day HubSpot workshops. Let’s get into the portal and let’s get this job done alright, as you can see we aren’t HubSpot and we’re gonna talk about how to edit how to create your signature for the HubSpot CRM Yeah we’re going to tell you a couple different ways that you can do this a couple of different ways that you can get to the Place to do this as well as at the end Like I said before we’re gonna show you a couple ways that you even can Create free emails or grab the email that you already have. So Let’s go ahead and get into this right here at the very top. You’re going to see the drop-down that Is able to be clicked here and you’re going to see? Profile and preferences we’re gonna go ahead and click on that once we’re on that page You’ll see where we can change our avatar and edit our name. Hey, that’s not important right now. What is is down here? You’re gonna see CRM Communication and you’re going to see signature and we can click this edit Signature and that’s one way that you can get to the place where you can either edit or create your HubSpot CRM Signature now another way that you can get there is simply when you’re at a contact, so you’ve gone Contacts then contacts and clicked into a contact. You’re gonna see what looks like this little scribbly icon It is a signature icon And when we click on that we get the same pop-up box where we can edit this email signature There are two different ways that you can do this You can create a simple email signature or you can grab the HTML if you have HTML you can paste that in there. You’re gonna be able to see a preview We’re gonna talk about that in a second for the simple one What you might do is you might go ahead and type your information in something like this So as you see here I have George V Thomas impulse creative and I love Email signatures now because it’s simple we can select some of these items and make them bold We could even select other items and make them italicize we could Underline but be careful that makes it look like a hyperlink We can even do things like clear the formatting we can do Lists, unordered and ordered we can add an image so in this case You might add an image of yourself or you might then add an image of yourself that looks like it has a play button on it because you can also do a Link and so you could put a hyperlink on this image and then make it go to a YouTube video which could be a video email signature Oh my gosh that’s a bonus pro tip or you could just select some copy and Open up the link and actually have this go to your website or to a place that you want it to go to That’s how you do this simple version of your email. Now what if you want to do? HTML I’m gonna show you two ways that you can create email signatures for free But you might be like me and already have a signature now warning This is gonna get a little nerdy for a second But hang in there with me, and if you need help, feel free to let me know Hit me up at George B Thomas on the Twitter’s. Let’s go ahead and dive back into this So I’m gonna go ahead and go over to my email now this for you might be outlook 365 it might be Gmail It might be something else. But what I’m going to do is I’m going to use developer tools So I’m gonna do on the Mac option command. I I’m gonna get my developer tools and I’m actually going to be able to select This box that has the signature so notice Right there. I’ve got that whole section there I can click on that and I’m gonna look and I’m gonna say that doesn’t look quite right because what I’m actually looking for is The table row so see how this table body this table row. This kind of is in that section I’m gonna go ahead and select that I’m gonna right-click and then it allows me to actually copy this and I can copy or cut element or Copy element. I’m gonna copy element here Hey I told you is gonna get nerdy for a second and then I’m gonna come back over to my Signature and I’m gonna click on the HTML Clear out that break and hit paste and now notice up here or down here in my preview I have my email signature in there now. There is something up here That doesn’t look quite right notice how there’s that box there And so what we’ll do is we’ll just come up here to the very top and we’ll modify Any pieces that we might not need and boom, there we go Look at that table body and the table rows are there so actually in that HTML that you copied and pasted you could probably just find the main table body and Copy that element and bring it over but notice I have a nice HTML version of the email Signature right here. I can just hit save and then that’s gonna automatically put my email signature in there but one thing that you might have Actually missed we’re gonna rewind for a second open that box up You may have missed the fact that because I started in the email signature of the contact instead of the actual Profiles and properties there was a little thing that we should have checked marked if we wanted this to be our default signature Let’s go back and look at that notice we have this little check mark leave this box unchecked to only update the signature in the email you are composing or Also update my account Signature with these three changes. So remember we went to the area that was Under our profiles. We actually want to update our profile too if we go in and do it this way But notice that even makes it so that you could customize this signature for each individual email you sent out So if you had a check out our latest blog post instead of check out our latest blog post You might put in here a special blog post for you or you might title it something else But you could do specific content for individual users that you’re emailing through the CRM but in this case We’re just gonna make our default one and get that created and we’ll hit go ahead and hit save and now Notice, we’ve just got a nice little email signature there We’ve got a place that we can start typing our email and because I did that little check mark Let’s go back over to our user profile here will refresh the page and when I hit edit signature what I should see is that HTML has been brought over because I did do that check mark now if I wanted to make any major Modifications to this I could do it right in this area now like I said I was going to talk to you about two ways that you could create free email Signatures one is you can come over to a company called Y stamp No, they are not paying me to do this part of the tutorial, but it’s super easy You can give them your name your title your company your phone number all of that good stuff You’ll be able to preview it as you build it over here and when you’re done You’ll be able to look at this. Look at this. There’s more. That’s right If you have a pro account, you’ll be able to export it out to HTML However notice Gmail is free so if you don’t know how to build an HTML signature, like we already have in our signatures. You could come over here. You could build it You could put it into your Gmail and then you could use the technique that I just showed you how to get that HTML out without having a pro account. Oh snap anyway The next way that you could do this as HubSpot has created a public aam email signature Generator and you can fill out This main thing. Look at this name last name mobile phone number. There’s even a place for a social tab There’s even a place for you to style it You can even add because hey HubSpot understands marketing you can add a CTA to it and you can even add your Certifications that you have which would be nice if they updated these Certification icons to the new HubSpot academy icons that are out now But it doesn’t matter you can show your thought leadership. You might want to create that you can hit create signature It’s gonna give you the HTML you are gonna have a preview that’s two ways with HubSpot or with Y stamp You can create your HTML signature, but at the end of the day, what you want to be able to do is customize Your signature inside of your HubSpot CRM you want to be able to use? Content to help in the sales process. You want to have your face to make your sales and marketing more human? That’s how you do a custom HTML Email signature inside of HubSpot CRM with HubSpot. It’s that simple it’s that easy So you see folks, you can have an incredible signature inside of the HubSpot CRM. It makes you look more professional You can use those links to get them to content They need to see make your sales and marketing process easier better or faster Look, this is your boy George B Thomas from impulse creative as always saying happy hub spotting Oh, yeah, make sure you hit the subscribe button hit the bell for instant notifications or do one of these things

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